1. Matt26 says

    I also need to add she looks great, thin, energetic, those shoes and dress – perfect, and that belting – wow (like always), her personality… You get the point.

  2. says

    This isn’t about policy. This is about the modern acceptance of hate- in the thin veil of policy- on a public stage. All their ugliness, the cancer they are spreading should (if the world were fair) rightfully turn inward and eat them alive.
    Ugly American indeed.

  3. SKOC211 says

    No Brandon, that was “Everything’s Coming Up Roses.” Rose sings it at the end of Act One in “Gypsy” to Louise and Herbie after June runs away with Tulsa. “Rose’s Turn” is sung by Rose at the end of Act Two after Louise has become famous as Gypsy Rose Lee – some of the music is similar, but they’re totally different songs.

    Anyways, LuPone is divine. She looks incredible and sounds amazing here. I was fortunate to see her in “Gypsy” – once at City Center and once on Broadway – and her performance has remained one of the absolute highlights of all my theatre going experiences.

  4. James says

    That guys running story was freaking amazing. It seems so obvious but the last part of it is the key to achieving anything.

    ‘If you want to do it, all you have to do is do it.’

  5. Dback says

    I think Ben was adorable and a beautiful man even before he lost the weight. However, if he is now in a healthier space and feels better about himself, then I’m happy for him. (I unfortunately have asthma and shin splints, so I’m a walker, not a runner. Still, I admire his example!)

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