1. yonkersconquers says

    We’ve done nothing for gay rights. But those Republicans, they’ll really do NOTHING for gay rights, see.

  2. patrick nyc says

    We expect to be screwed by the Republicans, he promised to be a ‘fierce’ advocate. I did not hear a word from him before the vote this week on DADT.

  3. jaymax says

    The DADT vote was a sham to get us to shut up. If the Dems were serious about repealing DADT, they wouldn’t have saddled the legislation with needless and unrelated amendments.

    Message to Obama, Reid, and Pelosi: give us a straight-up vote on DADT…just that issue.

  4. Dawnell_do says

    We shouldn’t be going after Obama, but the Republicans who fillibuster everything. Why don’t you all stop bitching at the Democrats, who came close to a vote and protest or heckle the the true enemy of equal rights!

  5. Guy from DC says

    JAYMAX, you’re not understanding that the DADT vote WAS (per your characterization) a “needless and unrelated amendment” on the larger defense budget authorization bill, EXACTLY because a stand-alone DADT bill cannot get 60 votes in Senate right now and because there was hope that folks otherwise inclined to oppose it would overlook while approving troop funding, etc.

    I agree that it’s f*cked up that McCain, et al. are ignoring the fact that the majority of Americans support DADT repeal, but let’s not pretend that a stand-alone bill is an option. There’s not support for it right now.

    Longerterm, we may need to replace our fair weather “friends” like both Senators from Maine with real fierce advocates if we’re going to get this and other priorities done.

  6. Jimmy says

    Sheesh…always heckling the good guys. Take your protests to the Republicans.

    If you think that the Republicans are going to do anything more for the LGBT community than Obama has tried, done or will do, well then you have another guess coming. The right-wing Republicans are dangerous, religious zeolots and have no tolernace for diversity or LGBT.

  7. Andy says

    Sorry, Mr. Prez – we are sick of broken promises. I have been part of the gAyTM for Democrats for years, and I’m getting sick of our only fierce advocate being Lady Gaga.

  8. jaymax says

    Actually, Guy from DC, I understand what happened all too well.

    If the two amendments on abortion and immigration had not been attached to the defense authorization bill, both Senators from Maine would have voted yes (they publicly stated so), which means DADT would have been repealed.

    So, if Reid and the other Dems in charge were serious about repealing DADT, they would have stricken those two amendments to get the votes to make it happen, and today we’d be celebrating instead of pointing fingers.

    As someone who was forcibly discharged from the military, this is a hot-button issue for me. And it does not help to have people like you believing that the Dems can do no wrong. Face it, the Dems screwed up here, and are justifiably facing criticism over it.

  9. Guy from DC says

    JAYMAX, you simply don’t have this correct. Neither Olympia Snowe nor Susan Collins attributed their no votes to the abortion or immigration provisions in the defense authorization bill.

    In fact, Senator Snowe specifically stated that she didn’t support the inclusion of DADT repeal in the bill, because she felt the Senate should wait for the DOD study to be completed in December before making a final decision.

    And Senator Collins specifically stated that she didn’t support the majority’s effort to not allow amendments…Let’s be clear that if GOP Senators had been given the opportunity to amend this bill, they would have stipped out the abortion provision, the immigration provision AND DADT repeal, because they considered all them to be equally objectionable.

    Senator Lieberman, who has not been a friend to the Democrat leadership recently, described these moderate Republicans’ positions as illogical/wrong and cravenly partisan.

    Again, I don’t think Dems do no wrong…But I do think that the GOP does more wrong. And we pretend that people like Collins and Snowe are friends of the LGBT community at our peril. (In the end, they’re Republicans.)

    So explain how a stand-alone vote on this issue would have been passed, cuz I just don’t see the votes to pass it right now.

  10. Dagoril says

    Obama SHOULD be heckled, every single day, until the end of his one-term presidency. And fuck you obamabots, who are still supporting this asshole.

  11. thegreasybear says

    Here come the “battered-wife” gays, squealing “The Democrats don’t mean to hurt us decade after decade, just listen to their promises not to hurt us decade after decade! And if they do hurt us, well, we deserve it. We asked for too much, this ‘eqaulity’ thing. It’s not convenient for them! We must never fight back or leave them–they won’t hurt us again, they promise!”

  12. says

    He openly told you what Democratic insiders say: our base has no choice, no matter what we do because we can threaten them with how bad it could be….now let’s go ask for money.