1. says

    What a smug self righteous arrogant bitch.
    She’s got the truth, fuck everyone else who does not agree with her.
    Is there any sense of self awareness in this tiresome bunch of tea-bag assholes ?

  2. Rin says

    Hahaha…”…when someone is approached about heart disease they quit fatty foods, cut out smoking…”

    WTF? I don’t know how many people who have had heart attacks that have gone back to bad food, smoking, and drinking. She’s nuts.

    If humans were capable of being perfect just by knowing what perfection is…we’d all be perfect.

    That said…STDs are behavioral-based diseases and I would like to see a more proportionate amount of dollars go to cancer research–yes, it gets a lot, but we have an unexplained rise in cancer that I think we need to get a grip on now.

    As for condoms and AIDS…I was part of an HIV/AIDS, heroin, tuberculosis public health non-profit and the problem with handing out condoms and thinking you’re done for the day is that you cannot compete with the brains own sense of fearlessness. As much as we would like it to work…teens think they are 12 ft tall and bulletproof. They will take the condom and the majority of them won’t wear them.

    I would lower the condom program to information only, take the money spent on condoms that go into the wallets and stay there and put it back into research for a vaccine that can prevent AIDS.

  3. Tone says

    Typical far right hate-filled jezuz loving brainless twat. I wonder what she would do it someone she loved had HIV?

  4. tony x says

    She really is a dumb bitch — and there are a lot of straight supremacist khristianists who want this type of person in power.

    Remember segregation was less than 5 decades ago. 4 decades ago women could not work for the most part. Less than 1 decade ago being gay was still illegal in many place.

    This country has a lot of bad people in it like her. Time to get the media in liberal control again.

  5. jason says

    O’Donnell is correct. Those who lead poor lifestyles risk paying the price for such lifestyles. By lifestyles, I’m not referring to sexual orientation, I’m referring to how you behave under the umbrella of your sexual orientation.

    I’ve seen some appalling behavior on the male-male social scene. In saunas and other sex clubs, you get men acting like animals as they seek out total strangers for sex. This is the poor lifestyle choice that O’Donnell is referring to.

    She’s right about this.

  6. Skooter McGoo says

    Cancer is an act of a loving/caring God? I wonder if this sort of delusion runs through her whole family?

  7. Rin says


    true people who engage in high risk lifestyles have paid the consequence be it sexual promiscuity, drug use, fatty foods, etc., and in that respect I suppose it is not fair to ask those who do not to pay for their mistakes.

    However, we all pay for stuff we shouldn’t pay for or engage in ourselves. I don’t believe in war but my taxes go to fund that. I don’t believe in the death penalty, but my taxes go for that. I don’t gorge myself on fatty foods, but I am helping to pay for the lifestyles of those that do.

    By the Grace of God go I!

  8. says

    Um, Jason, if you find the “male-male social scene” so appalling, why have you seen it? Did someone force you to go to saunas and sex clubs? If you’re going to demonize Americans for their lifestyle choices, sex is way down the list from overeating and lack of exercise.

    Her primitive views on AIDS, sex, and sexuality are only the tip of the f-ed-up iceberg with Christine. It’s amusing that she wouldn’t lie to Nazis but she’s lied about pretty much everything else, including her finances (using campaign finances to pay her rent, tax audits, foreclosures, liens against her etc.) and her college degree (actually lack thereof). You know you’re in trouble as a conservative nutcase when even Karl Rove wants nothing to do with you.

  9. justiceontherocks says

    Dear Jason, Clue to you: heteros often seek out strangers for sex.

    As for Ms. O’Donnell: the tape is 13 years old. A lot of people have changed their opinions in that time. Maybe she has.

    Probably not, but let’s hear her our anyway. Probably be entertaining.

  10. Acronym Jim says

    So, following O’Donnell’s criteria for victimhood to its O’Donnell-logical conclusion:

    Sufferer of lung cancer: not victim (smoked or lived with smoker)

    Sufferer of diabetes: not victim (cut down on the sugar, sweety)

    Sufferer of heart attack: not victim (put down that burger)

    Sufferer of rape: not victim (you’re asking for it if you go out in that outfit)

    Sufferer of domestic abuse: not victim (submit to your husband as the Bible says, silly girl)


  11. RB says

    Delusional! Love that hair and big smile. You can anything you want regardless of consequences so long as you smile and say that God loves you. But what about HPV and its link to cancer? I wonder if she wants to stop funding for HPV vaccines as well? We are learning that cancer has many causes that could be lifestyle based. And that whole cancer is a act of god line is just priceless!

    What about the astounding base of knowledge we have learned about treating viral illnesses by researching HIV? Do you think that she would dismiss that knowledge/treatment? She was then and continues today to be unable to see the forest for the trees! There is no line of reasoning in her thought process!

  12. joe says

    I’m told by a friend that Chrissy was very promiscuous during her college days at FDU in NJ back in ’92. Apparently went from frat room to frat room. This will probably come out once the Dems get through with her. At least we know the GOP isn’t spending a nickle on her campaign.

  13. reality bites says

    actually they r Joe

    $42,000, though that only after they said they wouldn’t and the base went nutz so they sent the “here u go bitch the maximum we can give (wink wink ur not getting any commercials paid directly by the NRSCCC or fliers, or workers which adds up to millions the nrscc can spend by not directly giving it to a candidate) n ow leave us alone u crazy twat”

    and lest we forget, the tea baggers r republicans. Don’t allow the repub party to distance itself from the crazy base they created. Call the teabaggers what they r. Died in the wool republican base

  14. TampaZeke says

    She’ll end up winning this thing by a LANDSLIDE!

    If no one’s been paying attention, the inmates have taken over the asylum in this country.

  15. Rin says

    You know…in a way I do see the point, being involved with a drug addict. Why should I have to pay for his high risk behavior? I also don’t like when rescuers have to risk their lives to save people who went mountain climbing or decided to stay through hurricane evacuation warnings…that said, despite my not liking having to deal with the ramifications of the choices of others, financially or otherwise, I still do it (begrudgingly) because it is the kind thing to do.

    With people like her I take a horrible sort of gleeful little pleasure in the fact that Jesus would have probably thought she was a dick, too. These supposed Christians aren’t really. They only quote from the Old Testament or Paul and never ever use anything Jesus had to say because it is in direct opposition to their hate speech.

    After all, who wants to quote a guy who was big on forgiveness, kindness, and compassion when you want to be judgmental, stingy, and unforgiving?

  16. yeahisaidit says

    “I still do it (begrudgingly) because it is the kind thing to do”

    @rin: What a steaming pile of crap attitude! You do it out of as much empathy as you can muster, so that when the situation is reversed, someone will help YOUR ass, if necessary, regardless of if they agree or disagree with the circumstances of your situation…it kills me when people are so self-righteous thinking that they would be above reproach and that if they were in a crisis people would rush to help them because they have lead such “perfect” lives…I repeat WHAT CRAP!

  17. Rin says

    No, that’s not true. I am helping my SO because it is the kind thing to do…his drug addiction has put a HUGE onus on me to have to deal with mood swings, loan him money for a doctor, etc. I don’t HAVE to do it.

    That’s my point. None of us have to bear the burden of the mistakes of others, but we do it because it is kind. If we do it because some day someone may help us in return, that takes the kindness right out.

    Then it’s self-serving. Should I only help him because I expect the same of him someday?

    I don’t take drugs, not because drugs don’t feel good (they do). I don’t take them because they are risky, dangerous, and destroy lives.

    I don’t meet dudes on Craigslist because it is risky and dangerous.

    I don’t go mountain climbing because it is risky and dangerous.

    I don’t drive over 100 mph because it is risky and dangerous.

    There are things we do that only hurt ourselves and things that we do that have an effect on the lives of others. The person driving over 100 mph loses the ability to stop quickly to prevent an accident. The drug addict IS an asshole to the people in their lives.

    However, I am honest. I may help my SO because he is in trouble and it is the kind thing to do, but I am not happy about the effects his addiction has had on me. The anxiety, the rage, the lies…I can understand what he’s going through, I can sympathize, but … it still hurts me to be yelled at, to have to loan money, etc. I love him, but it still hurts.

    There are risk takers in this world and then there’s the rest of us. We love the risk takers and they love us for being solid.

    It is what it is. I’ll continue to help people that have done something stupid, but … I’m not always Mary Poppins about it every day.

    **sorry, I’m a little grouchy lately because of this oxybullshit thing**

  18. Sean says

    She obviously has suffered for not having a gay friend because look at that hair! No gay friend would let a person go on TV with hair like that.

    Secondly, this girl is sadly undereducated. To compare AIDS to Heart Disease is pathetic and stupid. Great candidate tea party.

  19. Mark says

    Complaining about the allocation of resources for HIV?

    How does that help to end the suffering?

    HIV has been with us for almost thirty years and what have Ms. Tea Bagger and her supporters done so far to help out?

    If she were on the front lines for even a year or two out of that thirty year period then maybe she might have some credibility on how the money might better be spent.