News: Boulder, Bryan Ferry, Stud File, Christine O’Donnell

Road September 11 date for Beck/Palin rally in Anchorage just a coincidence.

Studfile RoadDo you keep a stud file? Fascinating trailer for a new book on sexual renegade Samuel Steward. NYT review.

RoadDoes Alexander Skarsgard sink your battleship?

RoadPolice blow up stuffed horse outside school thinking it's a bomb or something. Because what would a stuffed animal be doing sitting outside a playground for children

RoadJeremy Renner rocks silly hat.

RoadMusical in development about actor George Takei's experiences in an internment camp: "I'll never be able to forget that scary day when two American soldiers with bayonets on their rifles came stomping up to our front door and ordered our family out. We'd packed the night before, but I remember tears streaming down my mother's cheek as we walked out (of our home). The only things we could take with us was what we could carry."

RoadAnderson Cooper catches a cab, looks fine while doing so.

Boulder RoadBoulder burning: a time-lapse.

RoadOusted Montana Tea Party President Tim Ravndal would like to return.

RoadWatch: David and Victoria Beckham's new 'intimate' perfume spot.

RoadSarah Palin endorses Christine O'Donnell amid accusations of gay-baiting: "Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has endorsed the candidacy of Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell. O'Donnell tweeted on Thursday, 'Just got Gov. Palin's endorsement! Thank you for your prayers!' The 41-year-old marketing consultant received the endorsement as allegations of gay baiting began to surface on the Internet. In a video posted at, a female newscaster praises O'Donnell, then suggests her September 14 GOP primary opponent, Rep. Mike Castle, is gay. 'Isn't Mike Castle cheating on his wife with a man?' an unseen voice asks. 'That's the rumor,' the gleeful newscaster responds."

RoadPAC backing Sally Kern calls her transgender opponent Brittany Novotny "a confused it".

RoadLindsay Lohan: ready for motherhood?

Ferry RoadBryan Ferry charms the latest cover of Fantastic Man.

RoadEmma Ruby-Sachs: DADT win can't save the Log Cabin Republicans.

RoadFounder of gay Singaporean website Fridae charged with drug possession: "Stuart Koe, 38, was charged in court on Wednesday with possessing 0.01g of Ice. He was also accused of having utensils – an empty plastic dropper and an empty straw allegedly stained with the drug – which are commonly used to help consume Ice."

RoadLesbian former Vassar President Virginia B. Smith dies at 87: "Ms. Smith was the second woman to run the college and the first one to arrive there after it had become coeducational. The first male exchange students had come to Vassar in 1969 and the first freshmen the next year. Around 41 percent of Vassar students were men at the end of Ms. Smith’s presidency in 1986…Ms. Smith is survived by her partner of 57 years, Florence Oaks."


  1. CD in DC says

    keep catching those cabs, 360. He tipped one down here $200 because he looked Latino and wore sleeveless shirt showing big guns. That he’s actually Ethiopian and took photo of Andy in his back seat is just a bonus.

  2. says

    Emma Ruby Sachs can fuck off. It is Obama apologists like her that have driven our civil rights movement off of a cliff. This isn’t about LCR, it is about equality, and if she doesn’t like it, she can STFU.

  3. ratbastard says

    Roxy Music was before my time but it’s some nice shit, real class.

    HEY…maybe Cooper is just a nice guy and would have tipped well regardless if the driver looked Latino and wore a sleeveless shirt? And cabbies shouldn’t be wearing sleeveless fucking shirts…they’re in the customer service business..have the decency to put on at least a regular tee shirt or collared shirt.

  4. splenta says

    The Sam Steward bio is amazing story and an entertaining read(so is Sam’s autobiography, which is very stylishly and entertainingly written). This guy was a fascinating combination of intellectual, voyeur, renegade, historian and researcher. He lived a difficult life, sometimes under brutal circumstances, yet he triumphed over it all and his obsessive record-keeping is a testament to it – also an important and rare document of a long period of American gay history, which would otherwise be largely unknown.