1. Joe Amero says

    American Jews have enjoyed enormous privileges in the USA! Even during WWII Jews filled the FDR government. So what’s with using them as a benchmark?? Not getting admitted to a country club isn’t the same as being fag bashed and deprived jobs!

  2. Skeptical Cicada says

    Joe Amero sounds like a black minister who gets all offended if the gay rights movement is compared to the civil rights movement.

    Jews experienced far more in this country than mere exclusion from country clubs, including pervasive employment discrimination and threats to physical safety.

    Among the strongest allies of the gay community in the U.S. today happens to be the Jewish community.

  3. TANK says

    I will never be a professional baseball player, basketball player, or any athlete whatsoever because of the horrendous discrimination the jews face in professional sports…it’s horrible! But hey, I can always make up for that by making a shit ton of money (because we’re good at that), and purchasing several teams. And I can’t be an astronaught, either…because jews in space only make sense at the end of history of the world part 1 and spaceballs–not in reality. That’s right, bitches! We control it all! You work for us!

    Honestly, though, historically jews in europe were forbidden to own property, which is why they went into money lending and retail to survive.

  4. Eric26 says

    Come on guys, you can do better. The comments could use some racial slurs. You’re not being nearly offensive or stupid enough.

  5. Steve says

    He was pathetic. Instead of asking interesting questions, he desperately tried to get them to admit the hokey arguments about bunking and showers. I mean, on the face of it, the question is valid. They can certainly acknowledge the other side’s concerns. But the way he kept pushing on it when it didn’t get what he wanted was silly.

  6. wimsy says

    “American Jews have enjoyed enormous privileges in the USA! Even during WWII Jews filled the FDR government.”

    Oh, you mean like Einstein? He certainly couldn’t get a job! Or Oppenheimer? Or Edwin Teller? Too bad there was no McDonald’s back then!

    Joe Amero, you are a jerk and a bigot.

  7. TANK says

    Are you denying that antisemitism wasn’t rampant during the time of FDR, wimsy? Are you seriously fucking denying that? With Einstein (a god amongst men…he was far beyond the petty distinctions and prejudices of mere mortals concerning “jew” and in group out group…and so was that loon oppenheimer). When your mind is as profound and technical ability as proficient as oppenheimer and einstein’s were…you will find success (not always, but generally). They are both examples of the genetic lottery and opportunity. Antisemitism with regard to job prospects is a tradition in this country that has apparently not been lost. Jews, as a group, aren’t innately more intelligent or prosperous than any other group–it’s the emphasis on education and cerebral development for its own sake, but also to lift ourselves out of systematic oppression that has enabled so many to succeed (hard work, and study). Many asians have this cultural drive born of necessity, too…and so do other minorities. When your only avenue for success is to outsmart those with THE power who despise you for no other reason than birthright, you get creative.

  8. TANK says

    sorry, wimsy…that was a mistake…that response was meant for joe amero. My apologies. I get really pissed off at people who are antisemitic, and try to out oppression each other. I can’t stand that…though, in some cases, the out oppressioning is very real…black people have experienced far more oppression and bigotry in the united states than just about any other group, and that is undeniable. I just it conemptible when anyone uses their oppression to justify bigotry.

  9. Mark says

    My dad graduated from an ivy league school in the 1950’s.

    One of his classmates changed his “too Jewish” sounding name to “Chandler” out of fear of losing a chance at a job with a major auto company.

    Chandler got the job, made himself a career and then had to “pass” as a WASP until he retired.

    My dad told me about this man’s decision in the context of supporting me for coming out.

  10. Jerry6 says

    Question: “Why do Christians Hate everyone that does not live by their Minister’s or Priest’s edicts and demands?”

    Answer: “Because they are jealous of the fact that these other people are happy with their lives; are not controlled by religious demands; Do not have to spend Sunday morning listening to a silly old man tell them they are going to “Hell” (Whatever that is) if they do not do as he says; Oh, and do not forget to put money in the collection plate when it is passed around so that the “Silly Old Man” does not have to go to work somewhere and earn an honest living.