1. kevwyn says

    she got a little televangelist, but she rocked–glad im home because poor little portland is shut down right now

  2. Alex N says

    She’ll say anything. And really? The meat reference? She doesn’t need to worry about what cut she can get as she wears it at her leisure. So self-indulgent to use a metaphor for political puprose that reflects her vapid “artistry”.

  3. Wes says

    I literally cannot see how anyone in our community can construe this to be a negative thing. She’s informed, she’s young, she’s got an unbelievably massive platform, and she’s worshipped by young people (GLBT and hetero) across the world and she is energizing an entire generation to get involved – not to donate money, not to buy her products, but to ACT.

    The fact that she’s got promotion deals out the ass and still speaks up for equality, quite brazenly, is just icing on the cake.

  4. Wes says

    @Alex N. Her self-indulgence is also spreading the good word for your eventual equality. I realize you’re not a famous pop star with a massive platform, but could you set aside your jealousy for a moment to at least appreciate that?

  5. pietro says

    I applaud her efforts. She has backed up words with action. There is, however, always the danger of a celebrity’s words being taken out of context and of doing more harm than good.

  6. Jason says

    I’m with Dan Choi… can we get her to run for President? Or at least explain to the President what “fierce advocate” means? Because seriously, I was pretty equivocal about her at first, but damn if she didn’t win me over with the follow-through, even rearranging her tour to do stuff like this. You go, Gaga.

  7. Daveny says

    Prime Rib? Cafeteria? What the hell is she talking about?! I see where she means well but the whole “song and dance” she does ruins anything good she is trying to do.

  8. Sean says

    Seems to me there are a lot of self-hating queers here!!! Lady Gaga is fighting for your rights people!! WTF have you lazy asses done to fight against DADT? Do you realize her army of Twitter fans have basically done more in the last few weeks to get this debate moving forward than most of our leaders?!! I just don’t get the cynicism!!!

  9. Sean says

    I called all the Senators who are noncommittal on breaking the filibuster today. I had trouble getting through to all of them but never did get in touch with Senator Snowe. The House switchboard operator told me that her office had received well over 10,000 calls today and that, in farce, her toll free line CRASHED!!! To me this proves that Lady Gaga’s campaign is working?

  10. Ken Atkins says

    I agree! As a gay man who runs a restaurant in the deep south I say if you don’t like it get the fuck out to all straight employees!

  11. captain underpants says

    She is kick fucking ass
    Go girl
    She could teach that equivocating bs artist obama
    A few things about having some fucking courage of convictions
    Amazing and fucking fierce.
    Love her
    LG has six million followers on twitter
    This is power
    Power to alter the debate
    I was impressed as hell by her speech
    She is what?

  12. SKOC211 says

    Fuck. Yeah.

    If you don’t like it then GO HOME.

    I didn’t think it was possible, but I this makes me love her even more.

  13. Alex N says

    I don’t believe that not swooning over cartoonish activism makes me or anyone else who finds her inauthentic a self-loathing homosexual or guilty of a lack of personal activism. That is precisely where this gets lost on me. I would rather see a homosexual’s voice heard than a female pop star, and I am entitled to find her discourse naive without it reflecting negatively upon my character. I do not find her eloquent and her charm is lost on me. The implication that I am jealous of her fame and therefore cynical is absurd. I am cynical because I don’t find her activism to be all that effective. Calling these senators has very little effect. I am certain no conservative is being swayed by her very unserious self or her army of twitter followers…

  14. Kurt says

    So in other words, our dear Alex N wants Lady Gaga to stop fiercely advocating on our behalf, so that Joe Solomonese won’t be drowned out.

    Get outta here! No really. Get outta here.

  15. Wes says

    @Alex N Not swooning. Recognizing it for what it is. You don’t seem to realize what effect she is/could be having on the uninitiated or previously apathetic (see also: youth).

    Having worked for political advocacy groups and lobbyist organizations, I can confidently say that constituents calling and having conversations with their legislators is ABSOLUTELY effective at creating change. And I’ll say that people who sit on the sidelines saying that engaging conservatives in real conversation about these issues is ineffective are precisely the people who do not involve themselves to actually see the change happen. Not that it’s instant, but people change.

    Besides running for office ourselves, how else do you expect change to be created? Unfortunately, it’s not a reality for the millions of young people who “follow” Gaga to run for office. Calling their legislators is, quite honestly, the most effective thing they can do at this point beyond not serving in the military themselves.

    And I’m sorry, but I’ll never discount a straight (or “bisexual”) ally as a less-valuable advocate for my equality. I think to exclude or devalue heterosexual voices calling for LGBT rights is a sad mistake. I, too, would love to see a homosexual using their platform to spread pro-gay rhetoric. Unfortunately… I don’t.

    I’m just not a fan of anyone who finds any form of activism effective. Perhaps I’m too much of an idealist, but the fact that someone is doing SOMETHING (and this, to me is more than that) is applaudable, when too few are doing nothing.

  16. Alex N says

    No Kurt. I won’t get out of here. Your intolerance of other people’s opinions says more about you than anything I have said reveals about me. However, I do understand your point of view, and I am glad you remain passionate. Joe Solomonese is not someone I would choose as my advocate either, but clearly the simplification that accompanies his indictment by semi-aware people such as yourself is not extended to meat metaphors mixed with fashion statements and a schizophrenic Patti Smith impersonation. Now there is a woman who knows how to use words. Go figure as to why I am in dismay! I imagine this response will only enrage you further, which really isn’t my intention and so on a personal level, I apologize for this in advance of your Lady Gaga-inspired aneurysm.

  17. eric/nyc says

    why are so many people bent on the food metaphor? “a chicken in every pot” hello! gotta love her. palin wishes she can speak this well.

  18. Philo says

    “because I’m gay I don’t get to enjoy the greatest cut of meat my country has to offer.”

    My boyfriend is offended! :-)

  19. FunMe says

    I love, Love, LOVE what Lady Gaga is doing.

    As for her “critics”, who cares.

    She has sold more albums than ever BEFORE being an activism for GLBT equality. I am so glad and proud of her for making a difference to fight for EQUALITY. She’s definitely leading the way.

    The fact of the matter is that those who are want the hateful DADT are in the minority. They are homophobic and hold UN-AMERICAN values and have no idea what this country is all about.

    All I say to them and the naysayer:

    AMERICA, LOVE IT (and all its people) … OR LEAVE IT!


  20. ratbastard says

    Even if what she says is true and correct (as in this particular case) NO ONE should take serious political or even social cues from an entertainer. And every survey ever taken, to my knowledge, shows so-called ‘stars’ including folks like professional athletes, actors, musicians,etc., political endorsements have no appreciable impact on the final outcome. In fact, they often end up having a negative impact. And in the case of this demonstration in Portland, she’s preaching to the choir. Demonstrations like this (at least as far as this issue is concerned) have little to no impact on the average citizen in Maine or anywhere else. In some respects it reinforces stereotypes, and probably 99% of people in Maine or anywhere else could care less if Lady GaGa gets angry at them or their community because they or their representatives vote a certain way.

    I’ll say this again; most people, liberal / progressive, conservative, in-between, agnostic, etc., do not like being lectured to by anybody.

    And I still believe this is at the very least partially connected to her marketing team. It’s great PR geared towards her main consumers.

    Sorry to be so cynical.

  21. K1 says

    To be honest, that was one of the most confused, pretentious, sophomoric “speeches” that I’ve ever heard.

    I now know how it feels to be a high school english teacher.

  22. CKNJ says

    @Alex N: You are absolutely entitled to your opinion… however if you agree with the words said (if you did not have any idea who wrote them) I would hope you would offer up SOME kind of thanks to whoever made the statements, in support of a just cause.

  23. CKNJ says

    @Ratbastard… see my comment to Alex N…. it matters NOT who says it… if sense is spoken it should be applauded. Sorry if it’s someone that you feel is frivolous, but if what she says is true, put aside your derision and stand up for what she says (even if you don’t stand up for her)…

  24. Alex N says

    @CKNJ: I’d still think the meat metaphor was adolescent, but here you go:

    Thanks Lady Gaga. Your advocacy really helped!