1. Brian in Texas says

    Witch, as in bitch. So the first female Speaker of the House is called a witch/bitch. That should be an uplifting message to the females in that district.

  2. Jason says

    I don’t know if she is a witch or a bitch but she is undoubtedly stupid. I can’t imagine anyone voting for that woman.

    “We need to pass ObamaCare so that the public can find out what’s in the bill” That is just brilliant.

    We now know what is in the bill and we will add another 15 million to the uninsured roster due to the increased cost to companies. ATT just announced they are canceling all corporate funded health care; as its cheaper to pay the fine than buy insurance.

  3. princely54 says

    So this guy is a real “issues” guy then…

    This ham-handed, low rent crap does nobody any good. If he has a real beef and/or point about how to help lead us out of this valley rather than cheap shots, I am sure his voters would like to know that.

    Regardless of party, I am tired of seeing ads that simply say ‘they suck’ and offer no REALISTIC ways to change something.

  4. kevin says

    @Jason – AT&T dropping employe coverage – that’s news to…well, anyone not bought and paid for by Sarah Palin. You just made that up; if you want to object to the health care law — extending the life of Medicare by 12 years, reducing the longterm deficit by $1.2 trillion, providing 40 million Americans access to doctor, eliminating the Medicare Part D coverage gap for Rx drugs for seniors, – feel free, but don’t make up stuff (aka lie) about the law.

  5. Trev says

    This is great! This corrupt cow has helped ruin CA. Any gay person that supports this moron needs their head examined! She has done NOTHING for us. Just another typical dumbass democrat lying and abusing the gay community in order to further their own goals. Once she is out of power watch her rapidly turn her back on her ‘gays’.

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