1. CoMo'mo says

    As Molly Ivins said about Pat Buchanan’s speech at some horrible GOP National convention, “It must have sounded impressive in the original German”. This poor man needs to adjust his meds or wear boxers to overcome his irritation. Too bad he had to refer to notes. As a longtime observer of Ohio politicians, I say that he is 1) certainly more eloquent than most and 2) fairly typical.

  2. Skooter McGoo says

    What the hell is wrong with this man? He’s like a rabid dog pacing a fence in a junkyard waiting to attack anything that moves. This man needs a psych evaluation double stat.

  3. Jon says

    Yeah so I live one county over, and drive to Stark County everyday for school. It is a very conservative area, and there are plenty of crazy Republicans. But this guy takes the cake.

  4. Carlos says

    I say again… people need to be medically and psychologically vetted to ensure they are fit to run and serve in office as this is truely frightening and disturbing…

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