1. Patrick says

    Great piece. It is true he has a right to say what he wants but as a public figure for schools, it should be watched closely.

    And something else caught my ear. Listen to Anderson around the 10:10 mark. What do people think?

  2. adamblast says

    Well, he makes the same point that others have made when we go overboard with our “country hick” responses. In context, I agree it sounds like a bit more, but that may be our wishful attentive ears.

  3. sparks says

    This is why I don’t care whether Anderson wishes to be known as an “out celebrity,” while only being relatively ‘out’ to his circle of close friends and family.

    He DOES take up a LOT of gay issues on behalf of the community. Every single one, lately.

    No matter what labels he wears or are placed upon him, he IS an ally. I kinda wish more people would keep that in mind when making comments here about how horrible he is for not wearing rainbow buttons and grand-marshalling pride parades.

  4. Baby Jane says

    If this Clint Mccance had written the same things about another minority group (like african americans/jews/etc), he would be ousted immediately. A double standard is in place here, and it’s ugly.

  5. says

    I’ve been following this story, and on other boards they are voicing support due to free speech. I really love how the ‘free speechers’ pop up when it is someone/something they support.

    He is a member of a school board, and thinks that children who do not believe the way he does should KILL themselves. What kind of society do we live in where adults think children should KILL themselves because they are different? Sure he has the right to free speech like everyone else, however, where is the line drawn? His hateful words could cause harm to children, those who he was elected to support! If someone yells “fire” in crowded theatre, “hi-jack” on a passenger jet or threatens the President, even if they aren’t viable threats…is that protected free speech? Sure you can have free speech, but you are also liable for your actions. If one child commits suicide or is bullied in his school district because of his words, would they still stand by him and his right to free (hate) speech? There is no excuse for him putting children, our children, children of God in harms way. I feel sorry for those who support this man…they show the same amount of ignorance.

    I resided in Arkansas for 10 years and have seen both sides (support/non-support of gay rights), but usually the one thing everyone supports is the safety of the children. This is a man that has no honor.

    It’s nice to see his bigotry is being exposed worldwide…

  6. ratbastard says

    Local school boards have been notorious across the country for a long time now for being stacked with far right and far left true believers. Everywhere you go, local school boards tend to have more than their share of loons.

  7. justme says

    How great is Anthony Turner? Nothing he’s done about this has been the least bit easy, but his actions have been heroic and he handles himself like a pro. It’s no contest between him and Clint McCance as to who’s the better man.

  8. Bob R says

    @RATBASTARD: It has been part of the right wing program for years to infiltrate and take over school boards. It’s the age old notion of “getting them while they’re young” and providing the proper “influence”. School boards buy textbooks and regulate school curricula. School boards have been a popular target for right wingers for years, along with other local government positions from which they can more easily influence policy.

    That’s how “creationism” gets into the classroom and classic humanities programs are eliminated. Schools are not teaching solid foundations in history, civics, science and critical thinking, they are designed to teach obedience and following directions so students become ideal wage slaves upon graduation and little more.

    “Give me the children until they are seven and anyone may have them afterwards.” St. Francis Xavier

  9. says

    I keep wondering when Anderson Cooper is finally going to come out? Strong advocacy like this is all well and good, but he undermines it by refusing to be forthcoming about his own status. You can’t very well argue that being Gay is nothing bad when you act as if it were.

  10. Jeff Satterfield says

    I really wish that we still used the tar and feather tactic against those to stupid to know anything better but to feel the embarrassment of being treated like a large mindless bird. In my opinion he should be scorned and ridiculed for the rest of his life, like those he wishes the same upon. Then he might change his so backwards and archaic thinking! What a sad thing to be so stupid. I pity him, and all those that are forced to be around such stupidity. The funny thing is that with all such rants and raves, the only thing that he accomplishes, is to point out the fact that he has low self esteem because of repressed homosexual tendencies that he can’t act upon openly. He should not be in the position that he is in. He should be removed immediately. He is a poison that has weakened this country to long.

  11. ratbastard says

    Bob R:

    It has also been a part of the far left agenda for DECADES to control the education system from kindergarten thru university level. Most universities are top heavy with FAR left ideologs. The far right are not alone. American society is stuck in the middle between a tug of war between two extremist ideologies on the far left and far right.

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