Anti-Gay Attack Reported at NYC’s Oldest Gay Bar, Julius


Some information from the New York City Anti-Violence Project:

“AVP has just learned of an attack which occurred at Julius Bar, New York’s oldest gay bar, on West 10th Street in New York City’s West Village neighborhood. On Saturday night, a man who, according to the NYPD, has a known history of luring gay men with the intent to rob and injure them attacked two people at Julius. The suspect is currently in custody.”

Julius Said Sharon Stapel, Executive Director of the New York City Anti-Violence Project: “This most recent attack underscores our need to stop the hate speech and anti-LGBTQ vitriol that results in this kind of attack. It is unacceptable that perpetrators of anti-LGBTQ violence feel emboldened to come into any neighborhood, including gay-friendly neighborhoods, and attack LGBTQ people because of who we are. We must as a city, and as a country, recognize the real harm and damage that discrimination and anti-LGBTQ hate does to all of us. AVP will not tolerate this kind of violence and we call on all of our friends and allies to speak out against anti-LGBTQ speech of any kind and help us create a world in which LGBTQ people are safe and respected and no longer face this kind of harm.”

According to the AVP, New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s office as well as the NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force and the New York County District Attorney’s Office are investigating.


The NYDN has some new info:

“A bartender at the city’s oldest gay bar was slugged in what authorities described Monday as yet another bias attack in New York. Suspect Frederick Giunta, 25, is charged with beating up two men on Oct. 11. Guinta first attacked a man in front of 114 Christopher St., grabbing his wallet and cutting his face with a punch, authorities said. About 10 minutes later, at 5:40 p.m., he slugged a man two blocks away inside the Julius Bar, the city’s oldest gay watering hole, authorities said. ‘What are you going to do, you f—— n—–,’ he allegedly yelled at that victim. ‘You are a f—–g f—-t.’ Giunta was arrested Friday and charged with misdemeanor as a hate crime and attempted robbery.”

The attack comes just a few weeks after two men attacked a gay man in the bathroom of NYC’s Stonewall Inn.


  1. jamesNYC says

    Old jokes. Not funny, we will all be old one day. The fact that these scumbags target bars with older customers illustrates their cowwardness …. I would like to see them target a roided out gay guy in a Chelsea bar, see how far they get then. Back to the old thing, we need to respect and support the older GLBT folk … we will be there before we know it.

  2. says


    Spoken like some vipid twink queen straight off the “A-List”

    You know if it wasn’t for some of that “old” clientel you wouldn’t be enjoying the rights that you are having today.

    Not funny man and really immature

  3. Dairyqueen says

    Sounds like a big rally to take back our safety needs to happen. Why hasn’t any major marches/protest like in Salt Lake City not happening in NYC since 4 to 5 anti gay attacks have happen in the past 2 weeks?

  4. BGKev says

    Not to make light of this, but is this really an anti-gay as in intended to intimidate us attack or simply a crime of opportunity by someone? I don’t think this is some guy who is so much “out to get teh gayz” as someone looking for someone to steal from who thinks we’re easy marks.

  5. says

    FYI, reporting that Frederick Giunta had been banned from Julius bar a decade ago, but they didn’t recognize him on this most recent visit:

    The bartender, who was not identified, was trying to escort an apparently drunk and belligerent Giunta from the bar when he was hit, according to fellow bartender Alex Michaels, who was not present for the attack.

    “He became volatile and was using words of hate,” Michaels said.

    Giunta had been banned from the Julius Bar a decade earlier, but staff didn’t recognize him as the same man, Michaels said.

    Here’s the story:

  6. Hollywood, CA says

    @ JUSTICEONTHEROCKS – I think BGKEV was trying to make the point that we need to make a distinction between people who have a set agenda to take down the gay community and spread a campaign of FEAR and TERROR, and someone who just says the “F” word. Not saying that there was no crime, but there is a difference.

    I think we should focus on the crimes that are clearly HATE CRIMES, so they make a larger impact.

    Also, I thought NICK’s comment was funny… a little humor never hurts…

  7. Dave says

    If you see a guy punching strangers in a gay-friendly neighborhood, hit him in the head with a fucking hammer, or any other heavy object close to you. Enough with the calls to “speak out.”

  8. walter says

    all these recent attacks are an extension of all the hate speech being handed out by the new group of repuk politicians ie paladino paul and the likes and if these clowns get elected it will get worse. people will take their election as the open season on targeting gays. remember they have to be defeatedand shown hate speech won’t get you elected

  9. Nick says

    The only valid criticism of my post is that it was obvious. I’m 41 and well on my way to being old myself, although I hope I don’t spend my golden years in a bar. Lighten up Francis!

  10. justiceontherocks says

    Nick, did your parents drop on you your head? First you joke about people being assaulted, then you imply there’s something wrong with people in their “golden years” who go to bars. Have you ever been to NYC? People of all ages go to bars here.

    Please don’t respond and make a fool of yourself a third time.

  11. Fred says

    I’m so old I remember a period in the 60’s when Julius was anti-gay – all men without women were refused entrance. It was probably during one of Mayor Wagner’s morality drives (ie, a police crackdown to insure bigger future payoffs). Didn’t last very long, but I avoided Julius for years after. Julius served a great hamburger until very late at night, and was further distinguished by a great mass of dust-covered artificial cobwebs that covered the entire ceiling for many years… I suspect that some Health Dept sanitation ruling forced the owners to finally clean them out.

  12. Buzz says

    BGKEV – the attack in Chelsea was not a robbery- they took nothing.

    Andy, when referring to the recent violence in NYC, please don’t minimize it to the Stonewall attack. There have been others, less news-worthy due to their mundane locations, but horrifying nonetheless. Chelsea for God’s sake.

  13. Gabe R L says

    JamesNYC – please, let’s be honest. It would be the roided out gay guys who would be the first to cower, run, or just take their beating. It happens all the time.

  14. RobS says

    Nasty, bitchy comments about older gay men are not going to end violence against gay people. Julius is an iconic Village bar and a place where all people are made to feel welcome. It must be doing something right to be in business all these years!
    And you’re going to stay young forever how, Nick?

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