1. David in Houston says

    If you changed that offensive poster to a guy screwing a woman in the ass, these homophobic bigots would be giving a big hypocritical thumbs-up. It’s sad to see the child in that photo, learning from his parents how to hate people because they’re different. Great parenting skills teaching your child how to be a bigot.

  2. says

    The current government is pro-Europe and wants to join the EU. They are not the problem. It’s the many homophobes, most of whom grew up amid the violence and anti-Western years of the civil wars, that are the problem. This time the state has promised to protect the gay pride marchers.

    Until yesterday, when it was finally banned, the homophobes had a facebook group that had grown to 100,000 Serbs. Their hatred is just beneath the surface, as one could tell from the comments. I hope the police does come out in force, as it did in Vilnius earlier this year, and protect the marchers.

    They’ve gotten a lot of good press coverage, including a campaign of various public figures willing to put their faces on TV in support of the march, which is called: Marching Together.

  3. says

    In an effort to present another side, two of the maintenance men in my complex are best friends since childhood and both are from Serbia. One is Catholic and the other Muslim. They will tell you, when growing up and living on the same street, they never knew the difference.

    Both are married with children and are US citizens. Neither practices their faith as they see religion as the root of all problems their home country had over the past couple of decades.

    They are fully aware that I’m gay and live with my partner of ten years and take a live and let live stance.

    The Muslim’s biggest concern is ensuring his 16 year old daughter gets into a good college. He wants nothing more than a better life for her. Having these conversations on various occasions just blows my mind. Couldn’t be nicer guys.

  4. Jim says

    Yes, the truly disturbing thing to me is the presence of children at this rally. The message: it’s NOT okay to have children see gays loving each other BUT it’s okay to have children learning and demonstrating HATE by their parents. “You’ve got to be carefully taught!”

  5. shanesoho says

    From Wikipedia:
    “Blue-chip corporations investing in Serbia include: US Steel, Philip Morris, Microsoft, Fiat, Coca-Cola, Lafarge, Siemens, Carlsberg and others.”
    Maybe if companies such as these took a stand in such matters, it would make a difference?

  6. Christie says

    I wonder if this is a sect of WBC?

    Are the stick figures gay or straight? I can’t really tell. I wonder how many of those children were conceived in that position?

    What sick parents bring their kids to these kind of things?

  7. Paul R says

    Well, if Serbia hopes to join the EU while doing crap like this, good luck. Not to mention their war atrocities. Belarus has a better chance, and it has no chance at all.

  8. jason says

    Note how these homophobes always seem to go after male homosexuals, and never female homosexuals. I’m not saying female homosexuals aren’t victims of prejudice, I’m simply saying that a vast majority of the anti-gay venom is directed at men.

    It could be that there’s a gender bias within the homophobic industry, one that reflects a combination of religious objection and female jealousy of male-male intimacy.

    There’s also the element of the sleazy straight guy who thinks “hot lesbians” should be permitted but anybody else shouldn’t. I’ve seen a lot of these types of guys in the USA too. It’s a form of selective homophobia that’s propagated by the liberal porn-loving crowd.

    As for the photo of the bile-riddled Serbs posted above, all I can say is that some of them look like the products of anal sex.

  9. Lexxvs says

    What can you expect from the last Nazi state of Europe, with his war crimes still smoldering in the back.
    Hope that nation of fascist gets isolated for many decades to come, the ones that they will need to learn something about human rights and diversity.

  10. says

    The symbol they’re using is a pretty much universal one across Eastern Europe. It has turned up in Lithuania, Poland, and Romania. It’s the one promoted by the Scott Livelys and other US fundamentalist anti-pride people. OUR homophobes exported it to them. See, for example,

    Once again, the government and the pro-Western people all want this to happen without violence.

    The people who want violence against gays don’t give a sh*t about the US and Europe and don’t want Serbia to join the EU.

    Jason is partly right (shudder): when you want to scare people into homophobia, you use men having anal sex.

  11. Zeljko says

    Wow. I think I’ve seen five Serbophobic comments on here, alongside gratuitous nonsense about Nazis (whom we fought at the cost of 1/3 of our men) and how some of us even lick the hand of the same NATO/EU that pummeled us (for the sake of Muslim separatists that you funded!), thereby earning near-human status in the eyes of the vaunted West.

    Hey, why is it that gays are so vastly worse off in Afghanistan and Iraq than, oh, say a decade ago? What key variable is the difference?

    If you really cared about liberality toward gays internationally, you should work to constrain compulsive American military campaigns outside of your hemisphere and observe the spirit of the Monroe Doctrine, not beg for the right to be cannon fodder (DADT repeal)!

  12. trey033 says

    the ‘parade’ went ahead, but at a cost. Riots, lootings, show downs with authorities…why must everything in the Balkans either be started or finished through violence.

  13. death69 says

    You know, Zeljko, the Tolerancistas cannot resist a good bashing of eastern Europeans, most of whom basically live in colonies of the West. These things are rarely about gay rights.

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