Gay Couple Burned Out of Home in Canada

A gay couple living on Prince Edward Island in Canada were forced from their home by a fire thought to have been set on purpose:

Princeedwardisland "A woman says her neighbours — a same-sex married couple — were terrified when suspected arson forced them to flee their home early Monday morning in Little Pond. 'They were super-afraid because they didn’t know if somebody was waiting for them outside the building,' said Maureen Campbell. She says the two men were sleeping when the fire started. One man had to drag his partner out of the bungalow…Police would not say if they are investigating the fire as a possible hate crime or as an attempted double murder. RCMP Sgt. Bob Fogarty would only reiterate that the police consider the fire to be a criminal matter and that arson is suspected in the blaze that razed the couple’s home. Members of the Souris RCMP and local fire departments responded to the bungalow fire at 4 a.m. Monday. Souris RCMP was also called to the same address after the mailbox was burned on Oct. 12."


  1. TommyOC says

    When will those ignorant, backward, arrogant Americans learn? Why can’t they be as civilized as their neighbors to the nor—

    —wait… really? Here? Canada?

    Oh… well… nevermind.

  2. Tone says

    To set someone’s home on fire is already pretty darn hateful. Still I hope they catch the perps and lock ’em up for a while. My guess is that this will not be litigated as a hate crime even if they do find the culprit. We hardly ever do that in Canada, more’s the pity for us poor queers here.

  3. Belcat says

    I always though Canada was more tolerant, and easterners even more so. Disappointing, and a reminder that intolerance can be anywhere.
    I wonder if they will get anything from insurance… if not we should start a collection.

  4. Pira says

    When people think of Canada being socially liberal, they’re usually thinking of the Greater Toronto Area and BC. There are many parts of the country where conservative attitudes are very strong

  5. Tone says

    @Dickster. Sec 718.2 of Canada’s Criminal Code allows the court to use motivations of hate, bias or prejudice as an aggravating factor in determining sentence for crimes such as assault, theft, property damage, threats or harassment, actually any crime not covered in Sec 318 & 319. Thus, if it is proven that the perps were motivated by any of these things in burning down that LGBT couple’s home, they could be liable to a harsher sentence.

  6. ratbastard says

    Whoever insured the home will also be very interested. They and police will look closely at possible insurance fraud masquerading as a hate crime.

    Just saying.

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