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Road NPR's Juan Williams fired for Muslim remarks; Palin, Huckabee want NPR funds stripped.

Guccione RoadPenthouse founder Bob Guccione dead at 79.

RoadNancy Pelosi expects to keep the House: "'Well let me say why I believe that would be very difficult for the Republicans to takeover the House of Representatives,' Pelosi said on the "Charlie Rose Show,' according to a transcript released by Bloomberg. 'Let me tell you right here and now that I would rather be in our position right now than theirs. In order for them to win, they have to win around 38 seats and we’ll win some, and so they’ll have to win in the 40s.'"

RoadJames Franco, author.

RoadTyson Beckford has a man crush on Russell Simmons: "You look at him and you can't figure out his age. He's like the angel of hip hop, the angel of doing right. … Whether you're gay, straight or black or white, it don't matter … you just can't resist him."

RoadFolks are apparently outraged at the "racy" Terry Richardson photos of the Glee cast in GQ.

Road21 portraits of Luke Perry at Dragoncon.

RoadA teaser trailer for Scream 4 has hit the web.

Hartzler RoadIs this the most anti-gay House candidate in America?

RoadBarney Frank loans $200K to his own campaign: "Frank, 70, usually wins re-election by wide margins, but is being pressed enough by Bielat that he has cut down on contributions to colleagues. Normally a generous giver, he has donated only $35,000 to 12 Democratic hopefuls this cycle, compared to $248,000 to 86 candidates two years ago, according to the Center for Responsive Politics and the Wall Street Journal."

RoadGeorge W. Bush misses certain aspects of the presidency: "I miss being pampered; I miss Air Force One; I miss being commander in chief of an awesome group of (people)."

RoadA Serbian doctor's cure for homosexuality is identical to the prep work done by Circuit Boys before the White Party: "Patients must cut out junk food from their diet, 'drink a lot of water,' 'reject anything that is diarrhetic, alcohol, caffeine,' engage in 'physical activity,' 'rest [at] appropriate times.' Plus, one 'must think about good things.' Oh, and receive regular enemas."

Galaxy RoadNASA identifies most distant galaxy yet observed in the universe. "This collection of stars is so far away its light has taken more than 13 billion years to arrive at Earth."

RoadKanye West unveils his diamond teeth on Ellen.

RoadFrench eBay website bans gay couples from competition: "The auction website is offering two people the chance to live rent-free in a 50m² central Paris apartment for a year to celebrate its tenth anniversary in France. The winners will be given 8,000 Euros and ten weeks to kit out the unfurnished flat with items from eBay. However, the rules state: 'The game is open to any couple composed of a male adult and a female adult.'"

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  1. They're all excited about the galaxy and completely ignoring that big red ring!

    Posted by: Watching With Interest | Oct 21, 2010 3:04:24 PM

  2. Contact EBAY France at

    No need to write in French, I don't imagine.

    Posted by: tcw | Oct 21, 2010 3:16:20 PM

  3. The most offensive thing about those "racy" Glee photos is that the girls are wearing panties and posed provocatively... but Finn isn't! (Although I'd prefer Finn in tighty whities to panties)

    Also, Terry Richardson is skank personified. That has nothing to do with anything, it just bears repeating.

    Posted by: crispy | Oct 21, 2010 3:16:35 PM

  4. I don't miss Presnit Bush.

    Posted by: jeffg166 | Oct 21, 2010 3:48:30 PM

  5. "Folks are apparently outraged at the "racy" Terry Richardson photos of the Glee cast in GQ."

    the Victoria's Secret commercial in the middle of this week's rerun was worse than the pictures i've seen from GQ!

    Posted by: mike/ | Oct 21, 2010 3:59:34 PM

  6. I read the line "James Franco, author." and immediately pictured:

    Hellooo, I'm James Franco, author, poet, civil rights activist, queen.

    Posted by: touchydpad | Oct 21, 2010 4:06:29 PM

  7. I need a nap or a change in meds. What I read first was reference to somebody having a "mancrush" on Richard SIMMONS! then I had dirty thoughts inspired by the astonomer's comment, "If it isn't big, it isn't bright", and the fact that an important instrument is actually called The Very Large Telescope gave me giggles.

    Posted by: CoMo'mo | Oct 21, 2010 4:34:32 PM

  8. Tyson: How YOU doin'?

    Posted by: Marcus | Oct 21, 2010 4:47:47 PM

  9. I hope that some of the Democratic candidates who benefitted from Frank's generosity in the past are in a position to return the favor this time around.

    Posted by: Gianpiero | Oct 21, 2010 4:52:16 PM

  10. Juan Williams is as stupid and bigoted as the people who cross the street when they see a Black man coming towards them.

    I don't know whether or not he should have been fired (free speech and all),but, a white guy would have been fired, so, he has to be treated the same.

    For the record, I am Black. Light skinned with good hair, but, all Black.

    Smile bitchez!

    Posted by: Derek Washington | Oct 21, 2010 5:58:07 PM

  11. No, I think juan williams is just honest. I too feel a little anxiety when I see someone of middle eastern descent on a plane I'm travelling. It's a natural reaction, I think...given actual terrorist acts. Humans are the only animal which ignores instinct and heads toward problem areas. It is usually a mistake.

    Posted by: TANK | Oct 21, 2010 6:03:06 PM

  12. Let's stop calling these candidates or anyone else against equality anti-gay. They should be called bigots because that's what they are. This PC thing has got to stop. They are not being PC with us, it's time to call them on their bigot agenda.

    Posted by: Brad | Oct 21, 2010 6:41:28 PM

  13. @TANK: that's interesting. I guess, I was only thinking about the way that Williams specifically mentioned their clothing. I don't know, I guess, how I would feel after all. BUT, I hope I wouldn't feel that way. I'm not saying I'm the arbiter of what can frighten people, I just hope I wouldn't let that fear enter my mind.

    Posted by: Derek Washington | Oct 21, 2010 7:04:26 PM

  14. Juan Williams was taken out of context to generate the worst possible reaction. This was done purposefully, I'm confident. I don't agree with his politcs, and think he's rather a moron, but this was a hit piece.

    Of course not all muslims are terrorists, but global terrorism is well represented by that faith. And given the positive relationship between giving higher consideration to unlikely outcomes with increase in the cost (say, having a plane you're on hijacked and used as a missile by extremists operating with defective software), it's a reaction that a lot of people have...some don't, though, or have supressed so completely that they no longer respond to their evolved instincts...occasionally, you read about them dying in extreme sporting! But of course don't mention that out loud...lest you endure the fury of the self righteous hippie liberal douche (e.g.,"how dare you, you racist! Islam is the best thing since the 19th amendment!").

    I don't believe that middle easterners or muslims should be discriminated against, of course...but let's not pretend that globally, the faith is one of peace and tolerance...or christianity for that matter. Religion is a very big and ever growing problem that a lot of people on all sides of the political spectrum are ignoring.

    Posted by: TANK | Oct 21, 2010 7:40:40 PM

  15. I agree that Juan Williams was simply being honest, though it rarely turns out well when someone says, "I'm not a bigot, BUT . . . "

    I've gotten on a plane and had a similar reaction to Muslims in full religious garb. I'm not proud of that reaction, since it's fairly stupid, but it's a pretty natural fear-based response. In the context of Juan's overall remarks I don't think what he said was all that offensive, certainly less offensive than O'Reilly's typical drivel. Juan's fit with FOX, as an NRP reporter, was always an awkward one, but lucrative for him. NPR expects reporters who work for them to remain neutral even when they're away from NPR and asked for their personal opinions--his remarks were viewed by them as finally crossing that line.

    Huckabee and Palin's fund-cutting threats are idiotic. They may not agree with Williams's firing (tho I'm sure they actually couldn't care less; it's one more propaganda opp), but NPR has every right to terminate their association with Williams. And public radio doesn't even get much government funding, so the threat is as empty as their heads.

    Posted by: Ernie | Oct 21, 2010 8:14:21 PM

  16. Of coure huckabee (or bucketmop as he should be referred--as intelligent as a mop with a bucket on it) and palin's remarks are idiotic. NPR is largely funded (and by largely, I mean like well into the ninety percents) by listener donations...and you should donate to NPR--it's great...aside from prarie home companion, which appeals to olds and hipster douchebags (IT'S NOT FUCKING FUNNY OR CLEVER OR INTERESTING! AND IT'S FUCKING OVER!). It makes no sense. But it's not about facts (though, neither was hit job on williams, to be fair--and NPR should not have fired him just as CNN shouldn't have fired rick sanchez...I begrudgingly admit)--it's just ideology and plays into their meme that the media is bad because it shows them as they are...they're far too inept as politicians and thinkers to do anything but attack the source that exposes their idiocy.

    Posted by: TANK | Oct 21, 2010 8:46:28 PM

  17. They've been begging for those 90+% listener donations all week on VPR--the dreaded fall membership drive. Last year, as sustaining members, we got 2 mugs--the worst-designed mug in their history. It should have been thrown at Garrison Keiller's head. His singing ruins my Sundays. But I digress . . .

    Posted by: Ernie | Oct 21, 2010 9:31:38 PM

  18. James Franco is starting to seem like an attention whore. I used to like him more before he released something or did something "edgy" every single week.

    As for George W., yeah I'm sure he's not pampered at all now that he's left the White House. He's not a multi-millionaire or anything. What a crybaby. And if he wants a nice personal jet at his disposal, maybe he should buy one.

    Posted by: Paul R | Oct 21, 2010 9:52:20 PM

  19. Juan Williams is a stoodge and I'm glad he's off NPR. His journalistic skills just didn't reach the highest levels. As for his comments, he defended his bigoted reaction instead of saying, look, sometimes I feel this way but I know it's profiling or stereotyping.

    Posted by: David R. | Oct 21, 2010 11:43:23 PM

  20. There wasn't anything un-objective about his statement any more than the science used by the FBI that provides them with a broad profile of a person raping, killing and mutilating women in a serial manner. Their objective and scientific profile will immediately identify their perp as a white male between the ages of 18 and 50 until additional evidence is uncovered. When a muslim comes on an Airplane they raise more concern than an gray haired old lady because the statistics show that 98% of the terrorist acts have been committed by muslim males in the last 30 years.

    Islamism; the military arm of Islam is our enemy and has been behind the vast majority of the major attacks against the western world. Large populations within Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq and Iran cheered on 9/11 when we were attacked. Sorry I will objectively paint with a broad brush all of Islam as terrorists until they actively go to war with their own to stop the supposed few who sully their religion. If they cared; each of the countries above would root out and kill every known terrorist in their land. The whole of Islam is complicit by their in-action.

    The problem is that a large section of Islam is cool with killing westerners so Juan was being very objective in voicing the same concerns most Americans have when they get on an Airplane. Secondly, he is more of a commentator than a just the facts journalist; so he doesn't even have to be 100% objective. I am an avid listener and supporter of NPR; no more.

    Posted by: Jason | Oct 22, 2010 12:39:39 PM

  21. "I don't miss Presnit Bush."

    I miss the first year of his retirement when he had the decency to STFU.

    Posted by: BobN | Oct 22, 2010 2:59:28 PM

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