News: Mehcad Brooks, Procrastination, Chuck Hurley, Uganda

Road Gay man married in Connecticut facing deportation to Venezuela.

HurleyRoadLeading Iowa Christian bigot Chuck Hurley calls for laws curbing homosexual acts: "'For millennia every sane culture has had restraints on behavior,' Hurley said. Stable societies have always had restraints on incest and pedophilia, he said, and that should extend to homosexual acts as well."

RoadSponsor of Uganda's "kill the gays" bill says the measure will become law soon:"We are very confident, because this is a piece of legislation that is needed in this country to protect the traditional family here in Africa, and also protect the future of our children."

Road Reality star moms gone wild!

RoadNon-discrimination ordinance reintroduced in Memphis, Tennessee.

RoadJames Cameron says Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 are his next projects.

RoadDallas District Clerk calls GOP County Commissioner an enemy of the gay community: "Gary Fitzsimmons, Dallas County's district clerk, has called County Commissioner Kenneth Mayfield 'the most homophobic elected official in Dallas County' and 'a sworn enemy of the gay community,' according to the Dallas Voice. Fitzsimmons (on the right), a Democrat who is openly gay, did not elaborate in the Dallas Voice blog post."

RoadWatch: Daniel Radcliffe on The Simpsons.

Osbourne RoadKelly Osbourne: Goldfinger.

RoadNYT: Homophobia vs. Islamophobia.

RoadGold's Gym franchise owner Robert Rowling  stands by donation to Karl Rove SuperPAC: The facts are so distorted. I've never heard one discussion of a social issue. This is all about fiscal sanity. [American Crossroads] supports conservative candidates, and even though those candidates may disagree with them on social issues, the resounding issue is fiscal responsibility." Rowling also owns Omni Hotels.

RoadProcrastination explained.

RoadA thank you letter to Rep. Paul Hodes of New Hampshire regarding the Union-Leader newspaper's refusal to print same-sex marriage announcements.

RoadMariah Carey is pregnant.

Mehcad RoadMehcad Brooks shows off his sex life.

RoadInternational Gay and Lesbian Travel Association to hold convention in Chicago in 2013.

RoadThe DNC has filed a Freedom of Information Act on likely Presidential nominees for 2012: "The nine Republicans that Democrats are seeking information on are former Gov. Sarah Palin, R-Alaska; former Gov. Mitt Romney, R-Mass.; Gov. Haley Barbour, R-Miss.; Gov. Tim Pawlenty, R-Minn.; former Gov. Mike Huckabee, R-Ark.; former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, R-Ga.; Sen. John Thune, R-S.D.; Gov. Mitch Daniels, R-Ind.; Gov. Bobby Jindal, R-La."

RoadDoña Ana County in New Mexico takes stand against bullying: "The commission OK'd a resolution saying it backs policies and outreach in schools to 'bring about an atmosphere of zero tolerance for bullying behavior,' according to the measure."


  1. vegetablelollipop says

    I’m a lesbian and I’d still bend over backwards to have sex with the insanely beautiful Mehcad Brooks. There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do. I’d let him nearly kill me.

  2. Chitown Kev says

    Uh uh, bending over backwards would not allow me to get the things done with Mechad Brooks that he needs to do to ME.

    Back up off of Mechad, bitches, or we WILL fight

    *waves church fan and stomps feet*

  3. Cory says

    My god Mehcad Brooks…drool

    He and The guy who plays Alcide on True Blood are husbands in my dreams.

    Hottest. Couple. Ever.

  4. TANK says

    That NYT opinion piece in which the author essentially asserted that “islamophobia” (a moonbat term, btw…it’s make believe and has no connection to reality, just like christophobia doesn’t) is worse than homophobia in the u.s. Yes, maybe for the elite hippie liberal douche…in reality, homophobia is much worse in the united states than so-called “islamophobia”…muslims are not prevented from marrying, nor are they barred from serving openly in the military, and they do, in fact, have workplace protections at the federal level. And I found his distinction that the terrorists who were responsible for 9/11 because of their islamic faith weren’t wearing “muslim garb” ticklish…what a douche. Fuck you, moonbat crazies. The world isn’t flat, and everyone who disagrees with your BELIEFS isn’t a racist or bigot.

  5. says

    Jeb Bush will be the nominee 2012

    He has the tea bag cred + darling of the money elite + Daddy bush’s connections (former cia chief and former vp former prez no matter how old is still connected), + latina wife and kids to bring latino vote back into the repub fold

    and flying spaghetti monster help us all

  6. says


    No Tank, though one would wish that ur ire be more directed towards the saudis and in particular the house of saud as vs every muslim

    the majority of 9/11 hijackers were saudis, bin laden is saudi, the largest chunk of al queda financing comes t=from saudis and in particular the royal house of saud, and the house of saud financialy supports the wahabists while also poutting their stamp of approval on saudi text books that call Jews and americans
    dogs and for the eradication of israel and the great devil america

    Nuke the house of saud and put the Jordanian ryal family back in charge = sheriffs of mecca and medina as dictated by the holy book of muslims (as direct decendants of fatima the supposed daughter of the supposed prophet who supposedly existed mohamad) the Jordanian royal family is extremly pro west and pro israel

  7. TANK says

    Take notice. this is how it starts in their denial that it wasn’t the religious beliefs of the hijackers that precipitated 9/11, and that al qaeda is founded upon hatred of the west justified by religious tenets…

    This is a religious problem (there is a great deal of overlap in attitude and deed toward gays and women that span national identity in the muslim world…one will not explain this through a culture abstracted away from religion for the antiseptic apologism that denies the causal power of belief)…never lose sight of that, as so many want you to.

  8. TANK says

    But of course, this is hardly the point of the opinion/ideology. It’s to hoist diversity for diversity’s sake to change the narrative toward a minority they feel more justified and comfortable defending than one that they clearly have abandoned…I guess it makes them feel more interesting and “relevant” in their own echo chamber.

  9. Sean R says

    Did you ever read such BS about Ugandan families or christian values? “this is a piece of legislation that is needed in this country to protect the traditional family here in Africa, and also protect the future of our children”

    The statement is the corruption of traditional family forms by colonialists of another hue. This law foreshadows another wave of persecution of gay men – remember Germany 1933?

  10. mike says

    @MIKE If your BF looks like Mehcad Brooks, then you ARE one lucky dude. I hope you and he will have 1,000 X 1,000 years of happiness together. Right now, for me, there is absolutely no man on this earth who is hotter, more sexy or more desirable than Mehcad Brooks. I hear that Mehcad is a very nice and personable guy, too. I hope he has a long and successful career. He’s just too beautiful. Sigh.