1. says

    Also. The anti-gay forces used all kinds of tactics – including pretending to be gay activists and claiming the parade was called off because of Hillary Clinton’s visit. This fooled some people for about three hours.

  2. Paul R says

    Hmmm, wonder if the massive police presence had anything to do with EU accession or Hillary’s visit?

    Accession won’t be happening for at least a decade now. And it would be great if Hillary canceled the visit, or at least gave a stern reprimand.

  3. says

    The riots look like a repeat of the 2008 Beograd riots against Kosovo independence. It’s mostly political, against the western-oriented government.

    As a friend of mine put it, “9 years ago people from pride filled the emergency rooms, now they’re full of policemen. Probably this is a sign of progress!”

  4. Marko says

    I dont think Hilary should reprimand Serbia — because the government (whatever their motives) really did go out of the way to protect us. Hilary should praise Serbia for its position, but discuss the need to combat hooliganism. The fact that no paraders were injured is a blessing — and it couldnt have happened without the government and police.

  5. Craig says

    “Right-wing groups say the gay events are contrary to Serbian family and religious values.” Have to wonder about a religion where riots and violence are good and love is bad. With looting it sounds like they just found a convenient way to get that new flat screen they always wanted.

  6. architectinberlin says

    ah, this from the land that gave us the spark that set europe ablaze in the first world war, and europe’s most recent spate at ethnic cleansing. a remarkable people, really.

    as konrad adenauer would say (while dismissively waving): “asien, asien.”

  7. david026257 says

    “I wonder if Matt Barber and Peter LaBarbera are privately clucking in glee, wishing this could happen in America.”
    Posted by: what is wrong with serbia | Oct 10, 2010 1:45:20 PM

    … precisely my thought as I was into the third para of this post. Just how many of the vile wingnut homophobes, whom we suffer in the United States and elsewhere globally, are watching this in Serbia and jealously thinking “if only…”.

  8. Zeljko says

    Oh please, Berlin Architect! Your good kaiser had to give a blank cheque to the Haplessburg Dynasty, whilst the Brits rubbed their hands in glee, looking for their excuse to enter a war that couldn’t possibly concern them, except to retard Germany.

    And you blame this on a teenage Serb? And then you wonder why it’s your esteemed privilege to bail out wayward Mediterranean lands? Learn some revisionist history and how the Game of Nations is really played.

  9. hephaestion says

    God bless Serbian President Tadic for standing up for the right of gays to march and for protecting the marchers, at no small cost.

    If only Russia’s government would do that…

  10. Vlad says

    What exactly should Hillary Clinton reprimand? The Serbian government should be highly praised for ensuring the safety of the participants and working with the organizers at every step to enable this to happen. Open your eyes to what the world is really like – pride parades do not and cannot happen in the vast majority of countries, including many in Europe (i.e. Eastern Europe). Serbia is actually ahead of the curve in many ways. As horrible as the situation is for gays in Serbia, at least they are seeing the beginning of progress. Some people seem to have no perspective and are completely unable to see any hope or signs of progress. Perhaps we should just bomb Serbia (or whatever impoverished fledgling democracy) into becoming some sort of model society?

  11. architectinberlin says


    I’ll just stick to quoting Otto von Bismarck:

    “One day the great European War will come out of some damned foolish thing in the Balkans”.

    As for playing the Game of Nations… I think Germany is doing just a *bit* better than her neighbors these days.

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