Towleroad Guide to the Tube #761

RANDY RAINBOW: Stars in a show.

PETER SPRIGG: The Family Research Council nut on sexual assault worries over DADT.

GET EQUAL: The activist group put themselves in front of President Obama at USC on Friday.

WE ARE IN A TORNADO: Last night in northeast Texas.

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  1. Bart says

    When Peter Sprigg says, “We have the fruit…” All I thought was, “Oh yeah, and he’s talking right now.” I don’t have much of a gaydar but this guy is one votive candle away from a major flame.

  2. says

    Interesting that Sprigg talks about “homosexual conduct”—you see, he’s not for discriminating against who we are! But of course, all sexual conduct (other than masturbation) is against the the rules in the military.

    Oh, and my gaydar went off for that handsome newscaster.

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