1. Signer says

    It would be much more touching if the guy could actually sign. He told him he wanted coffee (not make love) and he wanted shoes (not mutual masturbation).

    Cute idea though.

  2. sparks says

    I think making the effort to learn someone else’s language just to be closer to them is one of the sweetest gestures of all.

    Clearly, this guy is very new to ASL, but I absolutely love the thought behind his video. Bet his boyfriend is all kinds of embarrassed… which makes it that much better. 😉

  3. princely54 says

    The idea that he would try and do this while making some errors in his signing is even more endearing to me. I like that he’s trying and he seems smitten with this guy.

  4. Adam says

    Maybe there were mistakes in signing, but this boy is absolutely adorable (and so hot!) . . . and the boy he loves must be equally so. Love has its own language. Bless them!

  5. patrick nyc says

    Thanks ANDY, it almost makes you forget about the GOP for a few moments. Not knowing how to sign myself, it’s sweet he tried, as for any mistakes, that makes it somehow sweeter still.

  6. JIB says

    “.it seems all you have to do these days to get attention is take your shirt off. and be young and hot of course.”

    Exactly, JGM. Cute kid, obviously. But if he were unattractive (too fat, too skinny, bad skin, etc.) few would care outside the deaf community.

    Which puts the lie to all this fawning over how “sweet” it is, and how uplifting it is.

    Let’s call it for what it is: kid’s hot. We like hot young guys doing just about anything short of taking a dump on camera.

    I like it, too. But it’s not especially validating, and at least I know why.

  7. ratbastard says

    Hot dude. And I love facial hair, that’s always a clincher for me.

    Would anybody pay attention if he wasn’t nice looking? It reminds me of what someone once said about Jesus: Would anybody ever have paid any attention to him and this Christianity thing if Jesus was 350 pounds and incontinent?

  8. JIB says

    Jesus may have been 350lbs and incontinent. After all, after making him a long-haired red-headed Caucasian, who know what else they scrubbed to make him palatable to the WASP-y masses?

  9. Bobo says

    Being that their are no actual pictures of jesus( and I suppose any real proof of his existence), maybe he was 350 pounds and incontinent, and that’s why everyone is so confused about what he said…because no one was really paying attention…just a thought.

  10. Ryan says

    The fact that the kid is hot does not make his message any more or less endearing.

    Besides his message was to his boyfriend not to us, so as long as his boyfriend finds him attractive (and after the effort he put into that signing he’d have to be pretty cold hearted not to)what does it matter?

  11. M@ says

    That was the sweetest, sexiest thing I think I’ve ever seen. SOMEONE is a very lucky guy.

    Whoever this kid is, his sentiments and efforts to learn sign language and speak to his boyfriend in a voice he can hear is beyond endearing.

    And I just love reading bitchy comments here. If you can’t say something nice, join the GOP

  12. Troy says

    I don’t think the kid is particularly hot, but the message isn’t to me, it’s to his boyfriend, who is lucky to have such a sweet, romantic guy in his life.

  13. TomSkylark says

    @Troy: Why, then, has it been posted on the internet (and youtube, of all things) for everyone to see? Call me crazy, but when I send love letters, I don’t tend to CC: the entire world.

    Both guys are lucky, and the message is sweet, but I don’t quite understand why it’s being put in the public this way.

  14. G says

    @Tomskylark: Why do people propose marriage in public ways? Why do people show public affection at all?

    Think about it. This YouTube video is a similar concept.

  15. TomSkylark says

    @G: Well sure, but you invite guests who know and (presumably) like you to a wedding ceremony; you don’t invite the entire internet to peep in, especially if you’re (randomly) shirtless.

  16. patrick nyc says

    TOMSKYLARK, since we do not know how it got there why get all hung up about it? Maybe the kid who received it sent it to a friend, who innocently posted it. That’s how that Wedding Entrance Dance got on last year.

    Incase you did not catch it, ANDY posted it last year. A couple got married last summer and a friend posted it for people who could not make the ceremony. A year later it has over 57 million hits.

    With so many real things to knock, like people running for the highest offices in the land saying we are sick for being gay, try to enjoy a bit of the good shit.

  17. Michael says

    You guys can never seem to appreciate when someone does something special. Im not sure why you think posting a comment and complaining about a kid’s video is somehow more validated than him posting the video to begin with. At least he put the effort forth to do something special, whereas, the rest of you are just nasty.

  18. says

    Hey, everybody, to address your assumptions, the video started out as a private video to me and only me. Somehow though some blogger got hold of it and it went viral, starting in Brazil, and spreading north from there.

    I’m a very lucky guy, I have to agree with those of you who said that – my boy is absolutely amazing and while this attention is somewhat not what we expected, at least it spreads a positive message.

    Thanks for watching it – he’s learning! lol

  19. Matthew says

    To me and to many other people – this guy is not sexy…

    However, he’s absolutely charming and a GREAT boyfriend – appreciate the love that’s there and being shared.

    Thanks for making me all warm and fuzzy today – even if he’s talking about coffee and shoes. Lord knows I’ve screwed up other people’s languages.

  20. kodiak says

    supercute when he bounces as he thinks what to sign next. he really is eager to be in his lover’s arms. when was the last time I felt like that? it’s heartwarming and touching.

  21. Raincheck says

    Wow, there’s some bitter commenters on here! You might want to pull the cacti out of your asses, guys, you’ll feel better. Yes, this guy is gorgeous and shirtless, but I think the video would still be sweet if he weren’t. He’s like an eager puppy and obviously so in love. Of course, there is a scientific way to compare videos: why doesn’t one of you fat sour-faced trolls remake it and post for us to look at?

  22. Calyx93 says

    Shannon – nobody wants to hear if YOU approve of the “hotness” of this young man. His vid wasn’t posted on here to get you off or provide an image for you to lust after. Realize what this is and who it is for and try to show a tiny bit of gratitude that you’re alive and able to see this heartwarming gesture.

    Oh – and make sure to take your meds tomorrow – nobody likes an old troll with an unstable mood problem.

  23. Robert K Brown says

    I was cute like that when I first met Michael 30 years ago. And Michael (who was born deaf) is just as handsome today and over the years I’ve learned a few more signs. But it’s strange, though. I made those same mistakes when we first met and although I’m fluent in ASL, now, (thanks to Michael) not a day goes by that we don’t use those same signs used in the video. The message has always seemed to get through.


  24. paul says

    I wonder if you would have posted this video if he was or unattractive (or god forbid he was wearing a shirt). The idea of the video is sweet, but doing it shirtless does nothing but add to the concept of the shallow gay man (and this website perpetuates it).

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