1. Rad says

    But it’s SARAH PALIN!!! She didn’t DESICRATE the American Flag, she IMPROVED it!

    That’s her story and the wing-nuts are stickin’ with it.

  2. Rad says

    So much for sitting this election out. People, people, people, we have to get out and vote; sure, that bus hurt every time we got pitched under it, but the world is going to hurt a lot worse if we sit back and do nothing. It’s not making a statement against broken or unkept promises; it’s keeping this level of ignorance and arrogance out of office.

    Please…. get out and vote.

  3. RONTEX says

    Rad, completely agree with you and have already early voted, it’s so much easier.
    I’m disappointed in Obama as well but the Right Wingers scare the FUCK out of me.

  4. Josh says

    Too many crazy people are going to get elected if we don’t get out and vote! Please PLEASE get out and vote!

  5. Patrick says

    You know, she’s so busy flappin’ her gums and shootin’ wolves from a helicopter that I honestly don’t believe she even NOTICED she was signing a flag… She’s my hero… no, really…

    Is it sad there is this small part of me that loves Sarah Palin for everything that she is, is not, and tries to be? 😉

  6. JH says

    After desecrating the flag, we find out she has the secret birthmark and rightfully takes her place as a true Stonecutter. Thank you Simpsons.

  7. SFNATIVE says

    “She got tired of desecrating human intelligence, so she moved on to the flag.”

    “her hair is getting quite odd looking.”

    “You know, she’s so busy flappin’ her gums…”

    I wonder if we are going to be making these same exact comments as the ones made above while we’re huddled in concentration camps due to tea-baggers taking control of our government because we cared more to bitch about our lives than do something like pushing the vote right now when we had the chance.

    Oh…I must be talking out of my ass. You all just wait and see, I promise you…

  8. Ayn Rand Woulda Loved Her says

    She just made that flag more valuable on ebay. Focus, people! It’s all about the $$$$$$.

    She’s never made any bones about it, she’s all about the money. Self interest, baby, self interest. Takin’ care of number one.

    And the more money she liberates from the idiots who idolize her the better.

  9. jamal49 says

    @ALAN BRICKMAN Flag protocol allows no desecration of the U.S. flag. Writing on it is considered a desecration. Of course, the nut-wing media will be silent about Palin’s desecration of the American flag.

  10. says

    You Americans are crazy with your flag stuff. Burning, I can understand, but a politician autographing a flag seems so… unimportant.