1. Will says

    Who the fuck is asking him to tell us “who” he sleeps with? And he’s “passionate” about DADT?? His hypocrisy is sickening.

  2. dreamfish says

    He can be open about his sexuality or he can tell people it’s none of their business because THAT’S ABSOLUTELY TRUE.

    I dislike this coercion from the community, where they have supposedly decided he has to declare his sexuality. What we’ll see now is all the gay blogs, sites and magazines effectively hounding him until he’s forced to say something. And, of course, this will be right next to another story about, say, someone who was forceably outed against their will with an editorial banging on about the importance of privacy.

  3. tony x says

    It gets so much better, I ZQ am still hiding in the closet professionally and to the public out of fear of losing cash because people may hate who I am

  4. 33mhz says

    You know what sort of gay political awareness I’d REALLY like to see from Celebrities? Talk about the value of Outness and how the willingness to represent oneself in a representative democracy is what has lead directly to the (partial) change in attitudes we’ve seen today.

    Just saying.

  5. says

    IF he’s gay. IF I saw him at Beige. And speaking of beige, this kind of colorless response went out of fashion in 1997. How do we as a community expect straight people to put themselves on the line for us if we don’t put ourselves on the line first? Why would anyone who knows him think that being gay is anything but shameful? Yes, staying in the shadows is a personal choice, just so long as you are clear that by doing so you are part of the slow progression of LGBT rights in this country. It is tacit approval of homophobia through your own internalized homophobia. But as long as you are cool with that, knock yourself out!

  6. David in Houston says

    Zachary is living in the real world. Just like Anderson Cooper, Matt Bomer, John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Queen Latifah, etc. In the real world, actors ARE blacklisted because of their sexual orientation. Especially in lead romantic roles. Their entire livelihoods are at stake. So they have every right to protect their careers by keep their personal lives private. — I’m not saying any of this is fair or right, sadly it’s just the reality of our society.

  7. Joey Y says

    You guys are making me sick. He’s got every right to want his private life kept private. Why the hell should details of ANYTHING he doesn’t do on stage or screen be your business, when at the same time gays are asking conservatives not to stick THEIR noses into our private lives? Guess what? Actor or not, it’s none of your business who he’s with, if anyone, and his job is to act, not be some kind of example for you or anyone else you know. Want young gays to have a positive role model? Stop bitching on this forum and go volunteer with gay youth groups or something, rather than expecting every fucking POSSIBLY gay person with ANY notoriety to do what you SAY you would do if you were them. Tacky bitchy queens.

  8. tweedle says

    He is obviously a tube-jumper. Shame on him for not musterng up the courage to come out.
    He is cute and hairy, two qualities. I did not realize though what a wisp of a thing he is. A few years in the gym and another 25 well-placed pounds and we can talk more seriously.

  9. gregv says

    I don’t know his story and I can’t judge his choice of discretion, which is the best choice for some people.
    He may be straight and is tired of hearing straight people deny they’re gay as if to shore up their privileged status.
    Or for all I know, he could be gay and is planning to do some humanitarian work in Haiti and fears for his life if word gets out before he returns…
    or maybe he is waiting for a Mormon great grandmother to die before he mentions he is bisexual because he knows she would spend her last month depressed over something that shouldn’t be sad and that she’d never understand anyway.

    I can think of a lot of other reasons someone might legitimately not choose to tell the press that they are straight, gay, bi or even something else (like intersexed), but there’s no reason to jump to conclusions and decide that anyone who doesn’t announce his/her orientation is both gay and cowardly.

  10. Dickster says

    @ Tony et al

    Are you willing to risk your security and career by publicly declaring your sexual orientation – especially in an industry where there is sensitivity around the issue – or is this what queers employed in high-profile positions must do?

    Quinto has chosen to be a high-profile advocate on queer issues. Let’s be grateful for our allies be they gay or STR8.

  11. says

    Celebrities are in an odd position. Most of us, if we’re out to our friends, family, and co-workers, consider ourselves out. Celebrities can be out in this way and still be considered closeted. If they are private people, I can understand the hesitation, and the fear–legitimate or not–that being publicly out will hurt their career.

    That said, it’s disappointing that Zachary reduces coming out publicly to talking about who he sleeps with. Coming out is NOT talking about who you sleep with, it’s proudly acknowledging a fundamental part of who you are. It is recognizing the dignity of who you love. The tabloids may want to know who he sleeps with, but that’s not what coming out is. Stars who refuse to come out imply there is shame in living openly and honestly, and that sends a message to young people that if you want to get ahead, you need to hide. It’s particularly strange to do an “It Gets Better” video from the closet.

  12. Will says


    “Are you willing to risk your security and career by publicly declaring your sexual orientation – especially in an industry where there is sensitivity around the issue…”

    What really made this stick in my craw was his supposed “passion” about DADT, which means he’s passionate that gay men and women should be able to publicly declare their sexual orientation in an environment where there most definitely is “sensitivity about the issue.” It’s all about having courage and integrity. Practice what you preach Zachary.

  13. Harris says

    If anyone wishes to devote time and effort to/for a “cause”, having to reveal your orientation shouldn’t be an issue. The only thing that matters is that your a human being that cares.

  14. CandL says

    Since when is being gay a “personal” or “private” issue? Being straight isn’t considered either. Wake up and smell your internalized homophobia, boys.

    For all Zach’s advocacy, his coy denial of who he is sends a clear message that being gay is shameful. Shame on him and the posters that defend the closet.

  15. gregv says

    @Will: I don’t see DADT so much about people “publicly declaring” their orientation (which brings to my mind an image at someone in the barracks with a megaphone) as it is about people being forced to hide and lie in ordinary conversations and activities.
    A lot of people have been drummed out without telling anyone they’re gay for things like being accidentally spied greeting a same-sex spouse while on leave or after having private e-mails to family intruded upon by superiors or for using the accurate pronoun in a sentence when asked about family back home.
    The supporters of DADT seem to have inaccurate and ridiculous ideas that what getting rid of DADT really means that we either want people doing things like standing on mess hall tables yelling that they’re gay (and “heterosexuals don’t do that, so why can’t gays be just as discrete?”) or demanding that soldiers be allowed to have sex with their superiors (and, again, “heterosexuals can’t do that either, so why should gays get extra rights?”
    We really need to drill home that what we’re talking about is simple free speech.

  16. Matt says

    This outness thing is a complex issue. As long as he is out there doing other positive things for the LGBT community, I don’t feel fully comfortable criticizing him merely for failing to speak the words “I am gay.” At least, not yet.

  17. KMC says

    He’s an actor who needs to be constantly looking for a job to pay the bills like everyone else. Granted it’s a very public job. How many of us actually discuss our sex lives with strangers? Our co-workers? Our employers. If you say it’s none of their business then you understand every closeted gay/lesbian actor’s predicament. There is a fine line between privacy and public disclosure. He is setting a positive example for young gay/lesbians, that’s all we really can appreciate at this time.

  18. CandL says

    That’s your problem, KMC. Being gay isn’t one’s “sex life”. No one is asking Zach if he enjoys rimming. Sheesh, you’re depressing.

  19. says

    “How many of us actually discuss our sex lives with strangers?”

    Coming out is NOT the same as discussing your sex life with strangers. Homophobes (like the ones who fired Seth Stambaugh) perpetuate this myth, but we shouldn’t. Coming out is acknowledging a fundamental part of your being–how you choose to have sex behind closed doors is another matter entirely. Celebrities do face a predicament that is different from the one most of us face (they also have a lot more privilege than most people), but publicly coming out should never be equated with blabbing your bedroom secrets.

  20. whammo says

    “He is obviously a tube-jumper. Shame on him for not musterng up the courage to come out.
    He is cute and hairy, two qualities. I did not realize though what a wisp of a thing he is. A few years in the gym and another 25 well-placed pounds and we can talk more seriously.”

    And this is one of the reasons why celebrities don’t come out.

    And, what Dreamfish said.

  21. Lexxvs says

    I don’t know why everyone must be compelled to tell his sexual orientation. Is there any identity card you are suppose to have, hidden anywhere? I mean why to take against the guy. Would we be as bitchy against a straight guy if we assume he likes to come in between his wife tits and he doesn’t tell, something that is personal, as we are with gay people just not wanting to discuss who they sleep with or come out? Just as in a rainbow of choices we can have different approaches when defending the rights to a plenty sexuality whatever it is. And let not forget that there are also bisexuals out there, why we must make them come out as something they are not? Just because we see everything in black and white? The very fact that we can be overly aggressive even against our supporters –whatever their sexuality is- shows us why many of them are afraid to identify themselves as whatever, it’s because sometimes we seem obsessive in judging every little step they make once they come out, as if they are forced to a kind of militancy. Chill out. Times are changing. Don’t waste your bullets against those who support us.

  22. John says


    Definitely a case of physician, heal thy self.

    Too bad he isn’t Dr. McCoy.

    This is all typical, self-righteous Hollywood hypocrisy though. They aren’t even half as liberal as they seem to think they are. The other causes stars in California are “really passionate” about include saving the whales from Japanese fishermen (even though they eat unsustainable sushi); restoring the Dalai Lama (even though most of them are Christian); no blood for oil (they drive a Hummer); and adopting a single African war orphan to parade in front of the press (never mind the millions who are left behind),

  23. Cyd says

    Wait, what? I thought he was out! Lol. Now that Ricky Martin and Sean Hayes have come out, this has to be the worst-kept secret in Hollywood.

  24. Jon Mitchell says

    I just saw ZQ in Angels last night and he’s a fantastic actor in an amazing production (and I saw the original, which was also astounding). People come out when they are able to, professionally and personally. What is the difference between being bullied into coming out by heterosexual jerks in high school and being bullied into coming out by self righteous people who may happen to share your sexual orientation but can’t see further than their own fingertips in regard to how others might need space, understanding and patience? There are better ways of using your energy that blasting someone who is in a profession that happens to have a high profile. Dealing with the barbs of the public in its various forms comes with an actor’s territory and you can hate on him all you want, but that doesn’t change our laws, people’s minds, or the fantastic trajectory of his career. What is the message we want to send here, “come out or you’re dead to me?” How do you reconcile that when and if they do come out? And would you rather that he stay silent about DADT and equality? Before you call hypocrisy, I suggest you examine the mote in your own eye.

  25. neverstops says

    he’s a cute guy & good actor, but this is frustrating

    it’s almost as if those with fame & notoriety are waiting for all of the “little people” to come out so it is easier for them do the same

    they want everyone else to weather the punches so they can eventually have the convenience of an acclimated society when/if they come out

    whatever – glad he made the video, but this whole “private life” cop-out that everyone with name recognition uses kinda sucks

  26. says

    Give him time, he’ll come out.

    While I’d like for as many glbt celebrities to come out as there are that exist, I don’t begrudge someone for keeping their personal life personal — so long as they’re otherwise supportive of GLBT rights and aren’t going the gay-republican route of staying closeted and taking action against glbt people.

    Are those people ‘heroes’ to the cause? Absolutely not, but not everyone’s meant to be, either. So long as they aren’t working against us, they shouldn’t be targeted. If they do work against us, though, it’s game on.

  27. Jon Mitchell says

    I agree Ryan – if they’re not part of the problem then why try to make them part of the solution. No one is an island, ZQ’s life is more than his own, as it is for all of us. NOH8 – it’s not just for heterosexuals.

  28. Hollywood, CA says

    You don’t have to tell everyone your business to support gay rights. Now, ON THE OTHER HAND, if you’re attempting to eliminate gay rights and you are yourself gay… that’s a problem.


  29. tony x says

    Sorry … this queen enjoys all the fruits of gay civil right but does not have the balls to speak out and be open about being gay

    in the black community it was called “passing” and it was rightly looked down on – as it was selfish, self serving and did not help those who could not “pass”

    …. btw anyone who does not realize he is gay already has to be deaf and blind

  30. lgamarseille says

    all these lessons of courage from anonymous mailers !
    Action is simply better than words :
    He doesn’t have to come out, he is out !

  31. Sean R says

    We must applaud Mr Quinto’s support and acting work.

    He is a fine actor who does not shy away from roles as a gay or bisexual man, and it is to be welcomed to see actors playing such roles and making same-sex intimacy more visible to others, and we should praise his efforts as an ally in speaking up for LGBT teens who are vulnerable. whether he is actually gay or not, is not my business. Unless he wants to share details of his personal life with his many fans, he has every right to privacy, as we don’t actually own him like an Ipod! We should always support actors who are allies of equality.

    But does anyone else see that the toxic ‘is he/ isn’t he gay’ gossip is a close cousin to the pressure placed on young GLBT people that we all condemn elsewhere? I am happy to be a fan, and nothing more. Love his interpretation of Spock, very brave to take on and be successful with an iconic role.

    On the gay actor issue, I feel that the reality – for the moment – is that many LGBT actors cannot live openly, for fear of losing their entire careers. Whether this includes Mr Quinto is not the issue, but surely, we need to focus more on making heads of TV studios etc., practice what they preach, by which I mean it is hypocrital of “them” to peddle movies and tv shows at us with tolerant fictional portrayals of LGBT people – which we do love and ‘consume’ – when Hollywood’s employment practices and attitudes to LGBT minorities are less than exemplary at times and can also destroy lives.

  32. jeff in la says

    If it’s a secret, it’s an OPEN secret. He certainly isn’t IN the closet. But whatever.

  33. chadnnocal says

    Your allegation that Zachary Quinto is a bad example for not coming out is irritating. The fact that he did the It Gets Better video for Trevor Project, is to help others in a dark hour, is an act of humanity. It is mean spirited for gay people call him to justice, when you don’t know his circumstances.

  34. ERB says

    YOU PEOPLE (gays who demand that everyone else wear their sexuality on their sleeves) need to understand that other gays, prominent or not, do not owe YOU anything. AND YET, zachary quinto is so supportive of our plight in doing all that he has PUBLICLY. sometimes a person does not need to announce their personal information on the record and they can STILL suffer the negative consequences of being openly gay, such as in this situation. people assume things, and a suggestion is all it takes to turn someone against you…hence the bullied straight kids who are assumed to be gay for whatever reason. everyone is entitled to THEIR OWN LIFE.

    just like those against gay marriage stick their nose into our business and feel that they should be entitled to determining whether or not we should be allowed to marry, you’re putting YOUR NOSE in his business, as if your right is to determine how he lives his life.

    shut the hell up

  35. GregV says

    “Well a straight mans answer to “are you gay”? is “No, I’m not”.”

    That’s a common answer (and it’s the answer we’ve gotton from the likes of Liberace and Tom Cruise along with million-dollar lawsuits for suggesting they might be gay).

    But it’s definitely not the only answer, nor is it the most well-considered answer.

    I’d rather hear the more intelligent and compassionate straight guys like Brad Pitt or Tom Hanks answer something like:
    “Why does an employer or a movie viewer or a tabloid reader need to know whether I’m gay, straight or bi? I have no interest in having some prejudiced casting director let me beat proud and out gay guys for some role by answering personal questions that shouldn’t affect any performer’s prospects.”

    When Alec Baldwin said last week, “Why do people keep saying I’m straight?” I thought that was great!

    The day that every straight actor or singer is willing to cast doubt on his orientation in order to support the ideal of equality, we will have come a long way.

  36. Ealan says

    Quinto has done plenty as an ally to the lGBT community to be considered “good people”. He doesn’t deserve this. He has clearly drawn a line in the sand- he said he values his privacy and he’s not budging on that just We as a community have plenty of “role models” to look up to (and if we’re smart we’ll stop looking for life examples in celebrities). It won’t kill us to let this man come out(if he’s even gay at all!!)in his own time.

  37. Ross says

    Why are any of us wasting energy being upset with a man who’s very visibly portraying gay characters on TV and on stage? As opposed to the stories we’ve heard of actors who wouldn’t “dare” play the gay roles in Brokeback, etc. Zachary is a vocal advocate of gay rights. We need more visible celebrities like him. If he’s gay, I’m sure he’ll come out in his own time. It’s not like he’s out there getting engaged to female celebrities in arranged relationships set up by his PR rep. Now THAT’S something to get upset by, and there are plenty of closeted celebs who do that. But someone who’s getting positive messages out there? Let’s not become our own bullies. Quinto’s fanbase from Star Trek and Heroes is predominantly heterosexual and his support of the Trevor Project and other gay causes will do a lot more to open peoples hearts and minds than any of the bullies on this comment thread will do.

  38. mcNnyc says

    Sounds like a Michael Urie all over again…
    But this time he’s not doing Ugly Betty he CHOSE to work on this project knowing full well the limelight…sorry folks… let’s just say he he doesn’t have the courage…yes the COURAGE and DIGNITY at this time of his life.
    I feel sorry for him.
    I could care less about his work at this time.

  39. John says

    [Int. Situation Room, White House]


    Now, gentlemen, I know you have reservations about repealing DADT. But I am determined to see this through. And you don’t have to take my word for it.

    (gestures to shadowy figure to come in)

    Listen to this closeted Hollywood star instead. He will teach you about the virtues of allowing gay soldiers to serve openly in the military. Even though his publicist has convinced him being out in Hollywood is an unacceptable risk. And the situation in Afghanistan is probably a lot more complicated than Hollywood.


    Anyway, I am off to Paris with Michelle and kids.


    We aren’t doing casting for a comedy. It might help if the self-anointed activist for repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell in the NY Times isn’t the poster boy for not asking and telling. The generals, not to mention the public at-large, might view that as a bit of a mixed message.

  40. Brian says

    That’s a cheap shot, Towle. Coming out is a deeply personal and possibly painful thing, and no one owes anybody their coming out except to themselves and to their loved ones. If Quinto were Mehlmann that might be different, but he’s clearly on the side of equality for all. If we’re clear about rights for LGBT, then those rights are inherent in and of themselves. Having equality as US citizens has absolutely nothing to do with the rights of others who advocate for us to the right to their privacy. If you insist others come out as a political statement, then you’ve missed the point of coming out.

  41. Chris says

    Meh, don’t be too hard on him.
    I think it’s not so much he’s in the closet and scared, as he’s a typical hypocritical liberal Hollywood douchebag.

    “Boundries are very important to me”, he says.

    Er, I’ve seen his kitchen, bedroom, car, know about his cat & dog, his fashion taste, his PC views, his nutty notion that dressing up and pretending for a living somehow is important. He yammers on about being eco friendly, yet he trapsed across the globe on a private jet to promote a scifi movie- where he pretended to be an alien. I know he voted & campaigned for Obama. He guzzles Starbucks coffee. He’s into yoga, not sports. He ditched his faith for something more Zen. And I learned all this from HIM. He yaks about his views, friends, life, all the time. Boundries? On his life? Er, I don’t think so. Not from HIM.
    He is clearly a gay man- great for him, no big deal. If he truly wanted to make a difference to those poor youngsters who are in SERIOUS need of a guidance, I’m sure there are better ways than some video. But- that’s up to him. He reads lines for a living, so maybe that’s all he wants to do. Hopefully, it helped someone out.

    It’s not his unwillingness to be a public gay role model that irks me about him. It’s his total hypocrisy, in everything that he does. He makes a plea to stop the bullying of GLT kids (which is a good thing)- yet had NO PROBLEM with starring in and promoting “Hostage: A Love Story. Wonder how he would have felt if the plot was a gay man that had been terrorized (if you saw it, you know what I’m talking about)- and then- WAS SHOT AND KILLED AT THE END! Oh, the humor in that! Oh, wait, that’s mean. In fact, it’s a homophobic hate crime! Well, since it was just a woman who was killed- that’s OK. It’s irony. And funny. Ha, ha.

    You can HAVE Mr. Quinto. Ugh.

    Please know that some of us are teaching our kids about respect towards ALL, and it’s working. Please know that not everyone has hatred and malice in their hearts. Dr. King talked about content of character. Some of us in the real world still believe that and are doing more than making YouTube videos about it. There are great things happening to build real bridges- keep the faith.

    If you are looking toward this Hollywood lib to be your torch bearer- hmmm, I’d pick another guy. This one just seems like he swallowed too much lefto Kool-Aid.

  42. Gabe R L says

    Chris, much of what you said seems so ridiculous; you’re clearly struggling to say anything negative about Quinto that you can just out of spite because he does not wish to make public statement of his possible gayness. More childish gay male behaviour.

  43. Gerry says

    I’m with the folks that believe that to be “out” means being honest about who we are to our family and friends. We owe that to them. Neither Zachary nor you and I owe the media and the “Entertainment Tonight” audience a damn thing.

    The problem for the media is that, aside from having a nice “Actor Comes Out” headline for a week, they write about who celebs are dating, etc.. They want to write about who he is seeing, but they have to choose words carefully until they have confirmation orientation issue. So you get the Ricky Martin / Adam Lambert situation where everyone with eyeballs and a brain knows that so-and-so is gay, but the papers can’t say it. So, as far as the media is concerned, someone one is closeted until there’s a press release and they are free to write.

    But I think Quinto is right, it ain’t their business, so the NYT can suck it.

  44. anna says

    Zachary Quinto is in the middle of his 30ies and not neccesarily known for his superb acting-abilities, but for his cute performance as a sexy villain in “heroes” he would immediately destroy what he has left of an acting-career if he came out. Be realistic!

    The big majority of his fans are girls, what are they supposed to dream about – a gay Sylar? A gay Mr. Spock?
    This is not necessarily a question of cowardice, it is a simple question of numbers: there are so many many more girls who will buy a ticket for Zachary´s next movie than there are gay men! For a guy like him, it is either being successful or being gay, there just aren´t enough boys to make him famous! Me for example, a grownup woman who – in real life – doesn´t give a damn if someone is gay or straight, would rather see a straight man in a romantic role, that´s just how it is. I can´t help it. Don´t be too hard on the guy, what is he supposed to do? Lose his audience? At least he doesn´t lie about the whole thing.

    forgive my english, not my native tongue.

  45. BarreBalletCMU says

    Zach is bisexual and dating his costar Zoe Kazan. Being a bisexual man is probably very difficult and Zach has to be careful.