Get Better Soon, Pam!


Our friend and fellow blogger Pam Spaulding, who runs the wonderful blog Pam's House Blend, is undergoing major surgery today (info here) and is going to be on unpaid leave from her second job to recover, and we just wanted to send our love and support her way. 

I know that plenty of Towleroad readers also appreciate Pam's unrelenting advocacy for issues we care about. I know she would appreciate not only your wishes but any donations you could send her way (PayPal here, or via the button on her site) as this month is sure to be not only trying, but costly.

Get better soon, Pam! Love, Andy, Mike and Towleroad

You can donate something via snail mail with a check made out to Pam Spaulding and send it to:

Pam’s House Blend
105 West Hwy 54, Suite 265,
Box #113,
Durham, NC 27713


  1. Bill says

    Even if you’re not a regular reader of the Blend, I hope you appreciate all that this amazing woman does to advance the cause of LGBT equality.

    Considering how many people are here every day, I’d hope you don’t sit on your wallets on this one, I can’t think of a person more deserving of our support. I for one can’t and sent a little love her way.

  2. Tony O says

    I’m sorry but Pam Spaulding is a one-sided angry lesbian and her support of GetEQUAL and the two crazy “hunger strikes” this year mean she doesn’t get it.

    We shouldn’t support her irrational anger and one dimensional website.

  3. John W. says

    Why does the term “one-sided angry lesbian” strike me as being from the last century?

    Donation made — small as it may be, from my retirement income — for someone in need.

    And a big juicy raspberry to Tony O.

  4. FunMe says

    I just LOVE Pam and the work she does for GLBT equality. I send her much love and well wishes.

    People like Pam are the ones doing the work many of us love to be doing. ACTIVISIM at its best!

  5. JT says

    I don’t care for her either. Typical gay-ghetto non-thinking mindset. Remember her fiasco with supporting John Edwards and trying to get that man-hater Amanda Marcotte to move to N.C.? But I don’t hate her enough to wish her physical harm, of course, so let’s wish her the best. Any surgery sucks to go through.

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