Late Night Election Results Open Thread

Thanks to everyone who joined our live blog tonight. A few key race results here. For those of you still up late night, feel free to use this as an open thread. I'll be back up in the morning (perhaps a little later start than usual).


  1. Tyler says

    It might sound weird, but in a time of extreme Republican movement, only losing the Iowa judges in a 55% majority isn’t terrible at all, especially considering it was a vote against same-sex marriage.

  2. Jesus says

    There’s a saying in Japanese that says one finds their greatest strength in the darkest of times. I’ll keep this in mind moving forward. Better to light a candle than curse the darkness.

  3. Stephen says

    @Tyler, while I would agree with you to some extent I don’t think the, well it was close argument, is very consoling in this case. Even if just 10% of Iowans thought it was OK to vote judges out of office because they didn’t like their opinion, I would be disappointed. Undermining an independent Judiciary is despicable on any level and it is even worse that it actually happened.

  4. Tyler says

    Oh no, I agree. I was finding silver lining in the fact that in a huge Republican wave during midterms, they could only muster up a 55% vote when they can’t even vote on same-sex marriage till at least 2014 (or is it 2016)?

  5. Timzilla says

    The Chronicle is calling it for Cooley in the California AG race—looks like Prop. 8 may go all the way to the SCOTUS after all.

  6. says

    The Fourth Reich has taken the House of Reps. Of course, they’ve been running Congress for the last two years anyway. We can forget all about DADT getting repealed, and kiss federal marriage equality goodbye.

    We’ll get a chance to see what Obama is really made of as he faces the new and increasedly psychopathic Congress. Alas, I’m afraid we’ve already been shown what Obama is made of — hot air and empty promises.

  7. nick says

    No help is coming from Barry.
    He wasn’t and isn’t and never will be on the side of fairness and equality for gay people-he as much as said that before he was canonized. Having fought for over 40 years for equality- this is a dark day-not our darkest-but a dark day and it will take a very long time for equality to be realized. Just glad that I wasn’t a believer in Barry to be a “fierce advocate”-that diminishes the disappointment of the election of John of Orange and his fellow bandits.

  8. Jay says

    Progress…meet wall…

    If you thought there was obstructionism in the last 18 months, you ain’t seen nothing yet…

    Just remember the Republican motto, “Hell know you can’t!”.