1. Wes says

    I think that is his voice, unlike ‘Breaking News’. Although, there isn’t really a whole lot of it, and I don’t really care for Akon. As a whole, better than ‘Breaking News’ but still very meh IMO. And I like Michael Jackson.

  2. says

    We’re only got Michael singing “Hold my hand” from an out take. This that enough for a song?

    Sure, we’ll boot up the Duet Master 2010™, they’ll never know the difference.

    Wow, with that, we can take single phrases and produce hundreds of songs….

    You’re learning my boy, you’re learning.

  3. fern says

    I kind of find it cool this song is about two men holding hands, with a cover photo to boot. Can’t remember that happening before. I love this. I liked breaking news too but primarily because it reminded of Michael’s “history” era sound.

  4. Igor says

    Booooring….Also kinda sick of artists branding songs like designer bags. “Akon and MJ”, “It’s Britney, bitch” etc. Just sing the damn song, we are aware whose name we see in iTunes store..

  5. el polacko says

    it’s been decades since jackson had a decent song..and his ‘sound’ froze back then. it’s all very tired. the guy is dead. maybe it’s time to stop trying to wring every last penny out of him…are ya listening greedy mom, greedy dad, and all you greedy siblings??

  6. BARBARA says

    I think AKON deserves to get some of the credit for this BEAUTIFUL SONG! He,as did many others, worked on songs with MICHAEL over the latter part of MJ’S life! This music MICHAEL did in the last album-MICHAEL- was done in the basement of the family-CASIO’S who for 25 yrs. kept him secret from the public. They were his “second” family. The son, EDDIE, was taught how to play many instuments, write songs, produce etc…by MICHAEL. This music was partly produced by him! I firmly believe MJ left all those songs + others to the CASIO family on purpose, because he LOVED them WITH ALL HIS HEART for everything they did for him. In turn, they all LOVED him with ALL THEIR HEARTS!!! I happen to really LOVE THIS ALBUM & THIS SONG-“HOLD MY HAND”