News: Kye Allums, Atlanta Eagle, Dolphins, Project Runway

Road Obama vs. Boehner: a preview.

RoadUgandan paper gets court order to stop outing alleged homosexuals.

Allums RoadKye Allums to take court as NCAA Division 1's first publicly transgender player: "Allums grew up in the small town of Hugo, Minn., a half hour north of Minneapolis. Head coach Mike Bozeman scheduled the tournament appearance as a homecoming for him, long before he transitioned to male. The junior guard’s inaugural game identifying as a man will also be the first time he has played in front of his hometown crowd."

RoadWHYYYYY?: Tim Gunn explains how Project Runway chose its winner this year.

Road MTV apologizes for transphobic Jersey Shore segment, says it will re-edit future encores.

RoadAtlanta Eagle lawyers want city fined and billed for cost of destroying records related to bar raid: "The Eagle’s lawyers noted that the city acknowledged records were deleted but offered no reason for the destruction or a way of retrieving the information that has been requested in a federal lawsuit filed against APD and Atlanta government."

RoadDennis Quaid is a shirtless Jersey Shore guido.

Sandy RoadNew York interior designer and hate crime victim Michael Sandy remembered at Plumb Beach, where he was killed.

Road Susan Boyle signs on Glee's dotted line.

RoadRainbow sash-wearing Catholics denied Communion in St. Paul, Minnesota.

RoadTom Cruise dangles on giant phallus.

RoadRussian Orthodox Church condemns decision by European Court of Human Rights ordering payment of compensation for banning gay pride parades: "The decision made in Strasbourg essentially constitutes violence against the feelings and morals of the majority of [Russian] society. That will hardly help achieve the stated purpose to cultivate tolerance and achieve accord, mutual understanding and peaceful co-existence."

RoadNYC East Village co-op a rent haven for well-to-do lesbians

Dolphin RoadAncient 'balloon head' dolphin identified.

RoadWoman sells letter from Obama that says "things will get better" in order to pay for her mortgage and health care.

RoadVermont Supreme Court upholds ruling in lesbian custody case: "…the court upheld a 2009 order giving Janet Jenkins sole custody of Isabella Miller-Jenkins. It rejected an appeal by attorneys for biological mother Lisa Miller. Jenkins is from Fair Haven, Vt. Miller is from Forest, Va. They were joined in a civil union in Vermont in 2000. Their daughter has been the subject of a long-running legal fight."

RoadD.C. leads nation in gay male households, Massachusetts in lesbian households, according to Census Bureau data: "Overall, there were 581,300 gay-couple-headed households in the United States in 2009, the National Center for Marriage & Family Research (NCMFR) said in this month's Family Profiles report, citing data from the 2009 American Community Survey (ACS). This is somewhat smaller than the 594,391 same-sex couples identified in the 2000 census, but potential misclassifications mean "these differences should be interpreted with caution," the NCMFR report said."


  1. says

    Best part of the Orthodox Church diatribe: “calls on the Russian state to reconsider the forms of participation in international treaties related to human rights.”

  2. gregv says

    Re: Jersey Shore: Ironic that they would belittle someone for being trans (“If you have to think about it, it’s a tranny — stay away!”) after one of the guys in the clip just recorded a message a week or so ago saying specifically that one thing you would never see any of them doing is belittling someone because they are transgendered.

    Re: Census data on gay couples: The stats for the District of Columbia become even more dramatic regarding males when you break down the numbers by sex and l
    ook specifically at men.
    The numbers given would indicate:

    For every 69 single men in DC who is coupled with a woman, there are 52 men who are coupled with a man.

    Or we could also say, looking at it differently, that for every 69 DC single men who are part of an opposite-sex couple, there are (of course) 69 single women in an opposite-sex couple and there are 62 individuals who are members of a same-sex couple.

    That means that, looking at it in the first way I phrased it, among (federally-defined) “single” men in DC, among those who are coupled, nearly half have girlfriends and nearly half have boyfriends/husbands.

    Or, looking at it the second way I crunched it, coupled “unmarried” people in DC are split nearly evenly into thirds as: women in straight relationships, men in straight relationships, and people in gay relationships.

  3. says

    The Federal judge in Atlanta should have the US Marshals Service arrest the police chief and city manager, then ask them these two questions: “Did you bring a toothbrush?” and “Would you prefer General Population or Administrative Segregation?”

    The “missing” evidence would magically reappear within a few hours. Guaranteed.