Reports That Pelosi Wants Lame Duck ENDA Vote ‘Not True’

Yesterday, Politico posted a report that Nancy Pelosi wants a vote on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act in the lame duck session of Congress:

Pelosi "As Democrats discuss what, if anything, they can deliver to the base in the lame-duck session, one possibility may be the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, seen by many as the easiest lift among various pieces of stalled gay rights legislation. My colleague Jonathan Allen reports that Speaker Nancy Pelosi talked about wanting to do ENDA on a leadership conference call today. Pelosi didn't set a timeline, but Allen's source said she appears to want a vote before the lame-duck session ends."

The Washington Blade says that just isn't true:

A gay rights activist with the connections to the speaker’s office, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said a blog posting in Politico on Thursday reporting that Pelosi wants a vote on ENDA before lawmakers adjourn for the year is “not true.”

“The speaker brought it up during a leadership call in a list of unfinished bills, and all of the sudden, it got leaked out as she is going to bring this to a vote by the end of the year,” the activist said. “Whoever did leak that took it completely out of context.”

The activist said the speaker didn’t mention “anything else that would have implied she was foretelling a vote by the end of the session.”

Drew Hammill, a Pelosi spokesperson, said “no decisions” have been made on any legislative items for lame duck.


  1. Fenrox says

    Cue everyone bashing on Pelosi.

    I mean after all, she and the dems and Obama are all bad, all the time, and they hate us, and our freedoms. And there is no reason to think that the other side of the table is doing anything to make it next to impossible to get clear answers on anything. Nope, its just Pelosi and the dems and obama are bad.

    THAT said, Way to cite a source Blade, next time just say friend of a friend.

  2. says

    For CRIPE SAKE! The DEMS still hold MAJORITY through the END OF THE YEAR!!! MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! Come on, already! No one has been sworn in yet!

    Jesus! They behave like they’ve been lame ducks since 2008!

  3. Ken says

    @Fenfox, Pelosi and the Democrats need to be bashed, two years in power and they failed to deliver on any of their major promises to the gay community. No one thinks the Republicans will be any better, but the Democrats needed to be held accountable.

  4. Fenrox says

    @Ken, Yeah they do need some bashing. But face it, things are more complicated than we realize. People need to hold them accountable but not be unreasonable.

    I would love if after this whole debacle we get some actual procedure reform in congress, because it needs to be easier.

  5. fuckoff says

    @fenrox The goddamn democrats were elected with the promise that they would do something for us. They haven’t. In fact, they’ve dug us a bigger hole in some parts of this country. So if those of us (yes, myself included) that did the work to get these clowns elected are angry (on the promise that they would fucking do something for us), it is rightfully so. Take your self-inflicting anger elsewhere, asshole.