1. FizziekruntNT says

    wheee. Adam Lambert’s a real rock ‘n’ rolla. wooo. Typical journalism. C’mon. Let us know when he pee’s in his pants and falls over drunk on stage.

  2. ratbastard says

    This is 2010. 29 grams or less is decriminalized where I live. Everybody 60 years of age and younger has smoked weed and/or been around people who do. Now Lambert snorting dope, shooting up,sucking on a crack pipe, chasing the dragon…shit, never mind. It’s all passe in the fall of 2010.

  3. Red says

    I am so sick and tired of gay men cutting down their own, while complaining about the lack of visible gay men in the spotlight. To all bitchy gays; Please feel free to step away from the computer, go into the real world and become the star and the beacon of gayness for all of us.

  4. IAN F says

    I get a kick out of the fact that a kid from American Idol smoked a joint and kissed a dude in what looks like a former church.
    I don’t think he was trying to be edgy so much as goofy. You catch him laughing at himself after he does something ridiculous.

  5. anastasia beverhausen says

    @Ian F.
    ‘Paradiso’ here in Amsterdam is indeed a former church and a legendary venue. Everyone played here, from the Stones to Prince etc. I was a bit stupefied to see a former contestant of American Idol programmed here but whatever. Most people just had to laugh and cheer a bit. But honestly it’s sooooooooo boring to see American artists trying be raw and edgy and smoke a joint on stage here in Paradiso, in a country where its legal.

  6. nicholasg says

    If he’s attempting to familiarise audiences with man to man action – as in the kiss – for the greater good, then fine. If he’s just doing it – and smoking a spliff – to gain rock and/or roll cred then yawn…

  7. ratbastard says

    But honestly it’s sooooooooo boring to see American artists trying be raw and edgy and smoke a joint on stage here in Paradiso, in a country where its legal.



    The times I was in Amsterdam the problem wasn’t obnoxious, goofy American kids…it was loud, obnoxious, drunk, goofy British kids, Germans, other Euros. The Americans actually tend to be the tamest and most polite of the bunch.

    And there are many locales in the U.S. where marijuana isn’t a big deal unless you’re a big dealer, even decriminalized for personal use. Personal amounts have been decriminalized next door to me in the State of Maine for example since the 1970’s. My state decriminalized less than 30 grams.

  8. SMB says

    God, as someone who has loved and advocated for gays my entire life, this place is a cesspool of sick bullying and hatred. You make me frustrated that I struggle to teach children (and adults) not to judge and hate. You get an exceptionally talented courageous person who is not taking crap from any side (including you haters, I might add) and all’s you can do is sit there and ridicule? And oh, geeze, call a 6’1″ 170-lb man fat? Really? Pathetic.

  9. sad says

    Gay bullying and hatred will abide when gays stop bulling their own.

    Sad day in progress.

    When the ones who get the hate are more hateful and vicious at giving it out.

  10. Bad Boy, Bad Boy says

    He doesn’t have the edginess of a Jim Morrison, but I like it that he tries to be a bad boy, even if everyone knows he’s not. And now in Florida Gov. Crist has forgiven Jim Morrison for his ancient indiscretions! Christ, Crist, what are you doing!

  11. what I'm sick of says

    I’m sick of you gay guys whining and complaining about Adam Lambert who is one of the best secret weapons that ever happened for your community.

    You’re just like the israelites wandering around the desert for 40 years for being ungrateful.

    For the person who whined, “please tell me he’s on his 14th minute,” Will you please learn how to count you dumb mofo.

  12. what I'm sick of says

    @Jay, DUH! If the rapper smoked a joint on stage in Amsterdam where it’s legal like Adam did, I don’t think he’d be arrested.

    I didn’t know gay people were Sarah Palin followers. You darn sure have the aptitude she has.

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  14. allyr says

    With any luck,DADT & ENDA will fail, SCOTUS will rule against marriage equality, and you hateful irrelevant bullies can all have something to really bitch about instead of trashing a talented and kind person who’s foolish enough to think he could get away with being a singer.

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