1. patrick nyc says

    I was hoping the bear would attack a honey covered Palin tied to a tree. That’s what I call a happy ending, my kind of ‘morning in America’. You betcha.

  2. Ben says

    I dislike her as much for who she is as for how well she does what she does. That’s a VERY effective ad. Devoid of any context, content or real information. It trafficks in explicit and subtle emotional cues to achieve its desired impact.

    Ugh. Still, I wouldn’t piss up her ass if her guts were on fire.

  3. says

    she’s going to run and if things continue the way they are she has a really good shot at winning.
    boehner is going to eat obama alive if he doesn’t grow a pair. hopefully things will be different in two years.

  4. says

    Amazing how some video montage, well edited voice over and the appropriate music can make anything, including this narrow minded Bitch look like something she’s not, a political leader. Politics, it’s all about smoke and mirrors.

  5. says

    She does not have a very good shot at winning. It would be a landslide for Obama. She appeals to only those who were featured in that ad. That is most definitely not 51% of the voting block.

  6. says

    Because narcissistic empty-headed crazy people going rogue are just what this country needs!

    She is effective at provocatively stringing together clichés her rabid base wants to hear–and earning big $ by spouting them–she won’t last long on the campaign trail. As a presidential candidate she would get as far as Christine O’. The Republican establishment won’t let it happen, since they know what a disaster she’d be in the general election.

  7. Adam Mathias says

    I would love it if she ran. The primary would be a bloody mess and it would split the Republicans from the TP. Can you imagine what would happen if she runs against Newt? He would eat her alive.

  8. jerry says

    Only going to appeal to those who already support her. Since the repubs and teapeers preferred policies historically lead to higher unemployment (and under-employment) and bigger deficits and less services at the local level, a fair number of her supporters will be crying “foul” come 2012 and looking for somebody else to fix the mess.

  9. Matt26 says

    @Mr West, she really says. Does it mean she cannot read?
    @Adam Mathias, interesting, chaotic, but sad to see her run for the nomination.
    Question: Would majority of US citizens like to live in the country where she is leader? I still believe the answer is they don’t.

  10. Eddie says

    It is a very effective ad, I can imagine my family being gleefully cowed by every image and beat on the screen. I agree whole-heartedly that Palin would never make it through a Primary in one piece, and that the Republican Party would be torn up in the process. It’s gonna be fun!

  11. Mark B says

    Further to MattB’s post – another very good question is – Can anyone in their right mind outside the USA imagine her as the most powerful leader in the world?

  12. kevin says

    never underestimate your enemies. that is a great commercial. if rob ford can win the race for mayor in toronto using nothing but catch phrases – so can palin! “stop the gravy train” – you betcha! (now someone please ensure that this person does not end up with the keys to the nukes please …)

  13. says

    Ironic that she uses a bear in the ad as she opposed giving the Polar Bear (Ursus marinus) Endangered status as it may affect Alaska’s Oil Drilling future.

    If this jingoistic, trigger-happy muppet ever becomes the US President, it will be time for all the sane people to relocate to Mars…

  14. says

    The 2010 election established that Sarah Palin has now passed her sell-by date. She couldn’t even deliver her home state for Joe Miller. Her darling “mama grizzly” Sharon was whupped in moderate Nevada after being ahead in the polls. The witch was burned at the stake in moderate Delaware. She was the kiss of death in California. Sure, some of her “endorsed” candidates won, but they won in safe districts where she made no appearances. The more visible she was in a candidate’s campaign, the worse that candidate did.

    She has become the Al Sharpton of the GOP — polarizing and annoying noise from a clueless narcissist who any sensible candidate realizes is political poison.

  15. says

    It would be such fun for her to run…….she’s as near illiterate as makes no difference…….
    Think of all those questions she will fumble with Chaney/Rove having a hand up her ass to make her mouth move.

  16. says

    I did notice she didn’t feature Americans who really ARE part of her family—there were no people with Down’s Syndrome or unwed pregnant teenagers.

    Of course, having seen her daugther perform on Dancing with the Stars, I can understand why she was cut…

  17. ted says

    Has anyone here actually listened to the woman? Just exactly what is your hatred of her based on? You call her bitch, clueless, ad nauseum. You run down her family and show yourselves to be utterly classless pseudo-radicals that can only tear her down without offering anything substantive yourselves. She is not anti-gay and apparently you think she is passe because she loves this country and everything about it that made it great. When she becomes commander in chief, you will see and EXPANSION of your freedoms. You will have more social liberty, monetary security, and a backbone in the whitehouse. But waiiiiit. Maybe if you keep kissing Obama’s ass, he will write that executive order he promised. Be sure to wipe it with lots of your dollars, too. In the meantime drop the sophmoric rants and criticize her based on merit, not your puerile political fantasies.

    The ad is not devoid of information by the way; It shows a montage of people actually doing something. WORKING, for example, real jobs. Maybe there were not enough shots of turds sitting around computer screens pissing and moaning because they don’t got their rights yet.

    Re: unemployment – that is an outright lie. Unemployment went down during Reagan, and thand to the Immacualte One Obamadinejad, it is skyrocketing.

  18. says

    Oh, please, TED. Are you from GOProud or just a troll? She IS anti-gay. On record as anti-gay, and her supporters are anti-gay zealots. And she is NEVER going to become commander in chief of anything besides a reality TV show or a FAUX-news talk show. Anyone who thinks she is going to become president or loves her country more than her self and the cash she’s raking in is beyond Delusional. The only thing she’s accomplished at is getting attention.

  19. TANK says

    TED’s not a troll, but maybe a member of goproud…if it’s worth making the distinction. but above all, ted is a moron, and unworthy of consideration for more than this sentence.

    I loved this. GO SARAH! SARAH 2012! It would be great if she were the gop candidate…and I mean that. It would be like the lottery. WOOHOOO MAMA GRISLY!

  20. Andrew Glenn says

    I find her aggravating and I don’t even live in the U.S. anymore… Can we just stop putting her on tv and talking about her so she crusts up and flakes off like a scab?

    That being said the logger and military pilot were both hot. damn her.

  21. wimsy says

    This thing is almost as vague as “Yes We Can.” It means whatever you want it to mean.

    Americans will jump at anything.