1. Mike says

    This is the best I’ve seen from Ed Schultz. I hope he keeps hammering home this point as the Republicans are ready to TRY to kill healthcare reform. I’m a Type I Diabetic and cannot get health insurance. My insulin is $300 a month. I have to reuse insulin syringes. We need to fight the Republicans and keep healthcare reform in place!

  2. Paul says

    Fantastic point Ed. These stupid people who want health care reform repeal want to see a shrink (except their insurance definitely won’t cover it and they won’t be able to afford to). What a bunch of idiots.

  3. CKNJ says

    Right on, keep up the good fight, Ed… in fact, intensify it! Let’s hammer so hard on these assholes that they wake up every morning with a headache! The GOP victory in Congress was not deserved because it was bought by corporations. I think we should take a long hard look at Justice Roberts for pissing on true Democracy in this Country with his Conservative Cabal’s “Citizens United” ruling! I think it’s an impeachable offense!

  4. Timzilla says

    There’s no crying in politics. We never saw Nancy cry.

    Boehner was just tearful at the birth of a new nation: The United Corporations of America. All hail and pledge allegiance to our corporate Overlords, slaves.

  5. TANK says

    Who’s the guy who said, “Love you, John…”? If you listen really closely, you can faintly make out a, “no homo,” but given the number of closet cases in the republican party, we know that that’s not true.

    Ed Shultz is entertaining, but is also part of the reason why cable news isn’t.

    Citizens united v fec is one of the biggest threats to democracy we’ve faced as a nation–under the education gap. It’s just going to get worse. I don’t think most people comprehend what a threat it is, unfortunately. It can’t be underestimated in undermining the viability of the election process.

  6. mike says

    Funny, I thought Boehner teared up because the Jim Beam went down the wrong way. Who knew? I think he’s going to need a better make-up handler, though. His nose looks like it’s ready to burst into a bouquet of “gin blossoms”.

    Sigh. From Nancy Pelosi, serious and focused on getting the peoples’ business done, to John Boehner, a two-faced, back-stabbing, chain-smoking alcoholic who will happily bend right over and take it like a man every time his corporate sugar daddies tell him to do so.

    Only in America….

  7. topsyturvy says

    Can you imagine the RIDICULE from FUXNews if a Democrat had gotten teary the way Boehner did?

    Come on Boehner, Man Up!

  8. DAVID says

    Can “Botox Nancy” cry! Maybe if she did show some emotion then people would not hate her so much.