1. GJ says

    I cannot imagine what those who are against the repeal of DADT could manage to express, honestly, and I stress honestly, their views if they were to sit across a table in public view, say CSPAN and on the record, a denial that this man is unable and unworthy of serving his country honestly and openly as who he is at his core, as any other man or woman who happens to be heterosexual. I simply do not understand.

  2. Jerome says

    This video clip needs to go viral on YouTube people. He gave so much of himself for us, this would cost you nothing but, it would show him so much. He’s out there again, fighting the media circus for us, and he really doesn’t have to lift a finger for anyone, anymore. This is what a hero looks and sounds like.

  3. says

    Way back in the 70’s the osi would go undercover into the gay clubs and search out anyone that looked like they were gay and in the military…gays lived in fear of being found out and discharged. This was a horrible feeling, you trusted few with your truth. It was so sad I cut my Air Force career short..Got an Honorable Discharge, Enlisted in the Army reserve for another six years total military time 11 years. There have always been Gays in the military and always will be. How sad is the country that puts more importance on who or how we Love, rather than wanting to serve our country. Don’t talk to me about honor, truth or personal integrity…to hear john mc cain tell it only the straight service member has these qualities. the second class citizen, forced to hide from everything but a bullet…You have to wonder how may straight men have been saved by another gay service member…Land of the free for some…always home of the brave..always..stand your your truth…stand firm in your conviction.

  4. says

    how’s it going.. I’m not sure I always concur with everything on your site.. but I always appreciate your posts regardless. I’m sure I’ll find myself back to your blog again. This isn’t the first time a bing search has landed me here

  5. kodiak says

    What a great guy. I was thinking about my straight male friends, how we joke around, how relaxed we are around each other, extend mutual respect to each other, and so on. My being gay doesn’t seem to be an issue.
    i’m sure it’s the same in the military among the recruits. People react against the idea of homosexuality, but realize that the gay person they get to know just isn’t that different from themselves.
    Fear is the issue here. And the striving for power and control.

  6. says

    What a modest, self effacing and beyond brave American…
    This is the type of character I think of as being American;
    not the ignorance of the Sarah Palins, not the treachery of the McCains, not the hatred of the so called born again Christians………just the loyal, dedication of regular unbiased, unbigoted, fair minded people.
    On this day, God bless Americans like you Staff Sgt.Alva.

  7. jon says

    Amazing story and amazing guy. Great spokesman. Haven’t seen/heard of him and his story before.

    …and Chris Matthews was at an HRC dinner? And admitted to it? Cool.

    Chris get’s it right: “your orientation”

  8. D.R.H. says

    That’s your contribution Nikko? “What the hell’s wrong with his voice?” What the hell’s wrong with your momma’s vag for puking you out?

  9. Rick says

    That Minnie Mouse voice is awful. Obviously he is a bottom and to hear that squeal would be horrendous.

  10. Matt says

    I have to agree, the voice is gross and scary. Chris Matthews is always speaking like he is a slobbering drunk too.

  11. Johnnie says

    Eric Alva and the chipmunks is more like it. Did they speed up his voice to embarass him. It can’t be natural.

  12. says

    I can’t believe you impoverished souls who make fun of someone’s voice. As a survivor of throat and mouth cancer who faced the possibility of never speaking again, your comments bring to mind the axiom of Karma, “Everything you do comes back to you.”

  13. JT says

    Not every “manly man” has a deep voice, guys. I’ve known some truly tough s.o.b.s with meek and mild voices. Especially from the MidWest and the South. He sounds fine to me.

  14. Tank says

    This guy is an idiot. As a fellow vet myself who has met this guy in person, he is a giant douchebag and surely thr DADT movement can do better.

  15. Rin says

    After Dan Choi’s comments about pussies and monthly bleeding, I’m hoping that this dude becomes the face of DADT repeal.


    He’s hot.

  16. says

    Had a thought and now a question??? Was John McCain ever in actual combat; or did he just fly an airplane and stay way above the conflict????

  17. ratbastard says

    Never heard Sgt. Alva speak, he sounds like he has vocal cord damage. Wouldn’t even call it high pitched, more almost mechanical-like.

  18. ratbastard says


    McCain was / is a pilot. He did what pilots do, fly aircraft. He flew aircraft in war zones, so yes he saw combat and was an active part of it. He was captured, interrogated, tortured and imprisoned for 5 years in a POW camp.

  19. TANK says

    “This guy is an idiot. As a fellow vet myself who has met this guy in person, he is a giant douchebag and surely thr DADT movement can do better.”

    Didn’t write. Hey, asshole, stalk someone else.

  20. ratbastard says

    People may disagree with things McCain has done and does [I DO], I even think he deserved prison time for his part in the S&L scandal. But, I don’t doubt his bravery forged in battle. He is not a coward.

  21. Vincent says

    You folks commenting on his voice do a great service for the lgbt community; you prove we’re just as scummy as the bigots are.

    @PeterC: John McCain flew air combat missions over Vietnam despite being an admiral’s son and more than capable of getting a cushy non-combat detail. He was shot down and ended up a POW.
    Unfortunately, the integrity of his earlier life seems to have been corrupted since his unsuccessful bid against W back in the primary for the 2000 election.

  22. TANK says

    I suggest you update your facts, and get them from a source other than the mccain propaganda machine. He is no war hero.

  23. ratbastard says

    John McCain was raised in a very privileged environment. He ranked poorly academically. Probably much of his ability to obtain positions in the armed forces were the result of his families influence. He may very well be a crappy pilot who destroyed a multi million dollar aircraft after managing to get shot down. His political life is relatively sordid and unremarkable, ditto what’s known about his private life. I still don’t think he’s a coward. He’s done things cowards don’t do.

  24. John says

    McCain has been completely seduced and corrupted by power. Obviously, the process has been ongoing for a long time. But it has only gotten more pathetic in recent years. Watching him squirm during the 2010 primary, as he tried to deny that he was ever a maverick and toed the party line on every single issue, was really quite sad. One got the impression from those interviews that he would say and do anything to save his own butt.

    There’s not an ounce of substance, vision, or even belief left in him.

    It is pure self-preservation.

    He may have secured a spot in the Senate for a couple more terms. But make no mistake about it, history will judge John McCain quite harshly.