1. candideinncc says

    For goodness sake! Call a spade a spade. “People who don’t like homosexuals” means bigots. And the answer to the rhetorical question is obviously, “All the opponents to DADT repeal are bigots. There is no defensible rationale for supporting that point of view.”

  2. IndyTown says

    Republicans are the enemy. Republicans are the ones blocking DADT. Republicans are the ones blocking child nutrition bill, Dream Act, Defense Bill, START, political appointees, tax cuts for middle class, and a host of other bills and legislation. REPUBLICANS care about THEIR MINORITY of the top 2%. They want their $700BILLION rich-people’s tax cuts and will plug their ears like school children until they get their way. This is what America voted for. Children and obstruction.

  3. Paul says

    never thought i would be on the side of agreeing with Joe Lieberman but well spoken. Particularly on the stupid issue of the showers and locker rooms. If people are so worried about that how come they haven’t been closing public swimming pools and colleges where gays ‘openly’ co habit with straights ???

  4. Bobo says

    I wonder if Anderson did a segment on his talk show, (because CNN bills it as a talk show and not a news program), on whether tanning beds were dangerous would he feel the need to disclose that he uses them?
    Keeping Them Honest…LMFAO!!

  5. Hilmer says

    Petty dictator Lieberman bossing companies daring to host Wikileaks around.. this man is a threat to democracy and American civil society.