1. Jono says

    Boring – impressive for a 24 hour turn-around, but let’s calm it down in regards to an Academy Award.

  2. Rimming Martin says

    I agree, being versed in film history does not an Oscar make. I stopped watching after a minute because my expectations were not being met. I’ve seen better on Vimeo.

  3. says

    Yeah, there are much better Youtube videos I’d be touting for Oscars before this. This is certainly no “Kitten and His Box.”

  4. Monty says

    I was recently in snowy Utah and at some point I kept wondering how to be creative in the snow (I was thinking warm weather is more photogenic)…well, this short answers that. I agree, Academy Award?
    Not so fast.

  5. matt says

    Very nicely done. The filmmaker is certainly talented but Ebert might be getting a bit carried away with the superlatives.

  6. Natira says

    It might make a decent commercial. I was expecting the hear “you’re in good hands with Allstate” at the end.

  7. Andalusian Dog says

    This was very pretty. Amazing editing and photography in such a short amount of time, and wonderful cinematic images. I don’t know if it’s Oscar worthy, but anyway it’s better than I could do any day.

  8. Randy says

    It’s OK, but I don’t think it’s Oscar material. There are some wonderful still shots in there, and maybe one of those can win an award.

  9. Woof I'm Cold says

    Very nice, and just the right length too! Any longer and that dog woulda froze his balls off!