News: Aphrodite, Sarah Palin, Beauty Sleep, Gavin Henson, Baldness

Road Director Blake Edwards dies.

RoadHidden above Manhattan, a gay son's link to his dad.

RoadBaldness solution in five years? Hair follicles grown from stem cells.

Aphrodite RoadAphrodite statue and mosaic floor thought to be from Roman bathhouse wash up in Israel after storm.

RoadPrince Harry had an affair with D.C. housewife Cat.

RoadScreen Actors Guild (SAG) awards nominees announced.

Road Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI), the next chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, says Wikileaks soldier Bradley Manning should be executed: "death penalty clearly should be considered here…If they won’t charge him with treason, they ought to charge him with murder."

RoadSaturn's moon Titan thought to have massive volcanoes which spew ice.

RoadHeterosexual couples flocking to civil unions, which were created for gay couples, in France: "Whatever their reasons, and they vary widely, French couples are increasingly shunning traditional marriages and opting instead for civil unions, to the point that there are now two civil unions for every three marriages."

RoadMariah Carey is having twins.

Beauty RoadGet your beauty sleep.

RoadTrey Songz says he won't let gay rumors bother him: "Let them talk man. I remember the actual day [I found out]. I was with my manager and he was like, 'You heard about this? We didn't know that.' I was hot about it because I love the ladies. "What I've learnt in this business is that people will make up their own reality of whatever they want to. What I encourage my fans and people to do is… you can't allow what someone else says to be your truth."

RoadMan hatches undercover plan to prove UPS employees stole his laptop computer.

RoadGavin Henson wants to be your Christmas pin-up.

Colfer RoadChris Colfer: Best Supporting Actress?

RoadMeghan McCain: My father will filibuster DADT repeal.

RoadFormal apology recommended in Atlanta Eagle police raid case: "A financial settlement with the Eagle Bar will be followed by a formal apology from Atlanta city government. That is the recommendation of Atlanta's public safety panel."

RoadDavid Beckham trying out a new look.

RoadGays not a part of Sarah Palin's America: "Never once in 'America by Heart' does Palin use the words homosexual, gay or lesbian.  She does, however, hint at what she thinks of sexual minorities.  'When it comes to raising good citizens,' she writes, 'all 'lifestyle choices” are not equal.'"

RoadHalifax radio station changes holiday ad after complaints: "On Wednesday, Q104 agreed to change a promotional advertisement for the station that elicited an allegation that it negatively stereotyped gay people. The station’s management consented to alter the in-house radio ad after the Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project issued a news release and set up a Facebook page about it. According to Q104, the offending ad said: 'We’ll deck the halls, but we draw the line at gay apparel.'"


  1. says

    what an absurd call by Rep.Mike Rogers (R) for the execution of a person accused of an offence.
    You’re such a great upholder of justice Rep.Mike …….have you heard of the presumption of innocence ? or due process ?
    And shouldn’t you look up these concepts before mouthing off ?
    And you are to be the next Chairman of an intelligence Committee ? Ha ha ha , I’ve not had such a good laugh in a long time.

    By the way we still have the warrents ready for your war criminals,Bush, Cheney, Woo, Bybee, and….(who was that idiot with the known knowns and the unknown knowns ?)
    now their arrest and execution would be justice indeed.

  2. Sodomize a Democrat for Jesus says

    Reality Check: if you join the military, you will be asked to do illegal things. You will have sexism, racism, and elitism drilled daily into your head during basic training because after Vietnam the DoD learned that it’s easier to get you to kill against your own conscience by dehumanizing the enemy. you will see horrible crimes against humanity that will injure you psychologically and morally. You will be denied treatment for these injuries, called a liar, slandered. You may become suicidal and perhaps become one of the thousands of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who have committed suicide since coming home. Thanks to Obama’s decision to make working people pay for the banksters’ bailouts, your VA benefits will be cut. That means, you will have to wait months, maybe years for treatment (which of course is no help for someone suicidal). You will pay more out of pocket as a “thank you” for your service. You will find that all those who cheered you as a hero and thanked you for your service will be indifferent to any complaints you raise about how far the reality falls short of the fiction they sold you to join the military.

    If you somehow have the courage to do the right thing and tell the truth, you will be arrested and tortured by the antiwar president.

    Think twice before joining the US Killing Machine.

  3. Reluctantly Derrick from Philly says

    Silly archaeologists. That statue from the Roman Bath house isn’t Venus or Aphrodite…it’s Bette Midler.

  4. Matt26 says

    Blake Edwards made some really funny movies. RIP. Your movies will stay.
    (Julie Andrews on Victor/Victoria was one of the smartest comedies I’ve seen from that era.)

  5. JimmyD says

    Well Meghan… I’d expect nothing less from a flip-flopping old homophobe like your dear old dad.

  6. alguien says

    if the senate has 60+ votes to pass the repeal of DADT (and current reports say it does) then wouldn’t mccain ill-conceived filibuster be completely moot?

  7. John says

    We’ll never have a cure for baldness in the U.S., since pharmaceutical companies own the government. The best we can hope for is better medicine to fight symptoms. Or a cure that costs as much as a lifetime supply of Propecia.

  8. Hue-Man says

    From the linked article:

    “The new version of the ad will say: “At Q104, we’re all about decking the halls, and if the mood strikes us, donning a little gay apparel.””

    I agree with the Halifax, Nova Scotia, station that the original was OK but the revised one is even better! Join the joke.

  9. jomicur says

    Why should we be surprised that ET smears Chris Colfer in this infantile way? Any number of gay people have said similar things about him–including some commenters on this site.

  10. Paul R says

    I’ve always felt that sleep is crucial to maintaining your looks, so I sleep too much. But I work from home, so it’s not a problem. The thing I don’t understand is that the guy shown looks better to me in the right picture (sleep deprived) than the left. Thinner, sexier, etc.

    McCain can’t filibuster a 60-vote majority, but he can get the GOP leaders to threaten the four or more GOP senators who have agreed to vote for repeal, then filibuster. Which is what I’m sure he’s doing. I hope he filibusters for a few hours and drops dead.

    Beckham looks like he’s imitating his good friend Tom Cruise.

    I’m not part of Palin’s America, so I couldn’t care less what she does or doesn’t say.

  11. Stanislas says

    It’s true that many heterosexuals enter into the “PACS” (Pacte Civil de Solidarité), but it is far from being a “civil union” as you might understand it. Many, many rights are missing (for example, adoption and many inheritance rights) and it’s seen by heterosexuals as a “light” version of marriage. Also, PACS is annuled if the couple enters a marriage so you (well, providing you’re straight) can somehow “upgrade” when you want.

    Truth is, France used to be one of the most advanced countries (bar scandinavia) in Europe regarding gay rights, since the PACS was made in 1998. In those days it was a real move forward. Now it’s become dated and looks just ridiculous compared to marriage in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain (Spain!!!), Portugal (even more wtf) and marriage-like civil unions like in scandavian countries and the UK.

    Lastly, I don’t think PACS is “helping solidify the notion unions don’t have to be religious” – Marriage in France is not at all a religious thing. You can have a religious marriage if you’d like, and many people still do it for the “folklore”, but you have to have a “real” marriage at the town hall first, and France just isn’t a very religious country anyway. The consensus amongst French gay rights activits is more that the PACS solidifies the idea that gay people only deserve a semi-marriage. So not a very positive idea.

  12. ratbastard says


    …Right. Treatments, NOT CURES, are the pharmaceutical gravy-trains.

    Mike Rogers is sucking up to the far right. He knows Manning isn’t going to be executed, so it’s an easy thing for him to say.

  13. ratbastard says

    Prince Harry frigged that flea-bag? For his sake, I hope he had his shots. She looks like a walking STD.

  14. Jay says

    Palin has no room to talk. So far, her oldest two children haven’t made for very good citizens – just read their tweets/facebook status updates.