News: ROTC, Chad White, Target, Border Collie, Alberta

Road John McCain and Lindsey Graham: the mean girls of the U.S. Senate.

Harvard RoadHarvard, Yale consider opening up to ROTC following 'DADT' vote.

RoadHot Israeli football star can say anything he wants.

RoadConfirmed: Bank of America is Wikileaks next target. BofA preps by buying up abusive domain names.

RoadPhilanthropist offers $1.5 milion for Philadelphia building that housed the Boy Scouts: "Heifetz, whose offer was first reported by the Daily News, said he was moved to bid to make a point about discrimination. 'I'm sure there are thousands and thousands of kids around this country that have been discriminated and thrown out of the Boy Scouts because they have been called gay,' said Heifetz, a former Eagle Scout. If Heifetz purchased the building, he would donate it to a charitable group that does not discriminate."

RoadPee Wee Herman coming to HBO.

RoadConEd allows gay couple to change name on electric bill.

RoadSpider-Man musical to reopen Wednesday night.

RoadNOM's Maggie Gallagher on 'DADT' repeal: "When the 58 percent of Marines putting their lives on the line for this country who say “this is going to make our life harder” have so little weight in public debate — compared with, say, the understandably opposing feelings of Lt. Dan Choi and other gay soldiers — it’s certainly culturally significant." 

Minnesota_target RoadTarget continues to make anti-gay donations.

RoadAlberta, Canada drops homosexuality as mental disorder from diagnostic guide: "Alberta has finally scrubbed homosexuality from its diagnostic guide to mental disorders, more than 35 years after the psychiatric profession made the same move. Alberta Health and Wellness spokesman Andy Weiler says the move was made Tuesday after the matter was brought to the department's attention by a reporter."

RoadThe 10 gayest songs of 2010?

RoadBorder collie the smartest dog: "A border collie called Chaser has been taught the names of 1022 items – more than any other animal. She can also categorise them according to function and shape, something children learn to do around the age of 3."

RoadIt's Cristiano Ronaldo, Jr!

White RoadChad White splashes in for Joop!

RoadThe best male model of 2010?

RoadOne of few Black gay bars in Manhattan to close: "Ronelle McKenzie, 40, co-owner of the 12-year-old Chi Chiz bar at 135 Christopher St., said the cost of fighting numerous citations from the State Liquor Authority and paying tickets from the NYPD drained at least $50,000 from her savings and forced her to walk away from her business."

RoadLady Gaga sheds the pants for Paris.

RoadSlain M16 spy Gareth Williams' private life revealed: "The 31-year-old codebreaker viewed sites showing people bound and tied, which included do-it-yourself guides. Detectives also found a £15,000 collection of unworn women's designer clothing, including tops, dresses and shoes in his wardrobe. They revealed he visited a drag cabaret in east London four days before his death and held tickets to two more. One witness has also come forward to say he was at a popular gay bar in Vauxhall several months before his death."


  1. Matt26 says

    I confess and I am ashamed, but sometimes I watch World Fashion Channel when the channel shows men’s fashion. And I admit I find Chad White one of the hottest male models. (I really didn’t know his name and I am surely no expert in fashion nor models.) The pic could have been more sexy, but he looks good anyway.

  2. TampaZeke says

    Wow, just a month ago Maggie was trying to make the case that she wasn’t anti-gay by loudly and proudly supporting the repeal of DADT. She was emphatic that gays should be able to fight and die for other people’s rights and privileges, as long as they don’t expect to get the rights that they fight and die for.

    She can’t even PRETEND to be slightly not anti-gay for more than a month!

    And as for Schlomi? Schlomi MORE. I LOVE his English and everything else about him. Super Hot!

  3. says

    I am sad to see that “Gay Pirates” did not make the Top 10 Gayest songs of 2010. I cry every time I listen to it (I have the acoustic version that is just beautiful!)

    Pop crap prevails, yet again.

  4. bob says

    and if 58% of soldiers said that they didn’t think that we should be in afghanistan? what then maggie?

  5. ratbastard says

    What is the point of releasing that info about Gareth Williams? It only hurts his family and was unnecessary.

  6. ratbastard says

    And I hope BofA gets f’ed over good. Scum of the Earth. I hope all the big banks, accounting firms and financial institutions get f’ed over real good. Now if only the U.S. and U.K. would seriously prosecute and imprison the executives and others responsible for the greatest fraud in history.

  7. says

    “I’m think the Target news should have been a separate entry today.”

    Yes so you Marxists can bash a pro-gay company like Target, and feel as though you are actually accomplishing something. But in reality you are not.

    Many gay people DO NOT care.

    However there are still companies that discriminate against gay employees, and those will never make the “gay news.”

    Goes to show you the priorities are different for gay Marxists than that of the MAJORITY of the community.

  8. says

    I have no idea why the police are splashing Gareth William’s private life all over the media – the important information they have is the e-fits of the couple seen entering his flat. Smacks of tittilation to me.

  9. Randy says

    “1022 items – more than any other animal”. That doesn’t say much for the human educational system. In more ways than one.

  10. walter says

    target can’t have it both ways support gay rights and then back candidates who want to take those rights away. this political pandering at its worst. some of the kids i bought gifts for wanted target cards went and got gifts elsewhere. why should my money go to support the enemy? and i am far from being a marxist.

  11. Pitt90 says

    Small thing, but in this leader: “Slain M16 spy Gareth Williams’ private life revealed:” … it should be MI6, not M16 …

  12. says

    There’s nothing Marxist about choosing where and how to spend your own money. In fact, I can’t think of anything more capitalist and American than that.

    Target, in turn, has the opportunity to choose where they direct their corporate donations as well. They’ve made their decision. Now I’ll make mine.

    But to say that Target is a “gay supportive” company? Please. There is no such thing. Corporations are in it for one reason only… to maximize profits for their shareholders. Yes, there are lots of gay people who work for Target, and there are some decent employee benefits offered there, but those GLBT employees don’t make the big decisions about which direction the company is headed. The many many thousands of dollars spent to support anti-gay candidates utterly negate anything Target does internally, because the political donations affect far more people than the paltry number of GLBT Target employees.

    Target’s welcome to sponsor gay pride events, if the pride committee will have them. Whatever. And I’m not saying I’ll never spend another penny at Target… but for the forseeable future I’ll choose to spend my money at stores that either support fair-minded candidates or at least aren’t so brazenly hypocritical.