Reggie Bush: The Phrase ‘No Homo’ Should Be Rejected if it Offends


Asked New Orleans Saints player Reggie Bush on Twitter:

"If someone says 'no homo,' is that offensive towards gay people? 

Later adding, "I think if the 'no homo' comment offends anybody then it's most likely better left unsaid along with other degrading words…thanks guys!"

Dear Reggie, since "no homo" is used most of the time to make it clear that someone's not gay because gay is a bad thing, it's better left unsaid. Thanks for asking.



  1. David says

    It’s ridiculous to be offended by “no homo” … saying you’re not gay doesn’t mean you hate gay people. Kanye West uses the prhrase in one of his songs, and he’s made it clear he’s very supportive of his gay friends.

  2. Cory says

    David, you can be both gay-friendly and homophobic at the same time. Just because someone supports gay people’s rights doesn’t mean they respect us. Or worse, hates us. There are plenty of bigots who live by the motto “let the fags marry.”

    But Andy I think you’re very unfairly attacking Reggie with your snark here. It seems to me that he genuinely asked out of ignorance then (for someone who is obviously ignorant about it) came to the correct conclusion – that it shouldn’t be used.

    What more can you really ask for?

  3. Jonathan says

    THANK YOU CORY! Bush’s question is exactly the type of dialogue that we should see and ENCOURAGE at different levels (Twitter included, I guess). Separately, saying “no homo” has the possibility of being offensive and non-offens; the question has to be asked (on a CASE BY CASE basis)”Why the need to deny one possibility after a statement (i.e. “I love my best friend…”) is made?” If it’s simply to clarify, that’s probably not bad, but if it’s to express disgust about a situation (i.e. being gay), that obviously can be offensive to some/plenty.

  4. says

    I think “no homo” is a negative connotation. I have seen and heard it used in other songs or phrases. It is a blatant rejection or put down.
    Can u imagine a song or sign saying “no black”, “no Jew” etc? Words can and do hurt.

    On a similar note, last night I watched two gay themed movies and both of them threw around the word “Fa**ot” left and right. The words were spoken by both the gays and straights in the film.

    I may be alone but I still shutter when I hear that word used in any movie or conversation. Time to voluntarily remove the N word and the F word from our vocabulary both on and off the screen.

    Since I am at it…. Time to end the use of the term “Fa* Hag” as well.

    This world needs all the class it can get.

  5. Brian says

    @Max: Words only have the power we give them. “F*ck” is a curse word because we have decided it should be. “F*ggot” started out wholly negative, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. If we try to erase it from the lexicon, it will remain a powerful slur for people to wield when they hate us. If we erode its negative connotation by embracing it, then it takes away from that power. Easier said than done, but worth a shot.

  6. Ken says

    African Americans use the N word with each other sometimes, but it is unspeakably racist for a white person to say it, or even to write it. The word “homo” is analogous. Very, very few gay people use that word, but when it is used by a nongay person, it is a unspeakable slur. “No homo” is just as offensive to a gay person as “No [n-word]” would be to a black person. Gay people use the word “faggot” in jokes (such as “if you do that, they will revoke your faggot license”) but in the mouth of a nongay person it is a slur, because, like homo, it is usually the prelude to a fist.

    A person who is not gay should stick to the words “gay” and “lesbian.”

  7. Robert says

    Christo67 and Philo, Reggie Bush is likely to never see your comments, but gay, black readers will. And for us, both “no homo” and your “no negro” counter wound. Even if you’re trying to illustrate a point (and Christo, that’s being generous), you’re missing your target and instead alienating members of your own LGBT community.

  8. True Words says

    As long as a black man is saying or doing something negative (this is an honest question meaning no disrespect by Mr. Bush).


    Attractive, in some state of undress or completely nude…

    Andy is happy to post!

    Shame on you Andy Towle for “race baiting” your audience; and shame on your audience for not seeing this clearly and refusing to be a part of it!

  9. Brian says

    He’s a running back, not Dr. King! Give the man a break. He asked on Twitter, and not after being caught in some anti-gay scandal. Dialogue with him, and the community. Attack him and we all lose.

  10. alguien says

    it seems to me that it’s a pretty healthy sign that a heterosexual guy would ask about an expression’s offensiveness before going ahead & using it. good for reggie bush to be thoughtful.

  11. tooboot says

    The point is, if he has to ask, he should already knows the answer. Most intelligent/aware people have an innate moral compass that clues them into whether something is socially acceptable or not. He is not a child, he’s an adult, so he should already know better.

  12. TJ says

    “Should know better.” Right. Like, homosexuals SHOULD KNOW that being gay is an abomination. I mean, it’s obvious, isn’t it? How can there be any discussion of the obvious? Discussion is so gay.

  13. TampaZeke says

    He lost me when he fell off into “War on Christmas” land and “God Bless You” world.

    Those two things have NOTHING to do with “no homo”. They are completely and utterly unrelated. Not that I’ve ever heard an atheist complain about “God bless you” but even if I did it would be unrelated and uncomparable to a homophobically offensive, OR RACIALLY OFFENSIVE, statement.

  14. just a guy says

    I like your snark here. It’s harmless to the guy–but makes him aware.

    “No homo” should be off-limits for anyone not lgbt. Just like “no jew” is off-limits for anyone not jewish.

    But what of men trashing women? That seems still too acceptable and bad for lgbts.

  15. antisaint says

    @True Words – WTF does the fact that he’s black have anything to do with anything? You took it there, all by your damn self.

    @ Just a Guy – I don’t understand how people can still be using the “it’s OUR word” defense at this point in the game.

    If something is offensive, you shouldn’t be using it, period, it doesn’t matter if you’re gay, straight, black, white, thin, fat, mentally challenged, whatever. What you wanna do with your friends in private is one thing — and certainly something no one can do much about as there are tons of racists and homophobes who wouldn’t dare use any epithets in public — but you do yourself and your community a disservice to use those words in any public setting.

  16. thanks reggie says

    I think David is up a tree. Reggie Bush’s point is on target and appreciated.

    Check out Jay Spears’ intentionally offensive “No Negro” video on YouTube, which addresses this very issue. It makes clear, in no uncertain terms, how and why “no homo” is not cool.

  17. Jack says

    Dear Andy,
    Would you have preferred that he didn’t ask and kept using the phrase without caring? Didn’t think so.

    Thanks for being a bitchy drama-queen fag.

  18. Chris says

    Christo67 and Philo, Reggie Bush is likely to never see your comments, but gay, black readers will. And for us, both “no homo” and your “no negro” counter wound. Even if you’re trying to illustrate a point (and Christo, that’s being generous), you’re missing your target and instead alienating members of your own LGBT community.

    Posted by: Robert | Dec 31, 2010 10:44:08 AM

    Robert , Boo don’t worry Andy’s crowd ran the Black LGBT’s from here away during the Barack/Hillary battle in 2008 so the little bit of us that are still around we just dust it off the shoulder and keep it moving it’s obvious we have queens that still have issues with race. That’s why I can’t understand their problems with the Tea Party???

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