Towleroad Guide to the Tube: #795

KILL ZONE: What's at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico?

ALL THEY WANT FOR CHRISTMAS: The 'Party in the FIP boys are back for the holidays.

SURPRISE!: You'll be cleaning up for weeks!

DUCKS, DUCKS IN THE WIND: All they are is ducks in the wind.

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  1. Brad says

    While it seems funny to blow up a birthday cake, the end result seemed pretty dangerous. I’m glad nobody was actually leaning over the cake when it blew. Somebody could have been seriously hurt or blinded! STUPID!! Whoever owns that house is going to be very pissed when they find cake remains for years to come in every nook and cranny.

  2. Cocoa says

    Did anyone else cry out when that second gust of wind blew the ducklings away? So cute, and yet so scary.

  3. hater says

    lip-synching (or lip-dubbing (?!) whatever) is what I think sucks… Give me a queen who can really sing over one (unconvincingly) going through the motions ANY day (Joey Arias – the internet needs you!!!)

  4. Mark440 says

    I raise mallard ducks (not for sale) – like these – and I can tell you they are the coolest little animals around. Notice though that mamma doesn’t take off – she stays put with her youngins – and they re-group and carry on.

  5. naughtylola says

    Those little ducklings! They must have been so frightened being tossed around like that! I did like mama who turned all business and shook her feathers straight then changed direction and marched her babies out of the wind. I did actually cry a little when the one who was blown the furthest just *ran* for its mother as fast as his webby little feet would carry him when he finally got upright. Poor little mite.

  6. tim says

    ummm why the F*CK would u post the video of ducks being blown away like that? It wasn’t cute…it wasn’t funny. It was horrific. I never even finished watching it.

  7. Jae says

    Tim, agreed it was scary for the ducks, but had you finished watching you would have seen all the ducklings get up and run back over to their mother, who stayed with them despite getting blown about herself! It was, indeed, a story with a happy ending.