1. Brenda says

    Actually, Nanny McBone, this isn’t about queers being bought. It’s a sign of queers reversing bad practices and being heard by law enforcement that this kind of raid and mistreatment is wrong and shouldn’t happen again. Well done, I say.

  2. plinx says

    Being bought?? No. This is exactly how you get policy changed: Sue the bejeesus out of them, and it won’t happen again. I promise you this will do more to change police culture than having someone fired.
    If I were the plaintiffs, I don’t think I could resist sending a copy of my check for damages to each of the officers involved, along with a nice thank you note. Even with the traditional 33% taken out for attorney fees, $1 million dollars split 20 ways is still some cabbage.

  3. NAlabama says

    I have family in Atlanta, and visit often. I can remember on Christmas many years ago it was so cold outside the club my car wouldn’t start. An Atlanta police officer gave me a ride to the nearest service station, then brought me back to my car, and waited until I was safely on my way. He knew the club and the clientele, and was as kind, polite and friendly as I could have asked.

    I was also visiting Atlanta the night of the raid, and just by chance did not go to the Eagle. I will never forget the sickness in my stomach when I heard about the raid on the news the next day, and wish I could have delayed my return home so I could have joined the march in protest.

    This sounds insensitive, however; as long as Atlanta has to pay, I couldn’t care less who ends up with the money, or how much they get. I just hope the results of these cases make Atlanta police think twice before doing anything remotely similar to this ever again.

  4. Rich says

    As a gay man from the south who has also lived in San Francisco, i must say i’m surprised to hear Atlanta police don’t wear name tags already.
    Anyone interested in cross-referencing the state of police treatment of gay bar patrons would research the White Night Riots of 1979.

  5. Anthony Smith says

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