1. says

    I am sick seeing these bigots on MSNBC ostensibly to represent “the other side”. I already called MSNBC the other day and told them that having the Family Research Council on for “balance” was ludicrious. The same goes for the “Center for Military Readiness”. This woman is vile.

  2. justiceontherocks says

    This woman is great. She proves the irrationality and stupidity of the arguments against repeal better than anyone else I’ve heard.

    Where do these people learn to think?

  3. christopher says

    Why the fuck is this interviewer being so deferential to Donnelly? I’ve never seen a more lickspittle interview. Who apologizes to a talking head when they have to cut away to other talking heads? And that’s not even bringing up the fact that Donnelly was never asked what she wants done about the 66,000 gay troops already serving! She wants them expelled, which is a far greater threat to readiness than marines fainting in the showers from having to serve next to the gay.

  4. Shaun says

    Since when are sexes separated at work or in their housing situation in the civilian world? I work in an office surrounded by women, and until I moved in with my same-sex partner, I had only lived with women.

  5. walter says

    this woman has no knowledge of the situation only her hate for gays. does this make her a person who should be sought out for her opinions? don’t think so. her group is probably a way to hide money from the is time for stations to stop interviewing these people

  6. mikej says

    If Ms. Donnelly is so concerned about “sex-mixing”, why not have an all gay-lesbian military? My experience is that gay and lesbian soldiers are superior in every way to straight soldiers. They are more disciplined, more studious, more serious about their duties and assigned tasks; they take more pride in their missions, their appearance and the cohesion and readiness of their units; they tend to be more team-oriented, more willing to take life-threatening risks to protect their fellow soldiers and are more likely to volunteer for the most difficult assignments. Gay and lesbian soldiers are less of a drain on military resources, since they usually are single and are career-oriented. Gay and lesbian soldiers have much better leadership qualities and capabilities. Gay and lesbians make superb soldiers. Ms. Donnelly is the spokesperson for an organization that actually exists in name only. The “Center for Military Readiness” is an “astro-turf” ad hoc group of about six people who know how to manipulate the media for their own gain. It is disgusting the CNN and other reputable news organizations give airtime to such groups as Ms. Donnelly’s in the interest of providing “both sides” of the issue. This is nothing less than the continuing “Foxification” of television news. Where groups like the CMR are concerned, there can be no “two sides” to the issue. The CMR is about bigotry and homophobia and the continuing right-wing hate campaign against LGBT people.

  7. New Jersey Boi says

    Time for MSNBC and the rest of these so-called media outlets to STOP segregating opinions. As long as hatemongers have an open microphone without someone to immediately dispell their lies, the hatemongers look as if they really HAVE a valid argument.

    When faced with a blanced – and immediate – opinion, they buckle like wet Kale. We should be pushing for immediate debate on air – not this crappy “and then LATER msnbc had on a counter argument.” Otherwise it is impossible to settle once and for all – anything!

  8. says

    BTW there are thousand’s of people being punished and removed from the military now, that do not agree with the current policy. 14,000 solider’s have been kicked out of the military under the current policy. The military is always saying that they need more recruits, more soldier, but what it comes down to, is they have plenty of people willing, able and ready to serve…but under the current policy they are being rejected and discriminated against. The members of the military have spoken on this issue, you wanted this study, you have it..but now you want to whine about it because you don’t like the results…well put on your big girl panties and deal with it!

  9. Matt says

    Personnally I think if the repeal does not happen, the LGBT community across the country to stop paying our taxes. Why should we provide money to a government and a military that sees us a second class, unworthy citizens!

  10. terry says

    I guess we should pull out of NATO since all of our allies except Turkey allow icky soldiers to serve openly and Americans would be constant fear when in a fox hole not of the enemy but of the gay Dutchman beside them. The soldiers in this interview have been there and done that, this woman is just may as well be gossiping from the beauty parlor. She’s entitled to her opinion but she has no place speaking for the opposition unless she’s the best they have.

  11. says

    Elaine, like all the professional bigots, is primarily concerned about being out of a job, since her career is based on keeping gay men and women from serving. So she’ll be spreading her lies with her fake smile and clutching the paycheck for all she’s worth until the very last moment . . . which is coming, Elaine. DADT will go. The tide has turned. Elaine’s days are numbered.

  12. jexer says

    Yet another ugly arrogant hate-monger making big money off bigots.

    She deserves a face full of spit.

  13. Alex says

    The love child of Sigouney Weaver’s Katherine Parker (Working Girl) and an extra from the barnraising scene in Witness (thanks to those who already made the intelligent comments).

  14. Kyle Michel Sullivan says

    Why do all these right wing nuts and tea baggers look like psycho killers in the making?

  15. BobN says

    I wish people would tell the audience what the Center for Military Readiness is. The sole purpose of the organization is to fight DADT.

    It has nothing to do with anything else.

  16. Grant says

    These types of people think that if they just talk over other people, get louder and never let anyone else speak they will win the debate…They know they’re on the wrong side of history and that their way of thinking is dying out….And that is their biggest issue….and why they’re so scared.

  17. AgBoiNV says

    The existence of people like Elaine Donnelly make me hate the culture of this country more every day…….how are sociopaths qualified to open their mouths? Why do we enable them with air time? My God, if you are going to be a bigoted freak, at LEAST do it with a bit of class and finesse you impudent cow!

  18. Chuck says

    Is she related to Palin. Guess her family raised her to hate also. What a bigot scum bag.. Put her ass on the front line along with the rest of the haters. Funny how so many people who don’t fight for this country have so much to say.

  19. Doug says

    I want to see that sanctimonious smug smile wiped from this bigots face. She doesn’t have a clue what service life is like.