1. Jim From Atlanta says

    Thank you for the live feed. I just listened to my bigoted senator, Saxby Chambliss (R-GA), speaking in favor of filibustering the repeal of DADT. He recently confirmed that it was his Atlanta office that posted a “All faggots must die” comment over on the JMG blog. Unbelievable!

  2. xzavier says

    I just heard live feed our our lovely and yet idiotic lame moron MCSHAME from AZ. How sad this senator represents us

  3. RTHK says

    Wow, Senator Gillibrand from NY was so passionate and well-spoken. She has a bright future in politics. Compare that to Senator McCain, who used to be a maverick but now is a shell of his former self.

  4. Tim says

    Having just watched the despicable rant of Senator John McCain, I believe he has firmly placed himself in history with the likes of Lestor Maddux and George Wallace (segregation now, segregation forever). McCain’s speech was damaging to the future cohesion o the military as it encourages homophobia and possible attacks on fellow soldiers, sailors, and airmen/women. He has not served in the military for almost 40 years. Times change, but political hacks like McCain who demonize “the other” for their own personal gain live in the past to stoke fear to drive people to the polls to re-elect them. Shame on McCain and those of his ilk. They will not be remembered fondly by history.

  5. Rep says

    I’m still in shock from McCain’s speech. The ‘legs’ comment was low even for him. May he rot in hell.

  6. JM says

    One way or another, this is historic. Should DADT pass, the flood gates will open. Why? Although this is a Military Bill, should the Senate pass it, the tidle wave that’s shur to follow will come fast. If DADT is gone, gay marriage (prop 8 being the Epicentor) some Federal Judge will rule our rights, and like Canada, spain, etc, the USA will be equal.
    Call the reverand; here comes the man….

  7. JM says

    Oh NO ! Dream Act failed. Now as I look at the numbers, DADT will sadly meet the same fate.I HOPE I’M WRONG. The right wingers are still in bed with the christian zelots.
    Should this not pass, lets hope that the cases currently in Federal Court re DADT are SAFE from Obama’s bigoted hands. meaning lets hope he doesn’t send his Attorney General to stop it again.

  8. Damen says

    DREAM died, unfortunetly.

    Voinovich (R-OH) has voted YES for repeal.

    Looks like DADT repeal is going to pass.

  9. Damen says

    DADT cloture acheived!!!

    It’s going down folks.

    Big thank you to Senators Reid, Lieberman, Representatives Murphy, Pelosi, Defense Secretary Gates, and President Obama.

  10. Gregoire says

    Dont Ask, Dont Tell has been repealed, and with some surprising yes votes from what I heard. John McCain must be crying in his palsy-ridden hands.

  11. Don says

    Mr. McShame keeps mentioning veterans with no legs… what about veterans with NO SENSE? (Have you looked in the mirror lately Mr. McShame?)

  12. Damen says

    Republicans who voted YES:

    Snowe and Collins (Maine)
    Brown (Massachussetts)
    Kirk (Illinois)
    Voinovich (Ohio)
    Murkowski (Alaska)

  13. mld says

    mccain, mccain, so only straight soldiers can be injured? no gay soldiers are wounded, only heterosexuals? even more reason to allow gays, apparently we are invincible!

    dadt takes a bullet in the head, now who knows how long the implementation procedures will last? months, years?

  14. Eric says

    A victory for humanity! Now if they can just pull their heads out of their a$$es on the military abortion ban…

  15. WWNYC says

    To follow up on Ehrenstein’s post, the first U.S. soldier to be wounded in Iraq was ex-Marine Staff Sgt. Eric Alva, who lost his right leg in 2003 to a landmine. McCain owes him, and all injured soldiers, an apology for his callous ”legs” crack. I hope Alva gets some TV coverage today, and is asked about McCain’s idiotic remark.

  16. Dave says

    Thank God and all those who worked so hard to get DADT repealed. Common sense has prevailed over demonic-possessed, Constitution-ignorant Republicans.

  17. secure214 says

    It’s a HUGE VICTORY!

    I’m glad it was a Stand Alone Bill.
    It helps put the bigot’s in their rightful place!

    Thanks to MANY people, and groups – I thank President Obama, and also courageous American’s like Dan Choi!

  18. Rowan says

    Didn’t Obama say it would happen on his watch? How many were complaining about the lame duck session. Too funny.

  19. Tom says

    Does anyone have the complete listing of votes? I just got home and missed the voting. I’m in West Virginia and I need to know what Manchin did.

  20. CoMo'mo says

    Now it’s time to press on for a genuinely inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act.
    That’s more important than all the marriage equality stuff. Many of us dn’t WANT to be “married”–a civil union could be crafted to give the same rights and benefits. But everybody has to work.