Witnesses Stand by as Gay Men are Attacked in Downtown Austin, TX

The Dallas Voice reports that a local activist and his friend were attacked early Sunday morning in downtown Austin, Texas:

Bobby Beltran said he and his friend had just left Rain, a gay bar, at about 1:30 a.m. When they hugged each other goodbye on the sidewalk, some men in a passing vehicle yelled, “F**king faggots, stop that queer shit!”

Beltran After Beltran yelled at the men to “get out of here,” all five of them jumped out of the vehicle and attacked him and his friend. Beltran said he fought back but suffered cuts and bruises and a black eye. His friend may have suffered a broken jaw. The attackers quickly jumped back in the vehicle, which was parked in the middle of the street, and drove off.

The attack against Beltran was the third anti-gay attack reported in Austin this year, according to the paper, but what upset Beltran as much as the attack was the fact that many witnesses were reluctant to help:

He said the attack lasted for about three minutes and was witnessed by at least 20 people, but none of them tried to help. Beltran said he yelled out the license plate of the vehicle as he ran after the attackers, but no one wrote it down and he doesn’t remember it.

“It was the most unsafe I’ve ever felt in my entire life, knowing that not even my community stood up,” Beltran said. “I’m so afraid to go back down there.”


  1. Mike says

    I can understand why more LGBT people don’t carry guns, but I really think that we should carry pepper spray. It is legal in almost every state, and most websites where you can buy it will tell you the laws for your state. If not, you can easily look them up yourself.

    I’m 6’3″, 250, and I don’t leave the apartment without my Sabre Red, even in San Francisco.

  2. rayrayj says

    Five attackers and 20 people witnessing it. It would have made a much more interesting story if the five attackers had tried that on a couple of drag queens with 20 drag queens standing around. Drag queens would have kicked their asses.

  3. Jerry says

    I understand the anxiety of the victims in the added helplessness of
    being ignored. It just adds to the victimization. My partner and I have
    been on a Sojourn dealing with Hate. I discovered this quote from MLK
    that gave me some understanding that there is solitude in being
    Courageous, in fighting back. ” the harsh words of my enemies don’t
    bother me as much as the Silence of my Friends.

    Included here is a link to a blog I have created that chronicles our
    experience. Years yet to go to get it up to date.


  4. alguien says

    wow! times have changed since the days i first started going out (the 70s). we’d NEVER let our friends get beat up like that.

    i remember, specifically, one night back in the day, when someone ran into the disco saying that there was an attack going on across the street. it was like a drill, everyone got up, some of us grabbed our umbrellas, and we got out there on the street to help our friend out-gay bashing averted.

    what’s wrong with people nowadays?

  5. Matt says

    The tragic thing is that this is a common occurrence. If I’m not mistaken it’s been shown that the more witnesses there are the less likely it is that one of them will step in. It’s that whole, “Not my responsibility, someone else will do it” mentality.

  6. Mike C. says

    I think the witness’ reluctance to help is a logical reaction to the summons-happy police culture and the proliferation of blunt and armed weapons in the US. Getting involved using force could get you stabbed and/or arrested. I was attacked once outside a club, and when I called the police, they told me if I reported a crime or wanted to press charges, they would arrest and charge me as well; all my assailant had to do was claim that I attacked him

  7. RBearSAT says

    Wait if this was outside Rain where was Rain security or Oilcan Harry’s security during a 3 minute attack? That’s where I’d lay some blame. Take our money but don’t provide any security for us. Hmmm.

  8. Guy in DC says

    This situation isn’t surprising or new.

    Kitty Genovese, was a New York City woman who was stabbed to death near her home in Queens, New York in 1964…The case got a lot of attention because her neighbors supposedly were fully aware but completely non-responsive to her plight. Attention to this case prompted investigation into the social psychological phenomenon that has become known as the bystander effect (or “Genovese syndrome”) and especially diffusion of responsibility. It’s thought that the probability of help is inversely related to the number of bystanders; in other words, the greater the number of bystanders, the less likely it is that any one of them will help. Most observers in such cases assume that someone else is going to intervene and so each individual feels less responsible and refrains from doing anything. Other bystanders monitor the reactions of other people in an emergency situation to see if others think that it is necessary to intervene. Since everyone is doing exactly the same thing (nothing), they all conclude from the inaction of others that help is not needed.

    While in Texas, it’s certainly possible that the perceived sexual orientation of the victims exacerbated these normal (albeit very disappointing) reactions, this unfortunately isn’t a unique situation.

    Unfortunately, it would have been much more noteworthy if someone had stepped in to help.

  9. Frank says

    I’ve always wondered about this. In the past with other minority groups, it’s was an unwritten rule that “if you fight one us you fight all of us”. I don’t know what’s wrong with gay people, that we can’t sack up and stand up for one another. Spend all that time working out and for what? I mean a guy gets stabbed to death in front of a crowd on the steps of a gay bar and now this. And from what I can tell it looks like this is something isolated to gay men, cause you know if that was a woman catching a beat down in front of a lesbian bar, ever single dyke up in that bar would have been in the streets.

  10. Jon Brian Blake says

    At the very least – someone pull out a camera phone and start video taping the assault while yelling at the aggressors you’re going to turn the video over to the police…. something…. sheesh.

  11. FrankIsRight says

    Frank is correct. Lesbians, Drag Queens, Latinos, African-Americans… all would have stepped in to protect their own.

    This is what our shallow, self-obsessed culture has led us to.

  12. ratbastard says

    What exactly do ‘Latinos’ and African-Americans have to do with drag queens and lesbians, Frank? Black people and ‘Latinos’ are just as prone to anti-gay hate as ‘white’ people. You mean they’re all suppose to ban together as ‘oppressed’ minorities to fight The Man? Good one,Frank.

  13. nickasarbata says

    This is really tragic. It makes me want to take up karate so I can learn how to effectively defend myself (and others!). But I’m afraid that that’s not the real solution to the problem. The problem is these guys who think gay people deserve to be beaten up. And of course, the bar security which stood by and did nothing. It’s really sad and makes me feel helpless. Then again, if I were trained in gay-basher-ass-kicking, I might feel a little better if I ever were in a situation where I needed to help protect somebody. Who knows?

  14. breckroy says

    Unless I misunderstood Frank’s comments, he was giving a list of minority groups who one expects would jump in, in a heartbeat, if one of their own were being attacked in a clear hate crime, especially on their turf.

    This whole thing disturbs me somewhat and I’m not sure exactly what to think. It’s very UN-Austin (I’m from there), that part of 4th street is hardly isolated and very, very gay, so it’s friendly territory, but also has several mixed-crowd bars around it. It’s not a particularly unsafe area (all standard disclaimers about a city at night apply, just pointing it out it’s not like D.C.’s old waterfront scene, before the stadium came in). It’s even fairly well patroled by the police.

    The fact that the attack happened, no security from any of the surrounding bars stepped in, and the fact that there appears to be no coverage in the Austin newspaper disturbs me even further. For a city with so few gay-related attacks (this is the 4th in a year) and has a significant part of its identity positively defined by it’s gay friendliness, I’m finding the whole thing very, very strange.

    Wondering if it happened further down by the Austin Music Hall or the other direction where people sometimes park, which could explain the inaction of the security folks…and if the facts are at all in dispute. Otherwise, the whole thing is profoundly disturbing as it signals a shift in the police attitudes, press attitudes, gay community attitudes, and the approach taken by and security surrounding several gay and straight establishments in that area. And it really says that the college students, who are quite often much more passionate and activist that adults, have changed.

    Looking to see how this plays out…and hoping it will generate a kind of outrage in the Austin community that will shame us back to our former selves.

  15. TishaFromDallas says

    Not trying to stereotype but you’ve got 3 black men, one latino, and probably a thugged out white guy attacking 2 gay men. You witness this and you want to help but you’ve got 5 obviously angry men and your fear of minorities kicks in. What if the scary black men have guns? What if the latino or white guy have a knife? I’m not excusing the bystanders but this is the inner conflict that might had led to paralysis. Even as a black woman, I would still be scared and not wanna get involved. I’ve heard too many horror stories of good samaritans killed trying to help.

  16. Nathan says

    So you’re telling me that the next time you see a brawl outside a gay bar you’re going to
    1. Automatically assume that it’s a gay-bashing
    2. Make a flash judgment as to who’s straight and who’s not and
    3. Immediately jump in the brawl.
    I’m sorry, folks, but we weren’t there, we didn’t see how it went down, and it may not have appeared as black and white as it does on paper. Don’t judge the samaritans who may have been confused as to what was actually going on.
    That being said, the license plate thing really pisses me off. Just remember the number and write it down. It’s the least you can do without putting yourself in physical harm or making an incorrect judgment.

  17. says

    “The sad fact of the matter is that the vast majority of gay men are simply cowards. Nothing more, nothing less.”

    You can’t be more honest than that. One of the Marxists/Liberals’ goals is to emasculate gay men and make them dependent on government for protection. Texas DOES have a hate crime law but obviously most of the Marxists/Liberals won’t recognize the obvious fact that hate crime laws DO NOT in essence PREVENT them.

    The second amendment comes to mind when you read stories like these, but we all know that the Marxists/Liberals HATE the second amendment and people having guns to protect their lives and property (because Liberals and Marxists disregard life and property). Had I been in this particular incident there would have been 5 dead homophobes lying on the street.

  18. says

    “Why don’t more gays carry weapons to defend themselves.”

    As stated above, the gay liberals/marxists that have monopolized our community (and government) DO NOT want you to carry weapons. They have already stigmatized people who do carry.

    Hence why I believe liberals will end up destroying our community from within.

  19. says

    “This is what our shallow, self-obsessed culture has led us to.”

    What makes you think we even have a culture? It is being destroyed and diminished left and right by those who pretend to be our allies and/or activists.

    The gay-tards who run Gay Inc, have done what they wanted from the beginning: Making gays victims instead of self-sufficient, independent survivors.

  20. HadenoughBS says

    FYI, those of us who live here in Texas are authorized by state law to carry a concealed hand gun IF one is licensed by the state to do so. However, I understand business establishments can refuse entry to those who carry them. It’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation when you want to go out on the town for a good time. I was going to write that it’s surprising to hear of these incidents in places like usually liberal Austin but then I’ve read about such gay-bashings in other very gay-friendly communities. As always, one should be constantly vigilant for these situations. And, when you’re alone or in a small group (and unarmed), it’s usually best not to enflame the situation by taunting the taunters. Instead, if the gay-haters are in a vehicle, try to get the vehicle’s make, model, and license number should it be needed to report to the police.

  21. Lonnie says

    Hey, Pepa, is your TV permanently on Glenn Beck? Are you the president of the Gay Glenn Beck Lovers Club?

    Marxists are not liberals. We OPPOSE liberals. Liberals have an absolute, unquestioning “faith” in the system and refuse to believe that system was created by certain men with particular interests. They believe that no matter how bad things are, no matter how many gay kids hang themselves, we must make things right by going through the “process.” They also ignore the realities of how that process actually works. For example, they have “believe” that the Democratic Party is “left-wing”, “liberal”, and a party “of the people” “ideologically opposed to the Republicans.” They are not. In reality, they are a right wing party whose ideology has shifted further to the right over the last 40 years or so. Today, liberalism is dead in Washington DC and the Democrats and Republicans are both parties whose ideology is neoliberalism.

    Our community definitely needs a better understanding of the Democratic Party, its history, its politics, who it serves and who it does not serve, so I would recommend Lance Selfa’s “The Democrats: A Critical History” published by Haymarket Books.

    Marxists love life. We love life so much that we object to queers being used as cannon fodder in Obama’s wars for oil and imperialism. We also hate property. I’m not sure what definition you’re using, but it’s definitely not what we’re talking about.

    You have a common misunderstanding of property. “Property” means “physical, non-human, inputs used in production including factories, machines, and tools; along with both infrastructural capital and natural capital.” How many factories do you own? How many workers do you employ? If you answer “zero” to both of those question, you have nothing to worry about. “Property” is not the same as “personal possessions”. You get to keep your 8-tracks, your nasty underwear, and your subscription to Tackle & Bait.

    Marxists are not opposed to guns. We think that so long as queers must live in a society that actively discriminates against them and defines them as unequal, there will be homophobia and that queers must therefore defend themselves by any means we see fit.

    Please do not slander the people who created the gay rights movement. The first politicians to openly advocate in a legislature for gay rights were socialists. The concept of LGBT people as a cultural minority was created by a Marxist using Marxist ideas. The first lasting LGBT organization in the US was created by a Marxist. The first post-Stonewall NY LGBT organization was founded with the Marxist notion of solidarity, by naming itself after the Vietnamese Liberation Front (the Viet Cong) and by organizing support rallies and protests for other oppressed groups (including a protest at a women’s prison near the Stonewall Inn for Black Panther women, including Tupac Shakur’s mother). Any time that queers have fought back, Marxists have been there.

    The liberals’ have only very recently jumped onto the LGBT liberation bandwagon, in the late 70s/early 80s. This time period also corresponds to the rightward shift in the LGBT movement. Under the leadership and guidance of liberals, our movement went from marching and demanding an end to homophobia to sending emails politely asking millionaires to change their “hearts and minds.” There’s really nothing “progressive” about liberals today.

  22. says

    “However, I understand business establishments can refuse entry to those who carry them.”

    And that’s one point in the matter as well. For obvious reasons many bars do not allow guns into the premises. But what they SHOULD do (and this needs to be addressed NOW) is that gay clubs and their operators should be aware of the fact that many of their patrons COULD face anti-gay violence once they leave the premises. So if they care for the safety of their customers they can have guns checked at the door.

    I go to a small gay bar here in AZ, and the owner has now started to let his patrons check their guns at the door (as long as your have a permit to carry), when I leave I pick my gun up and go walking back to my car with no fuss, and knowing that if anybody wants to put the squeeze on me or my partner they will regret it.

    This is an issue that gay bar operators need to address, but the ideologues of the community will protest any advancement towards gun ownership or self defense.

    “Just write down the plate number hun…” is not going to work, just like it did not work here.

  23. says

    “ain’t nothing wrong with carrying pepper spray.”

    They are not as efficient as a gun. They barely hold any capsian (sic) to do enough damage for one maybe two attackers. But when you are faced with FIVE thugs… it gets complicated.

    Guns will ALWAYS give you the upper-hand.

  24. says

    Everything is bigger in Texas. Including the cowards, apparently.

    I can’t see something like that happening in West Hollywood. Even the effete label queens would storm the ‘phobes.

  25. Frederick says

    I think it’s a stereotype to suggest that “The sad fact of the matter is that the vast majority of gay men are simply cowards. Nothing more, nothing less”– as TISHAFROMDALLAS commented. I have known some extremely brave gay men who wouldn’t have hesitated to assist the victims of this assault; however, in this case, I think it was just a coincidental fluke that these particular witnesses didn’t attempt to help these guys out. I also have to disagree with FRANKISRIGHT, when he commented “If you are dumb enough to yell at FIVE guys in a get a way vehicle,,,,well……..???”. I believe the one assault victim in this situation did the right thing by standing up to these bigoted morons in the car; these two gay victims weren’t doing anything that I haven’t witnessed countless straight couples do in public places (i.e. hug each other when saying goodbye). Why shouldn’t gay people be able to do the same thing in public? I am sorry that these two victims experienced this assault as a consequence of standing their ground (against the straight guys in the car),but I probably would’ve reacted in the same way. If we don’t stand up for ourselves in situations like this one, then we are tacitly giving anti-gay bigots the non-verbal message (by our silence) that it’s okay to yell homophobic insults at us for simply being ourselves in public places…

  26. ratbastard says

    No need to be smug. Assaults in and around bars and clubs happen everywhere. They’re of course common, especially around closing. Doesn’t matter if it’s Austin, W. Hollywood, Atlanta, NYC, Louisville. And yeah, bystanders [non-friends of those involved] usually don’t involve themselves.

  27. BOBBY says

    The Austin newspaper is inept. They wait for press releases from the Austin Police Department and copy-and-paste the release word for word, often with pronunciation keys! They do not know what beat patrols are (well, they do have a Whole Foods beat reporter). So, if you are looking for journalism in Austin, TX, everyone there knows you are not going to find it in the Austin American-Statesman. It is a crap newspaper.

  28. says

    “Marxists love life.”

    Wrong. You Marxists hate life. You have all advocated for eugenics, abortion, and population control. You advocate FOR mandatory abortions. If this is not the case for YOU than you are confused, you are not a Marxist, just pandering wana-be revolutionary, using your sexuality as a means to justify your so-called Marxist view points.

    “Today, liberalism is dead in Washington DC and the Democrats and Republicans are both parties whose ideology is neoliberalism.”

    No, both parties have adopted STATISM. Where a centralized government controls your every move.

    “We also hate property.”

    LOL. And many of the Towleraod readers didn’t believe me when I say that Marxists hated property. And FYI property means what it means, THINGS THAT YOU OWN. You are trying to justify your perversion by redefining what property means, and you think the readers of this site are that STUPID? Come on give me a break.

    What you want to do is break our economy, take away our freedom to be ourselves and OUR livelihoods as expressed by you:

    “You have a common misunderstanding of property. “Property” means “physical, non-human, inputs used in production including factories, machines, and tools; along with both infrastructural capital and natural capital.” How many factories do you own? How many workers do you employ?”

    FYI, I employ 13 people. 5 of them are gay. Without my property (as in capital I invested) those five gay people would be in the unemployment line, or worse not producing anything. You also hate our gay culture under this logic because you would take away ALL rights to property including but not limited to:

    -gay bars
    -gay websites
    -gay companies (like gay wedding suppliers)
    -gay shops
    -gay magazines

    Hence why I say Marxists will no doubt DESTROY our community that has already flourished in a CAPITALIST model, not a MARXIST one. Just look at the gay cultures in other countries like USSR, China, Cuba, Venezuela, where the community is/was barely making it.

    “Property” is not the same as “personal possessions”.”

    LOL, do you all get that?

    “Marxists are not opposed to guns.”

    Yes you are. Because you oppose property and any HONEST Marxist will tell you that you do not need a gun because you will not have any property to protect.

    “Please do not slander the people who created the gay rights movement. The first politicians to openly advocate in a legislature for gay rights were socialists.”

    Sad but true. Also most of those SOCIALISTS believed that marriage was old fashioned, and that men were meant to be promiscuous have as many sex partners as he wanted without any consequences. Then came the 80’s.

    Need I remind you that the first politician to address gays in the military and advocated to ALLOW them to serve OPENLY was Barry Goldwater. YOU did not, because Marxists were too busy attacking the Military and they still hate the military till this day.

    “Any time that queers have fought back, Marxists have been there.”

    Because Marxists wanted to use the community as a vehicle to spread their perversion, it was not meant to actually help in any way, the gay community.

    “The liberals’ have only very recently jumped onto the LGBT liberation bandwagon, in the late 70s/early 80s.”

    Yes because Marxists have now a new identity in naming themselves “liberals.” Liberal used to mean libertarians, but now you Marxists took it. So you can employ your agenda discreetly (attacking property, increasing the power of government etc).

    “There’s really nothing “progressive” about liberals today.”

    That’s because everything you people have imposed on our society has only made our situation even worse.

    You made several points that validate my obvious conclusion that Marxists who are in the community want to destroy it (either directly or indirectly).

    And I detest you and your ideology. It is anti-freedom, anti-gay, and inhuman.

  29. Devlin du GEnie says

    Disclaimer: I’m a Bill of Rights absolutist. Gun ownership is great thing.

    That said, I’m disappointed by the hero fantasies of the gun proponents here so far.

    Despite what your TV keeps telling you, a gun isn’t a magic wand that makes people obey you. You have to fire it. And, you’re responsible for where the bullets go.

    A brawl on a crowded public street is the just about the worst place to open fire. I don’t care how good a shot you are.

    Should this kind of attack ever happen to you, fighting back at five-vs-two is a really bad idea. I understand anger in the moment, pride, and (perhaps) beer courage. Try not to give in.

    The best defense is evasion and a good sprint into a crowd or back into the bar. You have no idea how dangerous those five people are (weapons? skills? drunk/impaired?). Even if the two “good guys” have some training, they’re going to get hurt.

    Pepper spray, if you actually =practice with it=, is effective and helps you evade so you can make that sprint. Draw-aim-spray has to be hard-wired into your body. The container has to be in easy reach or in your hand.

  30. says

    @ Devlin.

    It is pretty easy making assumptions like that from the safety of your computer and also if you never faced a similar situation that these two gays faced (which I have).

    Again I never, ever, heard of five guys being taken down by one single pepper spray.

    The one who is doing the fantasizing is YOU.

    In fact in all the situations that I have been in, I only had to fire my gun once. In every situation I came out fine.

    When you are faced with certain body injury and or death, its either you or them,

    I chose me, because I want to live and I refuse to be the next statistic.

  31. Ken says

    After the Kitty Genovese case, some psychologists did a study. They found that the more witnesses there are, the less likely they are to respond. The responsibility gets divided by the number of people, and with enough witnesses it falls below the threshold for an individual to take action. Or you might say that the larger the crowd, the more likely each individual is going to wait for someone stronger or more qualified to act.

    I saw this in Baltimore once when I was in a dense crowd. A drunk fell into the harbor and everyone (including me, unfortunately) watched in apprehensive indecision. My late partner grabbed his hand, pulled him out, and resuscitated him. They were still watching helplessly. I loudly commanded the crowd to stand back, and to my surprise they obeyed me instantly.

    If humans are in too big a flock, they act like sheep. You are not an exception. Just yelling “stand back” was hard.

  32. Joseph Singer says

    Ever notice on most of these attacks it’s usually multiple people (at least two or three and lots of times more) that take on these “faggots” because they’re not man enough to fight fairly.

  33. FrankIsRight says

    Ken, I think you’ve shared good advice for everyone here. “If something like this happens, yell instructions to the crowd. They will obey.”

    I still think that if the crowd is a large group of gay men, the chances of getting someone to step up and help out is low. And maybe, because we know this about ourselves, that’s why no one bothers to take the lead.

    There isn’t a lot of genuine altruism in gay male circles. And I think this is the problem.

    I can tell you now that if this happened outside a black club, and the attackers were racist, the attackers would have never made it out of there alive.

  34. JT says

    I guess I feel bad for these guys who were attacked (but I don’t know if they’re good guys or not) but I would never risk my life to step in to protect a gay men from an assault. I’ve stepped in to protect women, I’ve stepped in to protect children, but too high a percentage of gay men are such rats anyway, that….. I could be risking my life to save someone like Andrew Belonsky or Andy Humm? Johnny Weir? Andrew Towle? People who I know have tried to hurt innocent people?

  35. Bobbie davies says

    Amen sista Pepa. I live in Washington State, have a concealed weapons permit, and learned to shoot at an early age. Regardless of all opinions, it is often true that a good defense is a good offense, and these men were truly offensive, and like any other rabid dog needed to be put down for the good of society.

  36. says

    “I’ve stepped in to protect women, I’ve stepped in to protect children, but too high a percentage of gay men are such rats anyway, that….. I could be risking my life to save someone like Andrew Belonsky or Andy Humm? Johnny Weir? Andrew Towle? People who I know have tried to hurt innocent people?”

    Or how about Perez Hilton? LOL. I sure wouldn’t.

    Still I don’t know why the FOCUS is on the witnesses. WHY!?! For all we know they think that all seven are fighting over a somebody’s man who cheated with so and so… That is usually the case with fights outside gay clubs. So all we can say is that maybe the witnesses were merely voyeuristic who were enjoying a good fight.

    The FOCUS should be why:

    – The victims weren’t able to get the upper-hand and,

    – How this whole thing happened in the first place and,

    – Why weren’t the victims packing heat and,

    – Why haven’t the attackers been caught yet?

  37. Xui says

    Most gay men are cowards. They can’t come to the realization that HETEROSEXUALS are the creators and perpetuators of anti-gay bigotry. Instead they will say it’s religion or political ideology as a way to leave heterosexuals off the hook. That’s what the gay people did hear, leave heterosexuals off the hook.

  38. Frank says

    @JT and Peppa. See that’s the kind of thinking that keeps us right where we are. You know why straight guys keep doing this bs to us? It’s because we let them do it. Every time we back down it re-enforces we are easy targets. I look at gays in Serbia trying to do something as simple as have a gay pride parade, and having to face down thousands of anti-gay protesters while getting rocks and Molotov cocktails thrown at them. Then I look at gays in America, who can’t even tear their lips away from a drink long enough to help two gay men being beaten up in front a gay bar? Let me say that again…. IN FRONT OF A GAY BAR. I think this is a big reason why a lot of black people take issues with gay people comparing their two civil rights struggles. Black people didn’t politely lobby government into equality. They didn’t invite Dixiecrats, or members of the Concerned Citizens Council to speak at events they held in the hope that they would win them over. They marched, and not just in neighborhoods sympathetic to their cause. They marched into the belly of the beast, and endured an orchestrated campaign of violence and intimidation, ranging from beatings, lynching, fire hoses, police dogs, and fire bombings. And they were smart enough to get it on camera so that middle America couldn’t ignore what was going on its own backyard.

  39. says

    Here’s the entire story in Tuesday’s Austin newspaper (slightly reformatted to create paragraphs):

    Two men attacked downtown

    Austin police officials said they are investigating a report by two men who said they were beaten by five strangers who yelled homophobic epithets at them. Bobby Beltran said he and friend Christopher Ortega were hugging goodbye about 1:30 a.m. Sunday near Fourth and Lavaca streets when a white sedan pulled up and the men inside started yelling.

    “I told them their words were not accepted here in Austin, and that’s when they parked the car in the middle of the street,” Beltran said. “They all got out and attacked us.” Beltran said about 20 to 30 bystanders witnessed the altercation. Beltran said he suffered a black eye and some bruising. He said Ortega also had minor injuries.

    The Police Department asks that witnesses call investigators at 974-5000.


  40. BOBBY says

    The Austin American-Statesman pretty much copied and pasted a police department press release after the rest of Texas had already reported the news…just like I said they would. Journalistic hacks! I am impressed they omitted the pronunciation keys, though.

  41. tjones says

    “Well, I don’t know what will happen now. We’ve got some difficult days ahead. But it really doesn’t matter with me now, because I’ve been to the mountaintop and I don’t mind. Like anybody, I would like to live a long life. Longevity has its place. But I’m not concerned about that now. I just want to do God’s will, and He’s allowed me to go up to the mountain. And I’ve looked over, and I’ve seen the Promised Land. I may not get there with you, but I want you to know tonight, that we as a people will get to the Promised Land. So I’m not worried about anything. I’m not fearing any man. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.”

    We shall overcome.

  42. Polo says

    I’m calling not BS on Tishafromdallas, Jay.

    Even being a veteran who was ready to kill people if I needed to, I can see myself not blindly jumping in this fight. Probably getting others or some cops that are probably a block or two away. If you respond to gay slurs that come from a bunch of large, strong homophobes, during a drinking night on the town, and you don’t have a weapon, prepare to use your fists as needed. We can all talk about how ideal world should be (no homophobic aggressors, bystanders jumping in and bar staff jumping out of the bar and onto the street), but when protecting your body and life, the first defense is not getting in a fight in the first place.

    Gay bashing happens extremely frequently in San Francisco when I lived there, recently. Four could happen in one night. Austin is the exact opposite with four that happened in one calendar year.

    In times of major stress, someone needs to step up, lead others, and take control of the situation. But no one did for apparently 3 minutes during this tragedy. It’s sad that no one had the balls and a calm mind to quickly react to the situation. But even more disappointing that people’s poor choices lead to this in the first place.

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