1. Paul R says

    Love when Coop is a sarcastic mock-monster.

    And to think that people pay for that woman to speak. Once on a flight back from Istanbul where I’d (amazingly) been upgraded to first class, I sat next to a guy who also runs a “ministry” and is paid to travel the world to spew his bizarre views. He spoke at length of how Jews were an admirable master race but had to be controlled—his anti-Semitism was poorly veiled, and I proceeded to get loaded and put on headphones after being moderately bemused by an hour or two of his babble. Like this woman, facts were merely an irritant to his fantasies.

    He then sent some of his many books to my parents (who are religious) and to me (HA!), and my sweet, naive mother called me to ask if she should send him money. Sigh. I read the first two pages of one book—which seemed to be a religious-based Tom Clancy-inspired novel about the rapture, but with spies—and couldn’t believe that even the biggest dolts in the US would swallow his garbage, much less anyone overseas. (Not that I think zealots in foreign countries are smarter than US zealots, but his views were very US-centric.)

  2. John says

    The screen capture of this women is hilarious!

    Does it not look like a parody skit! The first thing that came to mind was The Big Gay Sketch Show when they do the Suze Orman skit. Lol.

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