Astronomers Release Photo of ‘Strangely Alive’ Green Gas Blob


Yesterday afternoon, Hubble astronomers released a new photo of a blob of gas was discovered by a Dutch school teacher in 2007 named Hanny's Voorwerp. They said it is "strangely alive" and giving birth to new stars in an area of space where stars don't usually form.

The AP:

Parts of the green blob are collapsing and the resulting pressure from that is creating the stars. The stellar nurseries are outside of a normal galaxy, which is usually where stars live.

That makes these "very lonely newborn stars" that are "in the middle of nowhere," said Bill Keel, the University of Alabama astronomer who examined the blob. The blob is the size of our own Milky Way galaxy and it is 650 million light years away. Each light year is about 6 trillion miles.

Draw your own conclusions.


  1. GraphicJack says

    Blob of “strangely alive” green gas? Should it be named after Rush Limbaugh, Glen Back or Bill O’Rielly?

  2. Nathan says

    One time I took some mild hallucinogens and realized that everything in the universe is a living cell that functions as a part of a larger living organism in a chain of exponential meta-expansion that extends right on up through the multiverse.

    It didn’t seem as mind-blowing the next day, but sometimes articles like this make me think twice about it…

  3. Steve says

    If you want to see some Hubble awesomeness, watch this:

    The Hubble Ultra Deep Field contains galaxies literally at the edge of the universe, billions of lightyears away.

  4. Josh says

    This is certainly the beginning of the end of stellar society as we know it. Throughout history ALL baby stars have been born as part of a traditional galaxy, with both a mother and a father blob? There is NO universal constitutional right to extragalactic starbirth. There will surely be a universe-wide stellar referendum to put a stop to this…

  5. ratbastard says

    What was it created from and where in turn did it’s source come from? Chemical reaction? Fine, where did the chemicals come from? Something doesn’t come from nothing. And even ‘Nothing’ is a concept. You don’t just have complete non-existence one minute, then suddenly a chemical reaction and big bang.

  6. Laura says

    It looks “strangely alive” because…it’s a giant frog that is hopping toward the “lily pad” that is our galaxy!

  7. TANK says

    It’s team god, RB. I mean, there can be no other possible explanation than an unverifiable faith based explanation that is equivalent to its absence in explanatory power. That is all.

  8. wimsy says

    Billions of galaxies….trillions of planets. Aren’t we lucky that God chose us to host Sarah Palin!