1. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    This is why so many “small business Republicans” refuse to give money to the RNC, and instead focus on local campaigns and programs.

  2. Danny says

    y’ think anybody they associate with was able to help them realize what they sounded like?

    probably not: everybody they know is probably just as illiterate as they are.

    I wish–ohgod I wish–that this were a surprise.

  3. Bill Perdue says

    Tim Kaine, a DLC Dixiecrat in the mold of Bill Clinton, was appointed by Obama to head the DNC. He’s an anti-union, anti-choice know nothing creationist chucklehead. While governor of Virginia governor Kaine signed a bill limiting marriage to ‘one man and one woman’. He’s opposed to civil unions, “I have never said I supported gay civil unions, gay marriages.” AP

    Leah Daughtry, who Obama retained to run the day to day operatons of the DNC is even worse. She’s an actual ordained pentecostal minister in the same sect as Donnie McClurkin and Jimmy Swaggart, who said he’s kill any gay man who looked at him ‘that way’. The DNC run by Daughtry and Dean was successfully sued for anti-gay employment discrimination, funded anti-GLBT and anti-choice religious groups with donated money and expunged any mention of GLBT issues from Obama’s 2008 platform.

    Comparing them to the RNC is six of one and half a dozen of another. The differences in terms of their bigotry are marginal and cosmetic. One, the RNC, calls us faggots, dykes and trannies to our faces and the other, the DNC, uses the latest PC terms while stabbing us in the back.

  4. GregV says

    Bill Perdue: If you look at any vote in the House or Senate for or against ANY given equality issue over nearly half a century , it would be more accurate to refer to the two parties NOT as “six of one and a half dozen of the other| but more like (well, just to be really accurate, I’ll just count the DADT votes from last month to create an expression: “8 of one and nearly 5 dozen of the other.”
    The Democrats are doing a poor job of articulating the need for equality compared to the progressive parties in better-developed traditions of equality, and of course like any group they have a few examples of real stinkers in their midst.
    But that is largely because they are playing politics against a still very popular Republican party that has been downright hostile to any attempt to accommodate gay people.
    When you add things up, there really is no comparison between blue states and red states when it comes to human rights.

  5. walter says

    he is as dumb as he looks and sounds. let them elect hom again their is a need for laughter in the repuk camp

  6. Lazlo says

    Sorry nothing to see here. I think they we’re all trying to be funny. I’m an avid reader and I probably would have been a bit stumped to come up with my favorite book. Also sometimes those microphones can distort sound and make it hard to hear whats said. We had a performance at our school where some of my fellow students would interpret songs into ASL and they said it was hard to hear the music on the speakers.

  7. Rowan says

    The thing with these guys is that the dumber they are, the more their fan base likes them, so win win.

    It’s us on the left who can’t agree on anything to save our lives and always trump over thinking intellectualness over action.

  8. willie t boned says

    Rowan is 100 percent correct – these people are fronts for the economic traitors/elites who understand that peasants like stupid – these voters by rewarding stupid think they are punishing those they feel think they are better than them / keep them down – same reason the Nazi’s went after intellectuals in their propoganda (just one example of this in history)

  9. Matt26 says

    @Rowan, you’re right, and the same thing is going on not just in US but around the world.

  10. Good Luck says

    Can’t wait to see Fox News cover this!

    1st candidate: I’m really dumb.
    2nd candidate: No, I’M dumber.
    3rd candidate: Sorry, you guys, I’M the dumbest one here!
    4th candidate: On your worst day you couldn’t be as dumb as me!
    5th candidate: I’m sorry — what was the question?

  11. Dave says

    That one moron said “War and Peace” was his favorite book, I doubt it… then went on to quip “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” the opening line from “A Tale of Two Cities” An oddly ironic if not moronic statement as today we find ourselves as a nation of the aristocracy and the peasantry, a tale of two cites indeed!

  12. MAWM says


    I was going to write the same thing. He mistook where the quote came from, but unknowingly came up with a statement that completely captured the moment.

    Maybe he is a political idiot-savant.

  13. Bill Perdue says

    Greg V – the differences are cosmetic. Where is the end of military bigotry? Where is ENDA? Where is the repeal of Bill Clinton’s DOMA? Where are all these accomplishment you pretend happened?

    The Democrats had super majorities and did nothing. It took the March on Washington get them to move on the hate crimes bill, an ineffective sop. It took GetEqual and mass sentiment for repeal to get them to move on DADT, and repeal only stops mandated bigotry.

    The Democrats are just as much our enemy as the Republicans.