News: Jeremy Renner, Iowa, Dianne Feinstein, Crayfish, Andre Ziehe

Road Of course he did.

RoadIowa poll: Only 36% support impeaching judges over marriage equality decision.

Renner RoadGuess who passed out in Jeremy Renner's bed?

RoadWinston-Salem, North Carolina to hold first gay pride parade in 15 years: "The parade could be for any minority or any community that feels they don't have a voice."

RoadNewsweek: Hate group leader Bryan Fischer "just doing his job" when he attacks gays.

RoadSocial moderate GOP leader in Maryland steps down: "Kittleman's position put him at odds with many Republican colleagues, who told him during a closed-door meeting last week that they were distressed by his civil-unions bill and would not be supporting the legislation, according to participants."

RoadTaylor Kitsch: short hair.

Road Hombre gay bar in Oakland Park, Florida vandalized: "Between Friday night’s closing and the noon arrival of Kackin and his staff at the bar on Saturday to prepare for their busiest night of the week, the bar was broken into and almost all of its equipment demolished, including pool tables, pinball machines, video games, TVs, music system, cash register, jukebox and credit card reader. 'My staff went in first and then came back to the car and said ‘You don’t want to go in there’."

RoadVillains: Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway join cast of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.

Ziehe RoadBrazilian model Andre Ziehe gives good face for Gamos magazine.

RoadWATCH: J Lo plays a hidden camera prank, on Ellen.

RoadCharges dropped in raid of gay Dallas bathhouse: "Lee said the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office is dismissing the charges because prosecutors don’t believe they can prove that the defendants are guilty. Seven of the defendants were charged with public lewdness, three were charged with indecent exposure and one was charged with interfering with police."

RoadGenuine Ken is looking for a real-life, hopefully anatomically correct, Ken doll.

RoadAdam Lambert has a look going on at the premiere of RuPaul's Drag Race at Rage in West Hollywood.

Road60's pot farm becomes Napa's first biodynamic winery: "Benziger is located in Glen Ellen, CA at Sonoma Mountain. The 85-acre estate, which almost forms a perfect bowl, has 29 unique micro-climates around the property."

Crayfish RoadGiant crayfish species discovered hiding in Tennessee crack.

RoadLBJ enjoyed an extra inch in the crotch.

RoadL.A. Clippers to hold Equality Night, and NoH8 is enticing you to attend with a photo shoot.

RoadComcast-NBC deal gets federal approval.

RoadFeinstein calls out Duncan Hunter on plans to thwart DADT repeal: "Rep. Hunter knows his legislation has no chance of success. Should it pass the House, it will never be approved by the Senate or signed by the President."

RoadLimbaugh adds to long history of anti-gay rhetoric: "These people blamed AIDS on Reagan. Sound familar? They blamed homelessness on Reagan — you know why they blamed AIDS on Reagan? Because he didn't care. Because he never delivered a speech about it. And because of that, AIDS was spread. They actually wanted us to believe that Reagan had the disease, was sneaking into gay people's houses at night, and impregnating them with the disease and running out."


  1. says

    I’m all for shining a light on the endless shenanigans of the Repugs. But rabid homophobe Duncan Hunter is a clown sideshow with absolutely no chance of getting his bill to slow down “repeal” of DADT through both houses of Congress. So Sen. Feinstein AND “Courage Campaign” should focus on where the real obstacle to “repeal” ACTUALLY remains: the White House which continues to let fake gay friend SECDEF Gates continue to drag his feet on “certification” and implementation.

    And he’s doing that without ANY bill from lunatic Hunter or anyone else. He’s said he will NOT “certify” “until the Service Chiefs are comfortable that the risks to unit cohesion and combat effectiveness of a change have been addressed to their satisfaction”…which would, of course, include Marine Commasshat Amos who believes that letting gays serve openly could actually result in other Marines being maimed or killed.

    Per DADT expert and Director of the Palm Center Aaron Belkin: “THE FOOT-DRAGGING IS NOT ABOUT SOME SINCERE OR LEGITIMATE SENSE THAT THE TROOPS NEED TO BE TRAINED ON HOW TO DEAL WITH GAYS. The Pentagon could easily repeal the ban TODAY if there was the political will.” – Washington Blade, January 6, 2011.

  2. Hue-Man says

    Strombo set up his Taylor Kitsch interview last night with something like “And now the interview Canadian women and 10% of Canadian men have been waiting for.” The short hair was unexpected; the conversation was humorous and surprisingly intelligent, especially someone who spent his youth in the Canadian junior hockey sweatshop.

  3. Danny says

    The doctor who is giving Rush his medications needs to be disciplined by the office of professional discipline in his state. That fat-ass has really run off the rails.

  4. antisaint says

    Uh, CREEK. The Whopping Crayfish was found in a Tennessee CREEK, not in a huge batch of Tennessee CRACK, which was where my mind went with that headline. :-)

  5. unruly says

    It’s hard to “becomes Napa’s first biodynamic winery” when you’re located in Sonoma Valley (in Sonoma County.) Someone on that site doesn’t know his geography.

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