News: Ellen Stewart, Freedom to Marry, Adam Lambert, Habibi

Road Spider-Man musical postponed till March, needs an ending.

RoadOprah's OWN network acquires Becoming Chaz documentary about transition of Chaz Bono. Documentary will have premiere at Sundance Film Festival.

Wbc RoadInside the Westboro Baptist Church: a LIFE gallery.

RoadMartha Stewart's French bulldog ripped her lip in half.

RoadDoes ENDA have a chance of passage by framing it as a 'jobs' bill? HRC's Sainz: “From that sense, it should appeal to members of the House — and the Senate for that matter — because it’s really doing nothing more than putting people to work, and if they can’t work, then they’re reliant on government assistance. So it should be fairly intuitive to Republicans that this is really a ‘jobs’ measure.”

RoadLaMama founder Ellen Stewart dies….

RoadPope John Paul II to be beatified this spring.

RoadOhio University to make residence hall rooms 'gender neutral': "While such housing is aimed at gay and transgender students it is also for friends or even brothers and sisters. It will not be recommended for dating couples, said Kent Smith, vice president for student affairs."

Road2011 Grammy performers announced.

Lambert RoadAdam Lambert goes long…hair, that is.

RoadNew software coming that will allow you to erase personal photos from the web?

RoadFreedom to Marry hosts fundraiser in home of Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes and his partner Sean Eldridge.

RoadTransgender activist Karina Samala awarded West Hollywood's 'Keeper of the Dream' Award: "The City of West Hollywood, in an annual commemoration of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, awards the 'Keeper of the Dream' Award to individuals who embody Dr. King’s philosophy and principles of justice, equality and peace, which the city embraces as core values."

RoadThe Big Gay Ice Cream Truck attributes much of its success to Twitter.

RoadAnti-discrimination ordinance passes 5-3 in Haverford, Pennsylvania.

Mcfly RoadHarry Judd of McFly does Attitude.

RoadColumbia, Missouri pastor honored for fighting for LGBT community.

RoadNYT profiles Habibi, an LGBT dance party for Arabs in NYC: “The dancers included plenty of non-Arab men, many of whom Abraham said were regulars. 'Hummus queens,' a 24-year-old grocery clerk from Queens named Hilal joked at one of the parties. 'That’s what you call white guys who go for Arabs.'"

RoadConnecticut Tea Party leader Gabe Carrera ran gay bashing campaign in 1998. Former Rep. Evelyn Mantilla: "He ran a campaign based strictly on my sexual orientation. He had a van with loudspeakers that repeated all these tired messages, letting people know that I was gay, letting people know he thought I was going to bring it into the schools, that it was a sin, that I would recruit people, untrue stuff."


  1. says

    This poor Spiderman musical!! I was never a fan of the concept (“Turn off the Dark?” Ugh!), but a large part of me does want it to succeed. Then again, there’s also the part that’s thinking that sometimes, a bad idea should just be left as that.

  2. MammaBear says

    There was a great piece on This American Life comparing the Spidey musical to Via Galactica, a comparable mega project musical that flopped 25 years ago. I hope it recovers too.

    I’m seeing more Stockard Channing than Gene Simmons…

  3. Paul R says

    Life magazine still exists? Can’t say I’m happy to ever see the Phelps get the attention they so desperately crave, but I did enjoy seeing their “God Hates the Pope” and “Pervert Pope” signs.

    “Hummus queens” is hilarious. A stranger in a deli offered me some hummus yesterday. Very odd. I declined.

  4. Tom Swift says

    I wish Adam L. would go to a blond flat top crew cut — just for a change. That black hair is too Liza.

  5. staciegirlie says

    @Tom Swift

    Why? Just so Adam can look just like EVERYONE else? D.I.V.E.R.S.I.T.Y.

    You can find a blond, flat top anywhere.

  6. ravewulf says

    Passing ENDA as a jobs bill? I have my doubts that the Republicans will go for it. They’ll say we are “secretly advancing the homosexual agenda” through it or something like that. Really we could say the same thing about getting rid of DOMA and putting in equal marriage (creates more jobs) and they would still block it

  7. Tom Swift says


    Where do you find them? I haven’t seen one in decades.

    Diversity? He looks like my aunt. (And, yes, before you ask, Liza is my aunt.)

  8. jamal49 says

    The NY Times article about “Habibi” also has a brief exchange between the reporter and a young patron, which is used to illustrate that Habibi being the only game in town for gay-Arab socializing causes some social snobbery and discrimination.

    The patron, apparently from Dubai but studying at Columbia University, says “In Dubai, everyone is bisexual. But it’s such a different scene there.”

    The patron then says that Habibi is “kind of trashy compared to what most Arabs, at least in Dubai, are used to. I mean, there are street vendors here.”

    The patron then gestures toward a man standing off in the shadows near to where the patron is and says “You can spot the ones who sell kebabs on the street. It’s not difficult.”

    Nice to know that snobbery is alive and well, even amongst gay Arabs.