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GLAAD Slams SNL for 'Estro-Maxx' Ad Mocking Transgender Women


During Saturday night's Saturday Night Live, a parody ad was featured mocking the daily lives of transgender women who take hormone therapy.

Writes GLAAD:

"The piece was a mock commercial for estrogen replacement therapy and featured men with facial hair wearing dresses, meant to represent transgender women. This segment cannot be defended as 'just a joke' because there was no 'joke' to speak of. The attempted comedy of the skit hinges solely on degrading the lives and experiences of transgender women. Dehumanizing holding people up for ridicule simply on the basis of their identity fuels a dangerous and hurtful climate and puts people in danger, especially given how infrequently the media shines a fair and accurate light on the lives of transgender people."

GLAAD has called on Comcast and NBC to apologize, remove the segment from Hulu, and all future airings.

Watch the clip, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. Really? God some people have no sense or humor, or can't even take a joke about themselves.

    Posted by: Drew | Jan 31, 2011 7:00:29 AM

  2. Drew, are you refering to transgenders, or are you refering to SNL?

    Posted by: Natira | Jan 31, 2011 7:02:42 AM

  3. It was a little over the top but then again nothing is sacred on SNL. I agree though...can't we all laugh at ourselves more?
    We know SNL has been an advocate for independent thinking and LGBT people for a long, long time.

    Posted by: Pugzz | Jan 31, 2011 7:10:29 AM

  4. If anything, the segment wasn't very funny. SNL was trying a variation of their "Annuale" segment from Tina Fey's era: about a pill where women have one insane menstrual period a year. But the segment above was just a bunch of men with facial hair, fake boobs, and wigs. It might have been less offensive to people if they had tweaked the segment a little better.

    Posted by: Ioann | Jan 31, 2011 7:20:11 AM

  5. Yes snl isn't as good as it used to be, but im talking about glaad, we are going to run our supporters away, look comedy isn't supposed to be all safe and nice, and nothing is sacred in comedy.

    Posted by: Drew | Jan 31, 2011 7:20:50 AM

  6. I agree. GLADD should just take a chill pill for once.

    Posted by: the happy Misanthrope | Jan 31, 2011 7:24:23 AM

  7. As much as it pains me to say it, I have to agree with GLAAD that "there was no 'joke' to speak of." Like almost all of the skits on SNL these days, it was just painfully sophomoric, trite, and unfunny. I demand an apology from SNL for wasting 90 minutes of my life. (Jesse Eisenberg was adorable, though.)

    Posted by: Will | Jan 31, 2011 7:32:12 AM

  8. I agree with what Susan Surandon said a awhile ago that GLAAD is turning into PETA. They attack all the wrong programs just to get their name out there.To attack GLEE which is one of the most gay-friendly programs on TV was absurd. They have also attacked FAMILY GUY even though Seth MacFarlene and the show are both very pro-gay rights.

    Posted by: AlexM | Jan 31, 2011 7:33:55 AM

  9. A good joke is intelligent. There was nothing remotely intelligent about this SNL skit.

    GLAAD rightly points out that there are very few portrayals of transgender people on TV to begin with. When something like this SNL skit comes along, it further distorts things towards the negative perception.

    Posted by: brian | Jan 31, 2011 7:38:16 AM

  10. while I don't pretend to actually "understand" why people are Transgendered, I try to be sensitive to the fact that -some_ people ARE just that way....and hey, don't judge me, I won't judge you. ...was the skit funny, ....kinda......but it did cause even me to cringe a bit.

    Posted by: Disgusted American | Jan 31, 2011 8:10:29 AM

  11. How much more of "you can't say that", "you can't say this", "you can't do that", etc. do you think people will take before they totally turn off to everything? I'm there now.

    Posted by: Brad | Jan 31, 2011 8:30:36 AM

  12. I rarely get offended by this type of stuff but honestly this sketch was just stupid. It's not that transgendered people were the butt of the joke- there wasn't even a joke, so it ended up being just "haha let's laugh at MTFs!"

    Posted by: Chris | Jan 31, 2011 8:49:59 AM

  13. Sorry - I support SNL and trans folks not GLAAD. I got a laugh from SNL because I thought the bit was great. Michelle Bachmann's bit was great too.

    Posted by: Fred | Jan 31, 2011 8:50:47 AM

  14. Aren't there more important things going on to be upset about right now? Besides, I laughed my ass off. If I wanted serious in depth information about transsexuals I'd tune into Logo's line up of drag race and the a-list.

    Posted by: CJ | Jan 31, 2011 8:53:14 AM

  15. I kept waiting for the joke. And kept waiting. And then I remembered, "Oh, it's Saturday Night Live." And then I changed the channel.

    Posted by: RichardR | Jan 31, 2011 9:00:22 AM

  16. GLADD is wrong on this one, I'm afraid. Stop attacking our supporters, even when they do unfunny bits. I knew as I was watching it that a shitstorm was coming.

    Posted by: Jerry | Jan 31, 2011 9:05:41 AM

  17. The thing that's offensive is when you turn on a comedy show for a laugh and it isn't funny. SNL is the best example of this egregious offense that I can think of, and it has nothing to do with MTF transpeople. None at all.

    Posted by: SeriouslySick | Jan 31, 2011 9:27:20 AM

  18. It was LAME and the audience was laughing at people pretending to be transgendered.
    Transgender = laughs

    Posted by: Natira | Jan 31, 2011 9:45:16 AM

  19. It was funny and simple. To say that there is "no-joke" available to the topic of gender reassignment is to say that there haven't been massive clashes of gender identity throughout history.

    When you have stress you have humor, I would imagine any offense on the part of a transsexual is that people believe a simple pill can make you into a woman. A crushing reality.

    Posted by: Fenrox | Jan 31, 2011 9:46:38 AM

  20. GLAAD should get over themselves and off their stupid high horse. It was hilarious, and just a joke.

    Posted by: Whateva | Jan 31, 2011 10:08:03 AM

  21. Are we mad because the transgendered people portrayed were too masculine? All men with facial hair in dresses? I liked the matter of fact tone, the Sally Field for boniva "I don't have time" cliche. I disagree if anyone thinks the actors were freakish or held up to ridicule. They were shown to be busy dudes getting the job done and getting what they want out of life, dudes who want to be chicks. The airport security guy showing up with a bottle of wine seems like a pretty positive image.

    Posted by: Rikard | Jan 31, 2011 10:10:30 AM

  22. It was meant to be a topical "current issue" parody. SNL thought they were being funny...
    'Kids in the Hall' would have been.

    Posted by: Eddie | Jan 31, 2011 10:11:42 AM

  23. GLAAD is out of control. First "The Dilemma" now this.

    I say when you're as gay friendly and fair as Saturday Night Live is you can officially make fun of LGBTs because you've paid your dues.

    LGBT fun-making is on the rise, but this time it's not mean-spirited and malicious and anti-gay.

    Posted by: Jake Orlando | Jan 31, 2011 10:21:18 AM

  24. As a gay man who's in love with his own cock and balls, and the cocks and balls and cocks and balls of other men, I think trans-sexualism is absurd. I think making fun of it is perfectly all right. Trans-sexuals should not be beaten up, or harassed, or discriminated against, but they are as much fair game for being laughed at as any of the rest of us. Skit was a hoot.

    Posted by: Bob | Jan 31, 2011 10:22:23 AM

  25. This skit was the very definition of transphobic. Anyone who thinks it's just harmless and funny perhaps just doesn't give a damn about trans issues, because this was equivalent to a blackface Sambo sketch.

    And listen, let's stop with all this 'people won't let you tell jokes about anything' whining. This is how it works; you can tell any joke you like, whether it's about estrogen supplements or gay electric cars. And then everyone else can tell you that it wasn't funny, that it was offensive, that they don't want to see your show or watch your movie.

    If you think these people have the right to tell jokes like this, why don't you think I have the right to say that I hated it?

    Posted by: Andrew W | Jan 31, 2011 11:02:45 AM

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