Florida Governor Rick Scott Puts Gays on Notice: ‘I believe that adoption should be by a married couple.’

IN an interview with reporters yesterday, Florida Governor Rick Scott was asked about his feelings about the state's policy on gay adoptions, which were just legalized after the court struck down a 30-year ban.

Scott Answered Scott: "I believe that adoption should be by a married couple."

Scott's position has state advocacy groups very concerned.

Florida Together writes, in an email:

Obviously, this is an end-run around the courts on gay and lesbian inclusive adoption, it could remove millions of Floridians from the adoption process and leave tens of thousands of children in state foster care who could otherwise be adopted by loving families. 

The Governor’s statement was clear but it was not the only insight we learned.

Just yesterday, Governor Rick Scott named David Wilkins as Secretary of the Department of Children and Families – the state agency responsible for implementing adoptions in Florida. David Wilkins serves as Finance Chairman for Florida Baptist Children’s Homes – an “organization dedicated to providing Christ-centered services to children and families…”

Among its missions, the Florida Baptists Children’s Homes provides adoption services. To adopt through them, they, “require that you be a professing Christian, be active in a local Christian church, and follow a lifestyle that is consistent with the Christian faith.”

Such a narrow view of adoption is well outside the mainstream in Florida, leaves millions of Americans out of the process and disregards what is in the best interests of the child. It is, in a word, dangerous to have a man with these narrow values setting adoption policy for all of us.

With this appointment and Governor Scott’s statement today, we are profoundly disappointed but not surprised.  In real terms it means the showdown on adoption may be just starting instead of nearing an end.

Fortunately, our friends and allies at ACLU of Florida (who filed and won the court case allowing gay and lesbian adoption in Florida) have called a meeting in Orlando on Saturday, February 5th to prepare our next steps to defend and protect this ruling from the attacks we know now are sure to come. Florida Together is proud to attend and we invite you to join us there: organizing strategy session to be held on Saturday, February 5th from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Orlando Sheraton – Downtown

The Miami Herald adds: "Scott said he and Wilkins have not discussed whether to attempt to challenge an appeals court ruling from Miami-Dade that said the state law banning gays and lesbians from adopting is unconstitutional. Shortly after that ruling, DCF said it would no longer enforce the ban. Scott spokesman Brian Burgess said the governor has no plans to revive the ban on gay adoptions at this time."


  1. Tracy says

    So in a time of fiscal cutbacks in state governments nationwide, he is going to eliminate thousands of potential adoptions and remand those adoptees back into state foster care? This is not only morally wrong, but fiscally wrong as well.

  2. David in Houston says

    “Answered Scott: “I believe that adoption should be by a married couple.””

    I couldn’t agree more… let gay couples get married. Problem solved! Oh, wait! That’s not what you meant? Shocking!

    One should assume then, that all single-parent families in Florida should have their children taken into state custody and placed into loving Christian two-parent families. Isn’t that EXACTLY what Gov. Scott is saying, that a child needs to be raised by a mom and a dad? …or does that rule only apply to gay couples?

  3. michael says

    Rick Scott is a criminal, literally — 14 felony charges and billions of dollars in fines to the government for fraud. His opponent in the race for governor was a woman (Alex Sink), but we in Florida would rather have a criminal than a woman as our governor. He’s anti-gay, anti-public transportation, anti-education, etc. This man is the reason why I am moving out of this state and am never coming back.

  4. says

    I could not agree with ‘David in Houston’ more. I think most children are better served in two parent households whenever possible (exceptions apply, obviously), whether that be a mom and dad, two moms or two dads. Scott’s statement is so short-sighted that it is almost comical. Almost, because I’m sure there are plenty out there who never consider the actual implications of what he is really saying.

  5. Bart says

    The good news, as governor, all he can do is sign things into law, he can’t make them. And since the courts already made it clear the ban on gay adoption in Florida is illegal, Governor Scott — who is shaping up quickly to be a one-shot, buyer’s remorse governor — can believe what he wants.

    I would also suggest that Governor Scott and all his straight, marriage, oh so righteously religious couples start adopting. The state of Florida has a lot of children who are adoptable (more than most actually) and a horrible DCF record. So get busy Governor, I hope you and your good Christian married friends can afford fve or six extra kids a piece. Of course, they’ll grow up in a regressive, subversively hate-filled home and probably learn to despise your backwards, anti-Christian Christianity but you get what you put out.

  6. Russell Lewis says

    Well, at their age, they are probably not going to adopt, but has the man forgotten the large Jewish population in Florida? I guess they and every other adoptive couple are only going to be allowed to adopt from outside the pool of children from his henchman’s agency.

  7. Rob says

    It would seem Florida voters have truly endorsed having their state become a full-fledged member of the Christianist wingutty South of 2011. Gov. Skeletor and his appointed minions appear to be no different than their counterparts in many other Southern states run by Repug thugs to the detriment of many of their citizens — not just the GLBT community but those of different religions, colors, creeds, etc. I don’t foresee Florida and the South becoming an enlightened part of this nation anytime soon.

  8. Obama ate my baby says

    And with one sentence, millions of LGBT “activists” give up and lay down and die. A people that aren’t willing to fight for their own rights is not worthy of equal rights. Woe is me! Alas! Despair! Save me, Obama! This man said mean things to me!

  9. Robert says

    I never will understand why Florida continues to elect such right wing fanatics. I will continue to spend my money in states that pass laws that are fair to all people. I understand there are still 30 states that allow discrimination against gay people. Why do you all live in these places and pay taxes? MOVE!

  10. james Brown says

    This is NO surprise to those of us in Florida who DREADED the election of this man! He’s Anita Bryant in male form… and no hair! We need to elect him OUT of office ASAP!

  11. Sal says

    Florida DESERVES Rick Scott .

    Hypocrite Christian conservatives love this medicaire fraud CEO as do the countless 1 issue NRA voters.

    Than factor in the COUNTLESS non voting democrats (including a huge percent in gay community) in this backwards state who are incapable of voting in state elections and you wind up with Rick Scott

  12. Sal says

    Sadly that is not the case at all. The “Yankee” Jewish American population is a MAJOR asset to this state and the only reason why we have not gone back to the stone age but many are no longer coming to Florida to retire.

    They had enough of a smoke and mirrors trick called no state tax (there is no state tax here but insane property tax and countless other ways they get you to compensate),incredibly low political standards and just ill run place.

    I wish as many liberals as possible would come here but that has not been the case in yrs.

  13. pete4808 says

    Gov. Rick Scott looks and he acts like a gay man. I really think he is hiding his true sexual orientation. Nothing wrong with that just hate it when they advocate against gay rights when they are homosexuals themselves.

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