1. Bob R says

    I’ve posted Diderot’s famous quote time and time again: “Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.” Or perhaps in this case the last priestess.

    Religious people are crazy people. It’s just a matter of degree the level of insanity.

  2. Tonez says

    God didn’t seem to do anything after all those little boys were molested….. But I think the bigger question is why does God hate birds and fish so much!?

  3. Travis says

    Logical people call this fallacy “Post hoc ergo propter hoc,” or a coincidental correlation.

  4. Curtis says

    Whenever the gays win a battle in the fight for civil rights, one of these religious zealots comes out to blame a natural occurring incident on us because God is angry. Who knew we were so powerful? I’m taking credit for climate change, myself.

  5. secure214 says

    Yes this has never happened in all of human history…

    Was it a gay asteroid that killed all the dinosaurs?

  6. says

    In addition to normal college, I also went to Bible College and it’s been 20 years since I’ve looked at scripture. I wish I hadn’t broken that streak w/the passage from Hosea, it made me sick to my stomach. Religion is just so …devastating.

  7. Lonnie says

    What’s pathetic is that as batshit crazy as these people are, we still let them walk all over us. We deserve it, I suppose. A people that deserve equality fight for it. We refuse to fight. We sit on our asses and wait for the Democrats to give it to us.

  8. Bart says

    Cindy’s wig is cutting off circulation to her atrophied brain. At least she makes insane and stupid colorfully fun!

  9. Brad says

    I’m not sure that I would want to worship a god so heartless He would kill off thousands of innocent animals. It’s funny that when the UK, Netherlands, Canada and a bunch of other countries allowed LGBT people to serve in their armed forces, the massive die off was not reported.

  10. walter says

    if the repeal of DADT can trigger the killing
    of thousands of birds and fish what will the overturning of DOMA unleash? the sun falling from the sky the mountains crashing or the earth stop turning. these people are really a joke but very dangerous. the most scary part they actually believe it. watched one the other night selling miracle spring water. he guaranteed it would do everything from stopping bankruptcy to healing warts and people actually sent in their money. fools and their money are easily parted

  11. atg145 says

    I love how these people always seem to assume ‘interpretation’ and ‘meaning’ are the same thing. It’s the same assumption other crackpots, like astrologist, tarot card readers, and fortune tellers seem to thrive on.

  12. AndyWarholsWig says

    Ugh… I get so sick of this debate! The Bible also says that eating shellfish is wrong. The world didn’t end the first time someone ate shrimp scampi, though. Again, I say… UGH.

  13. Mark says

    She obviously needs more gay men in her life. Someone needed to tell her to rethink that purple leopard-print suit jacket. Yikes.

  14. says

    Andy, why would you run this piece with an image of the woman who talks to herself outside my local 7-11? It makes no sense.

  15. sparks says

    Come on now.. ya’ll KNEW the wackadoodles were eventually gonna blame us for those birds falling out of the sky. I mean.. none of you is surprised, right?

  16. AtlantaGuy says

    @Travis: You’re absolutely right regarding post hoc ergo proptor hoc. This most basic fallacy (“After this, therefore because of this”) is not just fatal weakness of virtually all religious-right “logic,” it is — in my opinion — the very source of the human belief in god(s).

    Deep in their caves, our frightened, newly bipedal ancestors observed taboos, sacrificed virgins or goats or virgin goats, and — lo! — spring returned … or a bison was felled … or a volcano DIDN’T erupt … or … or … whatever! It was clearly PROOF that they had pleased the sun god or the corn god or Baal or Yahweh or Our Lady of Perpetual Dyspepsia.

    All religion is a series of implied threats perpetuated by ex post facto omens. A solar eclipse? Well it MUST have been something we did to make the gods take always the sun! Surely the priests will tell us what, so we won’t do it again!

    The only thing more stupid than these religious nuts is the power our frightened fellow citizens have given them over us.

  17. Ninong says

    The ignorance of the wingnuts never ceases to amaze me but it’s always an unexpected pleasure when it also makes me fall off my chair laughing.

  18. X says

    ..aaaaaand American kids are dying because of “Christians” like her refusing to listen to actual people and facts.

  19. mike says

    I would just love for someone to mention to this woman that we burn tons of fossil fuels, consume tons of stuff, pollute tons of crap into the environment everyday. not to mention there are hundreds of thousands of planes in the sky. i love things this stuff provides for society, but if we’re jumping to conclusions, you ignore everything society puts into the sky… and you land on GAYS. seriously. can someone mention this to this woman cause i dont want to look for her email addy. i just want to get that across to her. think about your Escalade before you go calling the gays into it.

  20. mike says

    Oh and Suze Orman called, she doesn’t want this lady ripping off her style, cause she’s apparently an idiot.

  21. Scotty says

    She kinda looks like Gloria Allred and Leona Helmsley had a love child…

    Anyway, the Invisible Sky Wizard must really be slipping. Time was when gays were blamed for Hurricane Katrina. Now we’re blamed for a bunch of birds dropping from the sky? Talk about an anticlimax! Consider me underwhelmed.

  22. Diogenes says

    If Ms. Jacobs really believes in the Bible, why isn’t she heeding this bit of it?

    “I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man, but to be in silence” (1 Timothy 2:12).

    Maybe the bird deaths occurred because she’s disobeying this piece of Scripture?

  23. TANK says

    It’s difficult…to take someone seriously with a pomeranian on her head. “Hush now, waffles! Be still. Momma’s churchin’!” You know she’s got mirrors in her dressing room. She actually stopped, examined, has a stylist…and thought, “now this looks good…no no no…this!”. It’s like a chunk wedge weave…a monument to poor decision making. And intentional…rotflmao. And people get their moral guidance from these big haired buffoons. Hair hypnosis…don’t listen to the words…look at the hair…would someone who looks this pathological mislead you? No way…she should be selling pencils from a paper cup in a subway terminal.

    So what’s with fundy preachers and the wild crazy hair? I mean the pinched angry faces are quickly explained, but the peacock pieces defy…they just defy.

  24. t.todd says

    actually, it’s that sequined purple leopard-print jacket of hers that’s making all the birds die. just a thought . . .

  25. jamal49 says

    Uh. Um. Well, um. Yeah, sure, Cindy. Right. Uh, which planet did you say you came from, Hon?

  26. Skooter McGoo says

    And Pat Robertson said that God made the blizzard to keep people from doing “gay” things. God sure seems to have a lot of human emotions like anger, jealousy, revenge, etc. for a omnipotent deity. And I know that all 38 countries that allow service members to openly serve have had all their animals die as well. In fact, I don’t think there are any animals left on the planet accept those who peddle apocalyptic fear from the pulpit and government.

  27. says

    Why doesn’t she talk with the gay guy who picked out that outfit because you know no straight person came up with a Joan Rivers Collection necklace and sparkling leopard print…. I’m sure “her gay” can explain why we are all equal.

  28. EJ says

    Where is Tiny Fey when you need her.

    This would be material for about 500 SNL skits.

    No one with a quarter of a brain could possible take this idiot seriously, but I do LOVE the cloths!

  29. Joe says

    This woman is an 80s comedian right? If she’s not a comedian, think she needs a new set of holy vestments and a better team of gay stylists.

  30. Matt S says

    Maybe giving tax breaks to the richest 2% was the reason for the bird deaths. I mean, didn’t Jesus say it’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven?

    As I recall, Jesus didn’t say anything about us.

  31. SCVMalcolm says

    When will these religious fanatics at least get their “facts” straight and begin to realize that in the times when the books of the Bible were written terms like “nuclear”, “electromagnetic”, “globalization”, “intercontinental” and “homosexuality” hadn’t even been created yet.
    The dead ones aren’t the only “birds who fell out of the air”!

  32. Derek Pearce says

    Wow, whoever earlier said she like a Kids In The Hall skit is dead-on! I keep and hearing Dave Foley when I watch this LOL!!

  33. jamal49 says

    Another reason God created gays: to provide firm but gentle fashion advice to tacky, tasteless evangelicals.

  34. Jeff Dunivant says

    They were infected by toxins, remember; it is Arkansas not a Biblical prophesy. Stupid woman! In Louisiana, water temperature was the cause of the dead fish. Use your head!

  35. Jerry6 says

    Do not forget that this “Person” is mearly exhibiting her version of “Free Speech” And we all know the value of anything that is “Free”.

  36. telson says

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