1. sparks says

    Um.. can we please SEE the so-called raunchy videos by Honors? What I’ve seen don’t qualify for that word; tasteless, sure.. tacky, sure.. amateur, absolutely. Raunchy, not even close.

    But I am certainly willing to take a look at his other vids if one of them is dirtier than the ridiculously overly-edited one released by the Virginian Pilot.

    For evaluation purposes, of course.

  2. Tony says

    Am I concerned about raunchy? Not so much.

    Am I concerned about homophobic? YES, definitely.

  3. ratbastard says

    Is this beeitch for real? She expects the world to operate by the standards of the PC obsessed HR department of a media conglomerate, and is ‘Shocked’ when everyone doesn’t conform?

    I’m more embarrassed by this interview and the phoniness of all involved than by the XO vids.

    And MSNBC, CNN, etc., are surprised why they are having so much trouble just maintaining their current audience and tenuous status quo?

    What the XO did was indeed foolish, because he should know how rigid, tight-a**, humorless and PC our whole society has become, and how his vids could be used for political purposes and would come back to bite him on the bum.

    This whole thing is being blown WAY out of proportion.

  4. D.R.H. says

    This is totally over-sensationalized crap. Yeah he said fag. It’s the Navy not NASA. These people are seamen, not Mensa members, trapped on a boat with nothing to do. I can only imagine the depravity that goes on. Oh yeah, and they’re defending our country. Not that it gives them carte blanche to be simple-minded dickheads but, seriously?, this media response is a little ridiculous.

  5. Major707 says

    No finer example of the demise of strict standards than Capt. Lippold. He disobeys his own operation standard manual and his ship is totally unprepared for a attack while in a foreign port and he is given a free pass. Prior to the attack on his ship a Captain was responsible for his ship. If it ran aground his leadership, the confidence in his ability to lead was diminished and he was removed from command.
    So he is the obvious choice to parade out to support a senior office who has not lived up to the standards expected/demanded of men in these important positions.

  6. says

    Commander Lippold lied (or is uninformed). Had he read the actual original reporting from the local paper in Virginia, there are MORE videos. This is just the one that the reporter could get her hands on. This is common practice for this Captain.

  7. ratbastard says


    …NO commander would keep his job who allowed the N-word, or the C-word for women, to be “joked” about.


    …How ’bout calling ‘Poor’, ‘Working Class’ or rural whites ‘Trash’, ‘White Trash’, ‘Crackers’, etc.,? Are you guilty of doing this? Dumb question, of course you are. And whenever a white person contradicts your views especially regarding alleged racism or some other ‘Ism’, you immediately start calling them ‘Racist’, ‘Good Old Boys’ [Question: Are there Good Old Girls? Are there Good Old Boy/Girl black folks, Hispanics, Asians?] ‘Fascist’, and make the obligatory references to The Klan and Tea-Baggers.

    And that navy vet speaks for himself. Just like I, as an army vet, speak for myself.

    This whole thing is nothing more than gay and other self-described ‘Progressives’ taking advantage of the situation to extrapolate and attack the evil military, whom most self described ‘Progressives’ despise, institution and service members alike.

    I believe the XO was foolish to make these vids, and it shows poor judgement primarily because it’s un-PC and he should have known if it became publicized The Brass would hang him out to dry.

  8. ratbastard says

    And wtf is up with having Governor Pimp, Elliot Spritzer, pontificating on others moral/ethical lapses? Is CNN for real hiring this filthy fraud?

  9. says

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