News: Grilled Cheese, Hawaii, Ferris Bueller, Qantas, Rafael Nadal

Road It Gets Better: The Book.

RoadHawaii begins debate on civil unions bill.

RoadHRC VP: Don't expect much in State of the Union address. "I just don't think that this is a speech that we should put all our eggs in this basket." 

50 RoadGay couple celebrate 50 years. "Jack and George have been together since they first met at a friend’s bon voyage party on Jan. 19, 1961."

RoadJersey Shore heading to Italy for fourth season.

RoadThe Ferris Bueller/Fight Club theory.

RoadFormer MN Gov. Jesse Ventura sues Homeland Security and TSA: "Ventura is asking a federal judge in Minnesota to issue an injunction ordering officials to stop subjecting him to 'warrantless and suspicionless' scans and body searches."

RoadDaily Mail columnist defends self against column that said gay people are out to destroy "normal sexual behavior". Melanie Phillips: "I have nothing against gay people and would always defend them against true prejudice – as I did in my article, and as I often do when considering the threat posed to them by radical Islamism. What does concern me, however, is the ‘gay rights’ political agenda which, as activists have often made clear, aims to change the basic moral framework of society."

RoadKeanu Reeves reveals that he's gearing up for 4th and 5th sequels to The Matrix.

Grilledcheese RoadThe grilled cheese and tomato…martini.

RoadFBI: Federal hate crime charges unlikely in arson attack on gay man's home in Carroll County, Georgia. We are prepared to take a closer look at it, but everything we have so far indicates that case will stay with Carroll County authorities."

RoadBush administration broke elections law.

RoadAustraian Formula One legend Niki Lauda wants ban on same-sex dancing on TV: "I have absolutely nothing against homosexuals. In fact, quite the contrary. In my airline Fly Niki I even have a few working for me, there is even some who are trainers. All I want is that children and teenagers don't get to see the wrong role models in dancing. There are so many good things in our culture and one of those is that men dance with women. At this rate we will soon have to be saying sorry because we are heterosexual."

RoadManchester, UK gay bar posts under fire for posting want ad for straight workers.

RoadQantas flight drops 26,000 feet after losing pressure.

RoadLISTEN: Jennifer Hudson's new single "Where You At".

Penguins_nadal RoadRafael Nadal and penguins. That's all.

RoadAndrew Belonsky on political calls for civility: "Perhaps the key to political congeniality isn't playing what some are wryly describing as State of the Union 'musical chairs,' even restricting bombastic rhetoric, although those certainly help. Maybe the actual catalyst for lasting civility lies in supporting LGBT equality."

RoadALERT: Zac Efron is on a diet.

RoadLooks like a pump, feels like a flipper.

Road4Play Squash, Britain's first gay squash club, given government grant to attract lesbians and transgender people to the sport: "The club was given the cash by Sport England that is part of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. The funds will also be used to encourage bisexuals to take advantage of free coaching sessions, as well as funding new equipments, The Telegraph reports. 4Play Squash, based at the Finsbury Leisure Centre, in Camden, north London, was formed 21 years ago."


  1. JP says

    Two postings here that prove the theory that the phrase ‘I have nothing against gay people’ is code for “i just don’t think they are equal to me’.

  2. says

    “Now that the Bush administration has left office, the Office of Special Counsel has no jurisdiction to pursue charges …” – just as Rove & Co. planned it.
    Politicians are free to commit all kinds of depraved acts, because no one seems to care enough to charge them while they are in power and no one wants to charge them to afterwards either (fear of being labeled partisans).
    As long as this is the case, I’ll never understand why the DNC doesn’t use the Rove playbook.

  3. Steve says

    So what’s with the 2 stories about bigots (Daily Mail, Niki Lauda) where they both say, “I have nothing against gays….” Can’t anyone call them out on this?


  4. Steve says

    JP: It was like in the 1950s when people said “I have nothing against black people” – except they didn’t want them in their schools, neighborhoods, or grocery stores.

  5. SteveC says

    The story about Melanie Phillips is very sinister. She writes for a tabloid – the Daily Mail which has millions of readers. It has embarked on a viciously homophobic campaign against gay rights in the last few weeks. It has always been homophobic but they are now openly inciting hatred. The Daily Mail is known as the Daily Heil in Britain thanks to its hatred of non-whites and gay people. It’s little wonder that it supported Adolf Hitler until shortly before the outbreak of World War 2.

  6. Pyre says

    To clarify, Niki Lauda is Austrian, not Australian. In this post he seems to be somewhere in the middle.

  7. Ryan says

    I watched the Ferris Bueller thing and thought it was mildly interesting… but then I *died* laughing because, buried in that youtube video for a split second toward the end (2:57, I think) was a flash of an uncircumcised penis. LOL. I was NOT expecting that, and it had nothing to do with the video that I could tell. Weird, but funny.

  8. SFshawn says

    Niki should be apologizing for being a hetero that obviously thinks gays are less than equal. FU Niki. Let the world decide who their role models will be. Jeez.
    Some heteros really believe the world revolves around them?

  9. says

    @Ryan: The millisecond shot of a penis is from the movie “Fight Club”. ‘Brad Pitt’s’ character sliced into a film he was showing in his job as a movie projectionist.

  10. Rowan says

    The daily mail AND the Tories despite all the ‘out’ gays are scaringly letting a lot of nasty evangelists through parliament but I’ve been writing!