Military to Have 3 Months to Ready Forces for Openly Gay Troops

On the heels of last night's State of the Union, in which Obama said that 'DADT' repeal would be implemented this year, the Pentagon plans to announce that forces will have three months to prepare for the lifting of the ban, and how those forces will be trained, the AP reports:

Dadt"The plan will outline the swath of personnel, recruiting and other regulations that must be changed, And it will describe three levels of training for the troops, their commanders and the key administrators, recruiters and other leaders who will have to help implement the changes. Officials familiar with the plan described it on condition of anonymity because it has not been finalized or made public."


  1. hugo says

    3 months is about the time I need to prepare myself every time I venture close to the bible belt.

  2. Sean R says

    This is excellent, tho’ part of me wanted to say I’m concerned that this goes smoothly and with no more of the McCain-type shenanigans.

  3. Steve says

    Woo-hoo! My bet is, there will be no news about this transition. It’s such a nonissue, fundamentally.

  4. Jeremiah says

    It’s hard to imagine what they have to change. Just stop the witch hunts, that’s it.

    They really do make themselves look foolish with all the whining.

  5. alexInBoston says

    Will they and our “Gay leaders” ever get it??? Our GLBT brothers and sisters DO NOT WANT TO SERVE as prancing “prima donnas” as so many would like the rest of America to believe; they merely wish to serve and to serve without fear, that if someone learns they happen to be GLBT that they may continue to serve with honor, dignity, and fearlessly, that they will not be discharged or harmed in any fashion!! PERIOD!!! Our leaders and those who speak for us fail to convey this message! I do thank Lt Dan Choi and a few others who HAVE conveyed this message, but often times others have failed!

  6. says

    As in so many things, the devil will be in the details. Along with the fact it could have been done TWO YEARS AGO with an executive order rendering the law functionally moot, is the fact that if they follow the Pentagon “study’s” recommendations [after meeting with SEVEN different antigay groups] gay service members, even after “open service” is permitted, will be officially DENIED access to the same formal equal opportunity protections IN the military that, for instance, black service members are protected by in terms of discrimnation in assignments, evaluations, promotions, etc. [The original “repeal” bill that Secretary of Defense Gates insisted in May be gutted would have created a FEDERAL LAW banning any such discrimination.]

    Palm Center research documented that the “second class” system of filing greviences [the “study” refers to] allowed over the years to those perceived to be gay in terms of harassment did not work. This gap would affect EVERY out gay service member not just those with partners as the limits on benefits would.

  7. mary says

    3 months is about right. They have to change admnistrative documents and procedures. They also will have to add this to training at least once. Training also for the officers to nip it in the bud if joe six-pack does something stupid, etc. The media and rigth-wing groups will try to find problems and I hope everyone simply yawns with boredom.

  8. JM says

    Michael –

    An executive order that, like all executive orders, can be rescinded by a future President Palin/Romney/Pawlenty/Huckabee?

    That where you wanted to rest all your eggs? In a executive order which would’ve been challenged in court, and which could be repealed immediately whenever a less than gay friendly president takes over?

  9. says

    Gee, three moths to retrain the straights to get over their bigotry ( or to learn to conceal it.)
    I guess these “straights” are quick learners.

  10. JR USA says

    I dont think this will turn out good. it will be a check the block type deal the EVERYONE will be put in a classroom then comes death by power point. what is really going to be learned? who is going to say pass or fail. this will be a mess. there will always be that few who dont caare and will do as they pleas. ive seen army traning ie EO its a quarterly thing we do. its just a joke to most of the people. sience its my choice i think ill stay in the closet

  11. Jeremiah says

    Just because gay service people can no longer be driven out doesn’t mean they have to come out. There’s no need to make a declaration of gayness. And now an accusation of gayness will no longer be a threat.

    I think even John McCain (The Loser) will be frustrated in his efforts to make it a big deal.

  12. David says

    3 months is pretty reasonable. Add to that a month or so for the review and certification and another 2 months for the mandated waiting period, and you are looking at sometime in the summer of this year.

    I am very confident that this will go smoothly BUT – it is inevitable that, at some point, there will be a negative incident. In any population of several million people, there will be some misconduct if given enough time. When that incident comes – whether it be a homophobic assault or an inappropriate act by a gay servicemember or something else – we have to make sure that the homophobic nutjobs don’t spin it as representative.