1. Beef and Fur says

    Why the disclaimer at the start of each video? The commander and the admiral were also derlict in duty as well for allowing this to happen. An admiral or captain of a freaking nuclear aircraft carrier can’t use the defense “I didn’t know what was going on on my ship” as a defense. It’s their job to know and this is why they have staff to support them.

    His military personal could not, in any way shape or form, particpate in actual, real life behavior whithout repercussion and discipline. They couldn’t gang up on a female in the chow hall and ask her to save water by showering together and get away with it. Ironicaly, it would the be the Exec O who would be responsible for ensuring the discipline was enacted. They would probaly get busted in rank, forfiet pay and possibly be confined.

    In any civilian employment setting his behavior would violate HR policy, and possibly federal or state law and probably result in termination of employment and possible exposure to litigation.

    Plus, the guy is creepy. He deserves his punishment and his career is over.

  2. Beef and Fur says

    There is a difference between corny and slapstick and lewd and raunchy. Of course in my years serving I’ve seen much worse behind closed doors in certain select audiences and that’s not to say that it still doesn’t go on today or that it makes it right.

  3. Loki7329 says

    When Elaine Donnelly agrees with you, that should give anyone pause. Make no mistake, the FRC and Donnelly are gunning for Admiral Mullins and will use this in every way they can. How about not aiding and abetting the enemy.

  4. StillmarriedinCA says

    I should at the very least expect the comedy to be, well, funny.

    This isn’t about not letting anyone have fun. He could have let the sailors produce stuff like this and looked the other way. He could have had a professional comedian come aboard and be as naughty as he likes. He could have produced his own video without being so insensitive to women, gays and those who were offended. He could have found ways to make a joke without depicting himself masturbating, eating feces or showering with his underlings. It’s not a choice between this or no comedy at all. That’s a false premise.
    This would never fly if a CEO at any corporation showed it to all of his employees and it shouldn’t fly here.
    This guy was second in command. He was in charge of maintaining order and discipline, among other things. Where do you draw the line for the enlisted men and women if the guy at the top has no sense of propriety? And how do they have respect for their boss when he depicts himself as just as horny and juvenile as they are?
    Lots of officers in similar positions have weighed in and they agree that this guy was way out of line, violated rules of conduct unbecoming an officer, showed extremely poor judgement/lack of common sense, and also testified that they were able to boost morale in their units without lowering themselves to this kind of crap.
    Lots of young sailors are defending him because they think he’s a great guy and thought the vids were hilarious. Says a lot about the mentality and maturity of our enlisted men and women. But their commander is not supposed to lower himself to their level. He should be trying to elevate them to his.
    I am not surprised that the kids who sign up have the sense of humor of a 12 year old, but the guys promoted to the top need to be better. And we should at least TRY to see that these kids leave the service as more mature, more fully formed human beings.

  5. obmitar says

    I still don’t understand why it took so long for the Navy’s highest commanders to do anything about this. I’m curious if the videos hadn’t come to widespread public attention, would they have done anything at all to discipline Honors?

  6. Loki7329 says

    I’m talking about Elaine Donnelly and the FRC. They would love to use this to take down Admiral Mullins and certain members of our community seemed intent on helping them do it.

  7. Brad says

    He sure was fixated on DADT and gay people. He could have done the videos without being inappropriate and homophobic. Instead it shows 12-year-old mentality running a ship.

  8. Steve says

    As said, the issue isn’t really so much about what he did (as offensive as some of it may be), but the position he had. As an officer, and especially as an XO, he is judged by different standards than a junior sailor.

  9. Curt says

    Seems like he is making as much fun of himself as he is of anyone else. I am having trouble seeing the issue with these. I like the guy and I’d bet you that he’s not homophobic. We are our own worst enemies sometimes and suck the fun out of the world in the name of being politically correct until even I can’t stand it.

  10. Anyway says

    Surprised I haven’t heard anybody else speculate, but he’s sure giving off some serious gay vibes himself. The most maniacally obsessed with ten gay often turns out to be a deeply repressed member of the team.

  11. me says

    this is a thousand more times more dangerous to our military than the repeal of DADT. Our enemies are seeing what clowns our military leaders are and how unprepared Americans are in times of war! These douchebags are spending trillions of our taxpayer dollars on this garbage of homophobia, sexism, cheap filthy antics. Yeah they are stressed out, who isn’t?! But using this as an excuse to blow off steam is an poor excuse for poor judgement. Im sure McCain is furious, yeah right.

  12. says

    After watching this I’m wondering what all the fuss was. Are the movies stupid? Yes. Poorly done? Yes.
    Should an example be set about no tolerance for this kind of command betcha…..but ending his career? No. Not in my opinion.

  13. jaragon says

    Are you kidding?! This is just a silly video and as offensive as your average episode of South Park- I do wish we would have seen more of Suppo’s shower scene…

  14. justme says

    Anyone who would view his removal from command as an over-reaction either doesn’t understand the military, common sense, maturity, harassment-free workplaces and/or simple decency.

  15. Derek Pearce says

    Okay, I officially like this guy now. It wasn’t the funniest video ever, but it was lighthearted & he’s clearly not homophobic. He seems like an alright guy. Too informal in his capacity as an officer I guess, but smart and competent nonetheless.

  16. BMF says

    Look, I do expect people that are paid to kill and maim to blow off a little steam and do it in ways that aren’t exactly appropriate at dinner parties. That said, I think his behavior shows an incredible lack of judgment and I’m shocked by the willingness of so many posters to excuse it. I mean how exactly did this guy get two women and two men to get into the shower together in some sort of same-sex charade. Would they have felt comfortable saying no to the xo?

    Many of my relatives served in the military. They always said that the military was supposed to represent the best in us. This guy’s behavior wasn’t anywhere close to that.

  17. AMcA says

    Has anyone noticed that Capt. Honors (love the name), when described in the press, never has a family mentioned. And he has no wedding ring.

    And he’s got a pierced ear. Check out the still in this story. Left ear pierced. On a 49 year old man.

    I’m not implying anything whatsoever.

    And while I have the floor: I watched the video. I’m gay. I wasn’t offended. I was kinda amused. This whole thing is dumb.

  18. Derek Pearce says

    You know the more you think about it, a good hunch is that Honors *is* actually gay and that most of his coworkers know it and don’t give a damn, but that because of DADT, until repeal is implemented they never ever can or had discussed it. So these vids were like a big in-joke about the stupidity of the policy.

  19. stevenelliot says

    Am I missing somehing here. Just looks like stupid straight men out at sea. The gay jokes were nothing one wouldnt see on prime time. So am I desensitized to homophobia? or are homosexuals being too sensitive?

  20. wslandry says

    It’s wrong on a lot of levels but for a person to loose his career I don’t think so. What’s with people and this stupid risking behavior? At the most bust him down a few ranks. He looks like hes been in the Navy for a long time and to think this wouldn’t get out by someone that has it in for him is pure stupid. Nothing is surprising in human behavior these days.

  21. Dave says

    I would hazard a guess that the repeal of DADT IS the reason that these old videos are coming to public light as the XO is clearly a gay man. You folks do have gaydar right?

  22. Jay says

    This is a joke. This poor guy is being crucified for something silly that was meant lighten everyone up. To all the negative commentators, until you have spent six months or more eating sleeping and working around the clock on a ship in the middle of nowhere (which I have), Shut the frak up, because you have no idea what you are talking about. Anyone who finds this offensive, is way too sensitive, and should lock themselves up away from the world and any kind of media in general.

  23. StillmarriedinCA says

    To those of you defending this tasteless clown: Should the officers of our military have any standards that they have to live up to? Is there anything that they could do that would make you question their judgement? Should we eliminate the code of conduct? Should we do away with rules in the workplace? Is sexual harassment by your boss ever not ok? How many times does someone have to call someone else a ‘fag’ before you take offense? 5? 10? 20? Or is it all just good fun? Is portraying yourself eating feces and broadcasting it to your employees ever considered raunchy? Only sometimes? Never?

  24. Rick Smith says

    I’ve been unable to watch the original video that was released but have seen both of these and I don’t see the big problem, nothing raunchy at all. Maybe it wasn’t the best judgement by an XO to be involved but I can see his attempt to keep the spirits of the crew upbeat while dong a very difficult job. The GLBT community needs to stop being so sensitive and be able to laugh at ourselves a bit more. Honors should not be run out of the military unless his other videos were A LOT worse.

  25. David McCain says

    Capt. Owen Honors is a physically attractive man with boyish good looks, a seemingly winning personality and, to some, a refreshingly carefree sense of humor.
    I wonder, if he looked like Jack Nicholson, and had the humor of a John McCain, would those gay men who see nothing harmful in Honors’ videos still be defending him?
    Just wondering …

  26. DC says

    The point is — this career narcissist has such questionable judgment that he thought it was appropriate to spend tax dollars on sophomoric jokes that perpetuate white-male-entitlement, reinforce homophobia and celebrate the sexual objectification of women. The issue is not the quality of his comedy — but the character of his leadership.

    Good riddance.

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